What Is Your Saturn In Aquarius Message?

Happy New Moon in Capricorn, and if you’re lurching across a psychological minefield, thank Uncle Pluto – conjunct the Sun + Moon – and close to the degree of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction/Eclipse fuq-o-rama of January 2020. If Pluto had a coat of arms, it would say Fortitudinem Per Stercoris Tempestas – Strength Through Shitstorms.

Any Dark Moon right before a New Moon has slump potential, but the above factors mean the last 24 hours could have been slumpier than the standard-issue Dark Moon and (now that the Moon is New), far more productive. The sharper your catharsis was, the more effective the strategy you emerge with. 

Anything from a spreadsheet doing what it wanted to do – not what you needed – ignoring your input to contemplating the perfidy in the world could have prompted an existential Pluto Moment. While Plutonic New Moons are painful, they are when you can break rigid, obsolete emotional patterns in a heartbeat. And that ensures that you are already – yes – right now – emerging with the freshest strategy you’ve had in years.

Pluto’s Motto: Fortitudinem Per Stercoris Tempestas

Visual: You accidentally unlocked a vault while scrounging for chocolate or crisps, and all the monsters flew out. After they’ve all gone, you see a nugget of interstellar meteoric gold glinting at the back of the vault. I’m so Mars-in-Virgo that this visual helpfully has a long stick so you can hook the treasure out, rather than having to go into the vault.

So hands up, who had that sort of a Dark Moon turned New Moon experience?

More broadly, there is currently a cluster of intensity pulsing away like a blip on a galactic radar screen: it goes from 22 Capricorn right through until 8 Aquarius. That is the ‘it’ zone of the moment – featuring the Sun, Moon, Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury.

New Oracle Questions & Answers + Weekly Horoscopes Are Posted

If you know where it is in your chart, that area of life – e.g., 5th house, around your Ascendant, etc. – it’s where you’re ready for liberating, genius change. If you don’t know your birth chart, check your Daily Personal Horoscopes – it is the same house that the Sun is in at the moment or the Year Ahead report, which details your Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto influenced areas.

The Weekly Horoscopes for the week from Saturday 16th are also posted. The Oracle has some new questions: What is your Saturn in Aquarius Message + What Is Today’s Lucky Talisman, Guiding Signal or Magical Maneuver?

Some of the other questions are down for revamp – the only way to avoid not showing them is to take down the entire Oracle, which is never a popular move – and others have been refreshed with Aquarius-age-friendly answers.

Finally, now that you’ve had your Pluto Moment, you can see it for what it was: A release, empowerment, and a shaking off whatever was preventing you from morphing into full-tilt Aquarius/Uranian mode. Thoughts?

Image: Renegades of Light – Wakaan

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All I can say is… F yeah!


Yes, this was an exceptionally dark and sluggish dark to new moon transition – I spent all of today asleep! I’m just rousing myself out of it now, with renewed confidence & vision. You’re always so spot-on Mystic 😍


Okay so, the New moon was exact square my 1H Lillth (Libra) and 4 square degrees from my 7H Mars (Aries). All the Aqua planets are conj. my 5H Merc/NN/Hecate/Sun stellium — so either on things or coming up to them. My Dark Moon, instead of low energy, was a marathon of to-do list crossing off, it lasted into the New Moon. Today I was low-energy but this was planned for, as I performed last night. On one level, I could say that kicking into gear all of the sudden was the result of finally coming to terms with the… Read more »

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Guess most people are having a/ a couple of houses stacked by transit. My natally quiet 8th is suddenly planet central! Feeling a bit of trepidation.


My Pluto moment has and will be here for a while, actually it is just now getting ramped up. Pluto is now 2 degrees away from my 26 degree Cap Ascendant, either in the 12th or 1st depending on what house system you want to use. From everything I have read and been told, this is a massive transit bringing all sorts of change and Pluto moves so slooooooow I’m still looking at another 2 or 3 more years as he goes over my ascendant. Actually, after looking at my chart, Pluto will be exact on my ascendant the end… Read more »

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For me it’s the 6th house and it has been like being burned to ashes on a pyre of intense, all-consuming WORK. And still I have to keep going if I am to afford the small wooden eco-house I am buiIding. I know I am very privileged to be building a house. But I have very, very often questioned the sanity of it all for the past few years and did so again, intensely, this week during the dark 🌚

Wish Upon a Star

It’s all in my 11th house.

Really feeling “Hell is other people”. Which is natal to my DNA chart.

Just want to do, get things done. I don’t want to talk. I feel very strong and I don’t want to be dragged down.

This is a period of transition for me.

Wish Upon a Star

Mars enters my 3rd house tomorrow.

Look out!


oh god, me too
hell is other people, other people’s noise
wonder if its an 11th hse thing???

Wish Upon a Star

Thanks SD for drawing my attention to “hell is other people”. Sartre.

