Cyber Pluto Security & Privacy Tips – A Complimentary Mystic Rave For Members

As I’ve alluded to in several different places, Pluto in Aquarius is going to be cyber central, and of course, you can already see the scenarios lining up. By popular request, I’ve done a rave featuring the things I have gleaned re privacy and cyber-security and it’s posted on the Mega Mystic members page.

Clearly, I am not an expert but I’ve gleaned a lot – Mars-in-Virgo magpie style and of course, I am objective. I am not selling or affiliated with any of the things I mention in the rave. So it’s complimentary, take whatever is useful, and btw, if you wonder why there are no cookies warning on this site it is because we don’t have any to warn you about.

No information is collected about your browsing, commenting, purchases, and interests on here. That’s why I removed the social share and Live Chat button: sorry if that is a nuisance for you. I have been told by marketing people that not having them is perilous but I love the idea of you being able to come on here and not be followed around by little beacons and so on.

You can check any site you like on Cookie Checker (there are heaps of sites like this) or just check out the cookies file in your browser; I am always amazed at how many are in there and from sites I only went to once.  Also, what’s with showing you an ad for something you just purchased? It’s like the salesperson showing up at your front door that evening waving the shoes you bought in the morning: “you need these!”

Anyway, MM results are below and the rave is uploaded on the members page! Thoughts?

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I have been locked out of Dept of Ed nsw portal due to “cyber breaches” for the last 4 days!

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Well, even as a tech luddite (am more in William Blake’s//James Joyce’s//Marshall McLuhan’s camp re: advances in industry/tech – NOT due to intelligence, ALL due to tech-fatigue/laziness/revulsion at capitalist system) – I thoroughly enjoyed this rant. I’ve yet to implement some of the (really great) suggested changes, (on top of the ones I already have done), but it affirms my internal questioning – is our online/personal identity a currency, now? Do I even have complete control of it?? Is my agency/autonomy being commodified – compromised – for sake of convenience/cheap (free) goods?? I find the latter true, even as am not on any social media, and refuse all apps – but if I ring up a service provider, and find I am on hold with an automated voice for 40 minutes, is that because the service provider has shifted the cost of paying for human employees (to answer your queries) on to me, as I pay with my time?? (on top of fees, usually). Time is more costly than money, in my experience – and I know as an Aries, impatience is my vice, but it is because I view time-wasting as life-wasting. (So – I’ll stop commenting now and wasting everyone’s lives, myself!! 🙂 ) XOO


Am training my pigeons top work for their food & deliver messages, and think YOUR’E a Luddite??

Wish Upon a Star

I just listened to the rave. Thanks Mystic. Couldn’t sleep so I listened to it. I’m glad I did. I got onto brave website and was amazed at how quick it was, data saved and ads blocked.

I was thinking of getting a dumb phone more for wellness reasons but now I realise my privacy will also be saved.

I will be prepared for 2023. Alot of really useful information. I will listen to it again and take notes.


We are now in a world of data. The dehumanising of the population has started. Takes the dimension & multi colours of people away into figures.
Wasn’t the origin of the web to connect everyone, well some wanted to be in charge of all that information & we gave it all away naively. HIndsight is 20-20 vision.
As someone once said about nuclear bombs…get higher than it.


What planet’s where something about Mercury &Gemini & communications with Jupiter doing his Queen of the planets thing because i just did the 12 card Tarot first time ever. Haven’t felt the need or want to look at ‘the cards’ for eons & what cards the were! Personals were accurate always in retrospect at end of day as had one of those ‘too angry to tell you how angry i am’ at an Aries & needed a reset.You know those sensitive Aries that cannot be scolded as will get too upset, read re-active not responsive.At least another fire sign it all burns away fast. Don’t want a Sagg electric fire starting an Aries grass fire.

