Dennis Rodman Is Doing His Taurus

Dennis Rodman headline

Dennis Rodman is just doing his Taurus. This story is very Now, and it makes absolute sense. The retired pro basketball player turned aspirant diplomat is a Taurus.

Of course, he’s running around trying to steal giant crystals. And amethyst is, as outlined here, kind of special. It’s obviously absurd and, this Earth Era needs metal, not more rocks.

But still, there is something SO Taurus about this Dennis Rodman tale. Think about it. Vibe Hot Yoga. A giant crystal. Thing Lust.

He claims it’s a set-up, that the yoga studio “did it for the exposure.” His Mars in Leo is showing.


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Wish Upon a Star

How sad, Bob Hawke has died. Bit of a shock. He seems like an evergreen cuckatoo. Never really thought he would drop of his perch.

RIP Bob. I hope they have nice beer where you are !

Wish Upon a Star

Yes I just read it. A lot of Sagg there. That’s why he was funny and strong.

Yes definitely a Mr Fixit. Brought in Medicare.


Oooh timely and witchy then, Mystic’s recent Scorp-Sag post.

Wish Upon a Star

Interesting JM. Can you explain more about how strong his Scorpion side is and how it would play out in his personality ?


I’m so intrigued by the “his Mars in Leo is showing”…


Withour knowing which house it’s in, i’d venture: defense through theatrical ploys.

Dazzle of the ploy, not plays, he would probs prefer being called for a lead role than writing the screenplay


He was also accused of creating a diversion while his lady friend stole some yoga clothes, too. Store surveillance footage also available on TMZ.

Weird klepto behavior shouldn’t be automatically attributed to his Astro, lest the muggles start pointing fingers at everyone having any kind of transit.

Seems more to me like unconscious or subconscious attention-seeking, or maybe a misguided desire for cultural relevancy.


Hahaha … Space Dust and Hubris for surrrrre!

Wish Upon a Star

In all seriousness crystals etc should stay in the earth where they belong.

I am hoping that with Uranus in Taurus there might at least be some guidelines around this. But I remain cynical as I know that most crystals, jewels come from undeveloped countries.

Does mother Gaia scream when these rocks are pulled out like wisdom teeth?


not at all…I champion the value of mining crystals all the time. Firstly, there’s so many crystals in the ground that it would be less destructive than popping a zit on a human body, in relative terms.
Secondly, by bringing them up from out of the earth, we are able to share their beauty, and if you believe in the energies, we are able to share that with all the people around the globe.
Seems to me, if there is some value in the energies transmuted and transferred by crystals, that value should be shared with as many people as possible. Hopefully healing the earth and earthlings with said energies.

Wish Upon a Star

You do make a good point. I am just not as passionate about crystals as some people are.

I do worry that the poor countries are being taken advantage of and ripped off. Surely that doesn’t create good energy for the crystal. A bit like consuming a meal made by an angry cook.

Just saying.


To me, that’s like saying we should chop down 1000 year old trees so everyone can have a chair made out of its wood. I’d rather go to Mexico to see a crystal cave in all its glory, or at least know they exist, than sit around with a $5 rose quartz in my hand or whatever hoping for love.


There’s ethically sourced stuff. A lot of them are created in labs these days, too. I’m not crazy about crystals either but I like to not be dogmatic.


Maybe he needed a gift for his bff Kim.


Taureans Who Run with the Amethysts. 😀 How strong is he that he can even lift that amethyst? It’s like the sword in the stone – if you can lift it it’s yours.


His dreams of thievery were shattered.

Wish Upon a Star


Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. This made my day! Of course he’s attracted to crystals, as a Taurus.
I love it!


Wowwww. There’s security footage of it. Ahahajajajaha so ridiculous


What I’ve learned from this is that Dennis Rodman and I have a lot more in common than I would’ve thought.

Wish Upon a Star

Nothing comes between a Taurus and their stones.


LIke a pig and an unsuspecting truffle


The Worm is a planet unto himself. First date with Leo spouse was Indiana-Detroit- DR made 34 record setting rebounds. Just kept grinding. Made everyone around him look slow.

Sweet Sanity

First of all, I’m not sure I’m happy about Taureans trying to out weird us Aquas now Uranus is in Taurus. Also, I mean, Amethyst is ours. Should we be flattered or upset?

Wish Upon a Star

Hey I was always naturally drawn to Amethyst before I knew about astrology.

I am a Pisces Rising and Taurus Moon.

I also love the soft rose and moonstones.

Don’t worry, a Taurus could never out weird an Aquarian.

I have no planets and an empty 11 the house. But Pluto and Saturn are transiting no 11.

My closest friends call me weird though, must be my fishy tail.


This is not the weird of Aqua, tho, as Aqua have layers of motivations relating to broad and far out ideas, even if ultimately self-serving at their Lo-est. Stealing to simply possess is not so weird.

Wish Upon a Star

I’m a Taurus Moon and things have really slowed down so I can look and smell the roses.

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