I looked up my astral DNA. It is my natal Pluto in 7th house. More importantly it is low manifesting Pluto.

This is a lesson I need to understand at the moment.

You are wise to move away from your ex boyfriend and idiot mates.

It does sound like an 11th house thing.

Wish Upon a Star

I won’t be too hard on myself. It has only been 2 weeks since I finished chemo and I’m only getting clarity now.

Obviously when I’m under the weather I don’t make the right social decisions.

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ive been wanting to move out of here since i moved in, in march-cant believe ive nearly been here a year!


Does sitting on your butt researching Aquarian new age get fit blogs and then figuring out I need to walk the dog more? PS in my 12th house

Last edited 1 year ago by JacQui

That is a perfect example of 6-12th house relationship

Last edited 1 year ago by Sam

I’m having the strangest time. All of this is happening in my 12th and I am recovering from the worst heartache in…probably ever. Mars and Uranus, however, are trining my 7th house Jupiter and Venus so I feel like that’s adding some lightness to the situation. A lot of it is learning what I inflicted on myself by being a Love Zombie to a man who was clearly more dedicated to Blue Devil Hoochie Juice and Future Faking in every possible direction. I caught him lying to another woman about who he was spending time with when he spent the… Read more »


Very Pluto Square Mars coping strategy! I get it, but i would scare myself in my night dreams if that were my day hobby (natal Mars sq Pluto, which was once my rescue from hell, and now recreates a lot of that hell) Yours is by transit, so best wishes using the energies for your deepest and highest GOOD.


I don’t understand the fear response. I was talking to a potential date and started telling him about my love of marksmanship and competition shooting. The man breaks down in tears and tells me he’d never own a gun because he can’t trust himself not to commit suicide. Like, holy hell.




Oh he’s blocked. Everywhere. Felt a tad guilty but we had only been in contact for…48 hours?


Get out now. Run far and fast and don’t look back. sad really.


Marksmanship is a great hobby.. it is actually very “zen” like in the aspect that you have to focus so hard, breath, clear your head and zone in to the target that it can be therapeutic, sometimes even calculating your shot depending on wind/distance/ballistics and etc, not to mention the raw power felt from the firepower. Our ancestors depended on good marksmanship for food and protection be it shooting an arrow or throwing a spear/knife/axe. You take it up a notch by geeking out on reloading your own ammo.


Yes. You are speaking my language. I saw a picture of a “gun range and yoga studio” business logo and I’m…wishing I had the money to invest, frankly


He sounds just like my father.


Uh, what?! There’s an ammunition shortage?! This is something that would never occur to me as I spend very little time thinking about ammunition but of course there is. Strength thru shitstorms, indeed. Stay safe everyone.

thank you so much for fresh Oracle fodder, Mystic. My first Saturn in Aquarius spin was so completely on the nose, I gasped out loud.


Lots of Pluto aspects at the moment. The new moon was psychologically revitalising, it was on my moon Pluto situation transit.
An icky, sticky attitude about life has started to shift for me after several years of not being able to see it for what it is. A smog blanket. Bye-bye smog


I got through Pluto on my moon in Cap but now it’s approaching my Midheaven, where it will dig its trench for a good long time. Saturn and Jupiter are now in my tenth house. I’m 63, old enough to look back on the last Saturn in Aquarius time – I met the love of my life (it didn’t last, but it was larger than life) and was one of the most intense times of my life. I was not conscious enough then to walk through the doors that opened, maybe this time!


Pluto MC seems to have ultimately positive transformation for my friends who have experienced it .. hope it is the same for you

What was your cap moon Pluto experience like – would you be willing to share a few words x

Last edited 1 year ago by Sam

of course! For context, I’m 63 and have had Pluto conjunctions of every planet except Uranus. Natal Pluto at 2 Virgo has traveled through all my planets in Libra, Scorpio, Sag in the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th. So in some ways it felt like business as usual – my life – without the interpersonal and romantic dramas of some of those previous conjunctions. But not easy. During the pluto/moon transit I went through a lot of frustration at a job, and some terrible bosses, that should have enhanced my professional credibility (an editorial/media job, so 9th house) but actually diminished… Read more »


Hello there, VenusRules! I’m fellow Scorpio sun with a Cap moon and can’t help but chime in. 😊 I really enjoyed reading of your experiences. I can relate to feeling a loss of confidence in professional abilities through the Pluto-moon transit. It was in the 6th house and really similar for me. Wishing for the best with your Pluto-midheaven transit- do keep us posted! I’ve got Uranus hanging out up there. All the best.


Thank you ScorpLeoCap! Uranus hit my midheaven back in 94, very powerful year of changes! Be fearless and don’t hang on to the past. Love to you! ❤️


I currently have: Pluto opposite my Venus, Saturn and Jupiter opposite my sun, and Chiron opposite my Moon and Lilith – so yes I am feeling this. Gold nugget has been bringing up into the light the deep feeling I have of not belonging. The Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter is all happening in 6th opposite my 12th natal placements. Chiron in 7th opposite Moon and Lilith in my first house.

