Spooky Genius Journal-Writing Technique

The best witch hacks are simple. This is a new fave, and it’s the journal writing magic. Want to access the more intuitive part of your brain? Or jolt a one-track neural groove regarding a particular topic? Wait until Mercury is in Gemini or Virgo and give this magical journal writing technique a go. Just in time for Mercury (back) into Virgo, i have a spooky genius new journal writing …

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Renaissance Witches & Whores

Renaissance witch life seemed remarkably well integrated into society, despite the ever-ominous scrutiny of the Church. The Catholic Church often accused many types of women of performing magic in order to “bind” the passions of their clients, neighbors, friends, or even family. Binding Passions: Tales of Magic, Marriage, and Power at the End of the Renaissance by Guido Ruggiero offers many examples of “prostitution, concubinage, love magic, renegade clerics, a …

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Witch Poem

A Witch Poem For The Virgo Moon

For the Virgo Moon, here is the most beautiful Witch Poem by Quadruple Virgo Adelaide Crapsey. She was Sun, Mercury, Mars + Uranus in Virgo. I love how she elegantly parses the themes of reincarnation, religion and the Salem witch-burnings. The Witch Poem When I was a girl by Nilus stream I watched the deserts stars arise; My lover, he who dreamed the Sphinx, Learned all his dreaming from eyes. …

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Snakes Day, Dionysus and Saint Patrick

The Saint Patrick snakes were druids, witches, midwives, and pagans. He was particularly adept at the persecution of these innocents and rewarded appropriately. It’s Saint Patrick’s day again – apparently the most popular “drinking festival” in the world. This is actually super apt – for centuries before Patrick was around – this was Dionysus day, the Pagan God of wine, drunken revels, music, and licentious pleasures. Bishop Patrick has always …

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The Universal One Year

There are some strange parallels between numerology and astrology. But the core numerology cycles run for nine years, rather than astrology’s seven years. Numerology comes, like a third or maybe even a fourth down on my list of preferred “magic” modalities. I put astrology first – obviously – and then geomancy/feng shui is an equal tie with cultivating instincts and dream/astral vibe. But numerology IS kind of fascinating. In the …

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Mansplaining The Goddess

Mansplaining the Goddess has to be a new low. The term “mansplaining” comes from Rebecca Solnit’s essay (that became a book) called Men Explain Things To Me.  She deftly skewers the sort of males (yes, i know, not all men) who assume that they automatically know more about any given subject than a woman. The book is rad, but it will likely make you furious. Solnit draws some fantastic conclusions.  …

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