Hex Wives Is An Awesome Omen

Hex Wives fits the astrology. It is super-now. Being a Mercury in Aries person, I’m either one-click grabbing something to read the moment I hear of it or it is energetically irrelevant.  Hex Wives was a click-to-order so fast that my fingers spasmed. To me, the impending release of Hex Wives is an awesome omen. It’s like someone data-mined my brain while I was sleeping. What is it? It’s a …

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This Is The Solstice

Solstice spells are easy when you remember that the time of year does most of the magic for you. And then you are the spell.   “This is the Solstice, the still point of the sun, its cusp and midnight, the years threshold and unlocking, where the past let’s go and becomes the future, the place of caught breath.” Margaret Atwood There is a reason people used to do their …

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Virgo holding Hare and Moon statue. She has magic tattoos on her hands

Modern Witchcraft & The Virgo House Witch

Modern witchcraft is more of a consciousness that the practitioner infuses into everything, particularly the so-called mundane aspects of life. That’s the thinking behind House Witchery. Keeping house, moon-gazing and honoring your intuition don’t require elaborate spells or rituals. You are the spell. The magic is all around you. All you’re doing is aligning your vibe and that of your environment to better attune to it. As the Virgo House …

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An Illustration of Sun + Lilith Square Saturn

Lilith Square Saturn   Read this for a beautiful display of Lilith square Saturn attitude.   “The practice of magic also demands the development of what is called the magical will. Will is very much akin to what Victorian schoolmasters called “character”: honesty, self-discipline, commitment, and conviction.   Those who would practice magic must be scrupulously honest in their personal lives. In one sense, magic works on the principle that …

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Lunar Eclipse Rituals That Work

Lunar Eclipse rituals are brilliant, even if you’re not remotely a ‘ritual’ type person. I’m not – because they all seem too churchy for me – but I always do something with the Lunar Eclipses. They’re magnified Full Moons that are always aligned with the Moon’s Nodes. That makes them one of the most potent portals of the year to wipe clean past patterns and flamboyantly declare your future reign. …

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Astrology Magic Is Real

Magic is real, astrology works and the combination of the two- Astrology Magic –  is highly effective. Astrology is a method of mapping the occult or hidden energy around us. Magic is not some counter-cultural, alt-dimensional claptrap. Or, okay, it IS alt-dimensional, but you don’t need to go someplace else to experience it. It’s here. Now. Nor does it need to involve elaborate rituals, dropping out of society, dress-up or …

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