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I feel for you Leoleo. I have come through the Pluto opposition to my Merc and Venus and it was mega. Just be prepared to let things go-the more you hang on/want the more Pluto will rip it away. A fine balance required and lots of hugs from good friends only.

Penelope Darling

Ugh relationship issues with current partner have arisen from slumber… I thought we were making progress but now he has skipped out for a weekend away. No idea what the gold nugget is!

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

8th house–ready for a power shift and I’m done with giving it away
Also the Cap and Aqua action is in the 11th and 12th houses–hello community.


Hey could you talk about this? @mysticmedusa


I am emerging in a very calm ‘don’t fq with me’ kind of way. Tolerant but to a point. Independent. Free.Happy as a clam.


Yes, I felt it…but post Saturn-Pluto Cap era (well, it felt like an “era”)…I kept focussed on getting past this Plutonic New Moon…and it was actually more like an eye-rolling *shut.up, darling* approach?? I’m still very dry feelings about anything Cappy-related. X


In other words: I kinda feel like ‘I’ve graduated’…and no, I’m not going back!


Still processing the end of an i don’t even want to call it a relationship given we’d only been talking for less than a month. It was intense. He was 12 years older than me which I believe puts his Saturn in Virgo over my 12th house virgo sun, merc and jupiter. Didn’t ask him for his birthday. Dang! A very intense experience and it def feels like as described above – pulling out that golden nugget with a long hand stick. I was not prepared for this soul lessons and to evolve. I’m softer and stronger for having met… Read more »


4th house for me, and trine my natal moon. I got a few downloads yesterday and I’m continuing to settle into my authentic frequency, etc… I got the visual the other day that it’s like I’ve been in a cave for however long doing this inner work and there’s nothing wrong with the cave but even bears come out of the cave, out of hibernation at some point.

Last edited 1 year ago by seawitchmermaid

I had this moment! Ok so I have all of this going down in my 4th house and even for a quadruple Scorpio rumination has never been as intense as it has been over the last couple years. I tried the Sedona Method for the first time on some really stubborn emotional stuff and…after some repetition, it really released some stuff that was keeping me stuck. And I feel like, as a quadruple Scorpio, with Mars in Aquarius square my Sun-Pluto conjunction to boot, pathways to emotional freedom, or at least detachment from outcome, are key for letting myself shine… Read more »


Yeah, massive shifts happening with Pluto in the 7th. Changes I’ve also been preparing for and waiting for the right time to implement happening now . I hope the Plutonian Gods know what they’re doing 😏


yeah this was a strong one
ex has moved in above me, and started having parties with his dickhead mates
i went out (thank god i have a car) and got myself to a meeting
cant wait to get out of this place
really hope the astro is correct-holding out for feb
mot sure what my gold nugget in the vault is…the realisation and relief that ive changed and mo longer usr alcohol to deal with my problems like my ex still does?
thank goddess for that


So good that you are in recovery. Wish you all the very best, scorpiodawn 💛


Legit thought it was just me. Going to add that Latin phrase to the library of other ones I know (long story). Thanks Mystic, as always. Slept through new moon despite needing to de-clutter/purge space right up until the last minute (as I normally would try, per trusty Moon calendar prompts). Why does Pluto always come with physical exhaustion?? Somebody pass me that long stick – am gonna need it to toast marshmallows on a power-purge bonfire of letters/vanities/memories. lol..


I guess when all the pluto machinery is operating at depth, it’s hard to move around easily. It’s not momentum like mars. Think of it as cell division or your psychic immune system at work. Rest is best.


Thanks Sam, this is great – the psychic immune system possibility feels very apt! Doing all my feng shui cures for 2021, as well as checking boundary settings – my old nemesis – have to remedy a life-long people-pleasing habit, sigh! Xx

Wish Upon a Star

Hands up. Thanks Mystic.

It was a big slump and a big sleep.

And yes the strategy is very fresh.

Last edited 1 year ago by Wish Upon a Star

Yes, hand is up, have had exactly that kind of Dark Moon New Moon experience. Changes i have been preparing for, but not READY for. Fear of failing has made me fall short of being true to my own self. But i guess i had to work out who that really is, buried beneath layers of reaction to older shitstorms. Loving the metaphor of reaching with a long handle to retrieve the gold nugget 🌟💱🗝


Nice. Yes. I can relate. The insomnia and weird emotions followed by ridiculously intense sleep. I was looking forward to this new moon but ended up being so wrapped up in my process I forgot it was related to the astrology. It is tho.
All about the second house for me. And detoxification
Something is definitely changing It’s not entirely, okay even remotely comfortable but it’s interesting

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