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‘Fuq You I Look Great’ – Justine Bateman’s Saturn-Venus Transit

Actor/Director Justine Bateman had Saturn crossing her natal Venus in Capricorn all 2020. Her new book Face: One Square Foot Of Skin - is possibly the coolest and most proactive reaction to a gnarly transit yet. It's a confronting transit for anyone - the stark structural audit of a Saturnine stocktake up against the softly-lit Venusian style and self-forgiveness. But Bateman was "Mallory in Family Ties" - a successful sitcom that …

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The Pisces Rising ‘Low Maintenance’ Phantom

Pisces Rising people love to say that they’re low maintenance – but it’s a lie. Or, to be kinder, a phantom belief.  This is the Ascendant of fabulosity. To the Pisces Rising person, their persona is a construct, a nebulous quantum arrangement of particles that they accelerate, decelerate or radically alter at will. It has a high vibe “Deepak Chopra talking about possibility fields and ghosts of existence” expression and …

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Vale The Kardashians

Another day, another fin d’ere indicator. The final series of Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ will air in 2021. It was, of course, totally Pluto in Capricorn-esque: Vast wealth spawned via leveraging a leaked (?) sex tape and proximity to one of the most notorious crimes of the last century. It first aired on October 14, 2007, with the Libra Sun trine Neptune in Aquarius. Jupiter in Sagittarius was square …

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Astrology And The Black Supermodels – Part 1

Astrology and black supermodels may seem like a trite topic, given what’s going on in the world, but no.  The supermodels on the cover of magazines and repping mega-brands – are at the intersection of art and commerce. They embody our aspirations or what big business wants us to aspire to. They’re selling but they’re also channeling. In the early 20th Century, most models were society women, presented as having …

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Uranus in Taurus style and aesthetic

Do You Have Uranus In Taurus Style?

The Uranus In Taurus Style Quake Some people felt the first trembles of Uranus in Taurus when it first moved into Taurus in mid-May 2018, just in time for the Meaghan and Harry Royal wedding. However, the Future-God did not properly establish in Taurus until late 2019, via a hyper boost from Jupiter in Capricorn. Early adopters have already begun to instinctively rebirth their aesthetic and style philosophy to align …

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Seventies hippie astrology art

Hippy Shop Insights

I have two modes of perfume. One is a probably toxic but beautiful and expensive smelling French fragrance for when I need to front society. The other is an organic, aura-protective and amazing one that nobody but me likes. It smells, apparently, like “one of those cluttered hippy shops.” Pondering this observation bought about a Proust-style recall of these places. Aside from the fact that “those cluttered hippy shops” are …

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