Radically impressed with cards wording, everything was positive. This was after reading a small article in Marie Claire “Turn Negativity Bias Upside Down” ‘as genetically we are hardwired to be more glass half empty that full. Learning from bad experiences helps us survive.
Velcro for negative experiences &Teflon for positive ones.Happy events flow in & out but trauma & sadness bank up in the implicit memory where attitudes are shaped.Hanson says retraining our brains means relishing the good-to the point of feeling in in your bones. Enjoy it for 10-20-30seconds so it starts to develop a neural structure’. By a psychologist called Hanson is only accred given to paragraph (s).

Soooo that in-your-bones- feeling came from reading 12 card Mystic’s Tarot. Wild & Wonderful Words.
Tried to download it to meditate on, go deeper & went into downloads but not in order, all over the place. How can i bring it back in the order they came?
Was only going to do ONE card Tarot but it closed for renovations-upgrade-made- into-3 cards-dunno, but 12 was there so 12 items to attend to it is :-).

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

This was great Mystic! Btw it’s Duck Duck Go.


Yikes I just cleaned out my bookmark folders and cookies which I usually do before or after Merc Rx. I can’t even find where my link to the modem went. I work with an Aries who likes the control of her cyber life to be really tight and we often discuss random things to see if ads pick up our conversations (like growing Orchids). We compare our settings so I will have a few things to inform her about. She uses Duck Duck Go and says that the research she has done into vaccines etc is more thorough here than in G””. I have my modem on a timer so it is off at night. Thank you for this MM!


when its free “We are the product!”

Crystallised future

I was talking aloud to myself the other night and an ad popped up on my phone matching exactly what I had just said. I actually asked the phone “did you just hear what I said?” Totally atonished.


So wyrd – I literally woke up all bothered at 4am this morning, feeling anxious about tech privacy and whether my smartphone is tracking and recording my every move for the benefit of future overlords. Haven’t listened yet but this is *uh* timely


It’s funny when you want to buy something but just not yet. You click on the ad and then let the re-targeting work til you get the discount you want.


I must listen. Haven’t yet. But the ads thing. It’s always way behind the drag curve with me. If I want something or need something within two seconds of that determination I’ve bought it. Usually ads pop up next day saying bed linen or Range Rover or oat milk and I just laugh at it. Yeah yeah been there done that. Advertising has never made an impact. But I am fully aware of the spying and so I Chuck in a few oddballs now and again on YouTube or Instagram. Must say deciding to follow male dancers on Instagram was a great idea !!!!!


Mystic, thank you so much for the Cyber Pluto Security rave. You really are our Astro Mother Magic Tech. Chic. Anyone who helps us hold on to the Saturn handlebars and just get through it is a hero in my podcast/audio book thing.
The Mystic site is really great now with colors that inspire and shine and warm. Like a sunny room to walk into.
Best wishes

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*Thank you MM!!* !!
This is such Wyrd Synchro – I was literally just thinking of emailing you to ask about any reading tips for setting up a completely anon./cyber-safe (for both operator and reader) blog (about subjects I have studied in my tertiary educ. degrees). Total admiration and respect for setting up such a safe site for us, Mystic – *love*.


Thank you so much!


Love that you’ve done this, MM!


Love this rant, MM! Thank you. Everyone needs to be aware of all the data that is being collected about them and sold w/o their knowledge. I have been working on this for about a month now. Switching to Brave, ProtonMail, cleaning up my digital footprint. Anyone interested in learning more should check out the Techlore channel on YT. They have a great free course and they go over different levels/steps you can take based upon how much convenience you are willing to give up.

Corduroy jeans

Thanks ClickYourHeels Xx As a Toro-rising (and with Merc. opp. Pluto in 12th house Aries) I am *fanatical* about privacy. The slow invasion of it under Big Tech (paid for with perceived user-convenience) has been breathtaking. Am a reluctant tech student too. Anyway – thanks. <3


I love the Brave browser, so satisfying seeing the numbers of trackers blocked!


Will check that out thanx Swordfish

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