The Golden Feathered Dinosaurs

Feathered dinosaurs? I’m not surprised. But scientists are apparently “blown away” by the discovery of a 99 million years old “golden feathered dinosaur tail.” So many cultures feature “feathered serpent Gods and Goddesses.” For example, Quetzalcoatl of the Aztecs & Mayans or the ancient Chinese Dragons. There are many parallels between the serpent deities of various mythologies. But what if they were more memory than a myth? What if there were …

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Lunar Cycles For Gentlewomen

Is it astrologically better to have your period at the New Moon? Or the Full Moon? Who makes these rules up anyway? So i have received a spate of emails about – basically – what is the “correct” calendar or moon cycle to be menstrually aligned with. That is, should women ideally, cosmically, menstruate with the New Moon, Full Moon, Dark Moon, whatever? The short answer is that I don’t …

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Decalcifying Your Third Eye

If the Third Eye is for real, then we should be decalcifying our pineal gland. What? Yet another health threat to worry about? Not really, it’s more that it would enhance spells and connection to Quintessence. The theory is that the same modernity that undermines body ecology – too much Wi-Fi, Flouride and so on – mess with our psychic powers. Some people claim that without decalcifying the Third Eye aka …

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Hecate Is In Taurus

Asteroid Hecate – the Queen of the Witches – is in Taurus. Neptune nears the South Node in Pisces, evoking so many echoes. Granite and marble, chert and miscellaneous sedimentary deposits. Rocks that once leaped and flowed when the world was born in fire. And do you see the cobbles on the streets? Surely every single one of them, at some time, has had blood on it. Everywhere you look, …

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Astro Interview with “Love Witch” Anna Biller

Here is my Anna Biller interview! She is a triple Aquarius who ignores Mercury Retrograde but has a healthy regard for the Three of Sword. She’s the writer/director of The Love Witch She has a brilliant eye for retro femme archetypes, witchy aesthetics and irony. She intrigues the fuq out of me so i asked her some questions about her creative and magical process. Q: You clearly know your way around …

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Samhain, Stolen Valour & Surrealism

Samhain Southern Hemisphere style is confusing. Do you take the weather as your cue (Samhain is seasonally Winter) or go with it being a Scorpio time? Regardless of how you intend to celebrate/ignore so-called Halloween, in Pagan lore, it is Samhain, the festival of the dead. No candy, no costume, just an honoring of those who have left this dimension already.  It seems a more fitting event to occur at …

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