A Ritual For Calling Your Power Back

Wanting A Ritual For Calling Your Power Back? This is from my friend, the highly Piscean & genius Marcella Kroll and it is SUPER APT for this Full Moon in Capricorn week. Sometimes we don’t even realize it but by obsessing and fixating on something/someone – even it is righteous rage or a sane love affair, we’re eroding our strength. Full Moons like this one – opposite Mars and pre …

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The Rocket Scientist & The Witch

Jack Parsons and Marjorie Cameron were a rocket scientist and a witch who fell in love. Their astrology tells an exciting tale.   There are few modern love stories as passionate and poignant as the relationship between rocket scientist Jack Parsons and his artist lover, Marjorie Cameron. At once a muse, occult student and primal force of nature – a woman he proclaimed as his ‘elemental’ in a letter to …

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Aura Clearing – Is It Really Necessary?

  Is Aura Clearing Necessary? Yes. It’s as vital an aspect of psychic hygiene as showering is to physical hygiene. But you can do it yourself, in the shower with some Himalayan Salt. Or via an Alchemy Bath.  If you feel like you’re murked up, burn some Sage or Mugwort or clang some Tibetan bells around. It need not even be that complicated. Walking in the wind or bathing in …

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Can You Be A Minimalist Witch?

 Can you be a minimalist witch? Yes! Hello! I’m relatively new to your site and was delighted to find out that you’ve also got minimalist leanings! As an aspiring practitioner of “lagom”-style minimalism, I’m pretty good at keeping my living space clean. I’ve been running into a new obstacle, however: witchy paraphernalia. Ever since I started exploring Western and Eastern occult, the desire to collect useful magic pieces  (athames, stones, and …

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How To Identify A Qi Vampire

How do you identify a Qi Vampire? AKA Energy Vampire.  It’s not what you think. I have spent years thinking about this and believe i have emerged with the solution. Traditionally, they say you can tell you’re dealing with a Qi Vampire when being around that person makes you feel tired, drained of energy, strangely depleted. So okay, we have all been there. Certain friendships, the end of some relationships, …

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Esoteric art with woman, moon and stars - the celestial language

Secrets Of The Celestial Alphabet

The Celestial Alphabet transfixed ancient astrologers, mages and witches. What is it and how can we harness its power today? In the olden times, the numbers and letters were magical creatures. Each had a mysterious allegiance to stars, deities, animals, plants, winds and various frequencies. Everything was connected. “According to the Hebrew rabbis, the letters of their alphabet are formed from the figures of the stars. They are full of …

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