Weekly Horoscopes from August 5


Just as you finally perfect an aesthetic, creative and/or romantic agenda, Mercury in Virgo compels sharper commercial acumen and financial analytics. Productivity may be no match for glamor but make practical moves between Aug 9 and 11 for fantastic results in September. Weird love news or skittish relationship rapport morphs swiftly so why invest in it?


Venus conjunct iconoclastic Lilith in your soul sector suggests a creative coup or dating/relationship insurrection but if you’re hoping for a quick clean win, recalculate! This week’s intrigue and alternative paradigms on offer simply spark a surreal ongoing scenario. Similarly, opportunities incoming around Aug 9-11 are more substantial than they seem.


People often overlook the steel that glimmers beneath the fluff and flutter of the Libra persona, like chain mail armour under diaphanous tulle. You’re an assertive Cardinal sign but beguiled by a tactical charm barrage, some don’t realize it until it’s too late. This week’s takedown target is courtesy of Venus Retrograde – asymmetrical friendships and biz deals.


Chill with the inscrutability, Gothic temperament and/or air of edgy menace. An expansive Mercury-Jupiter synergy – the first of three-in-a-row – accentuates worthwhile deals and diplomacy, helping to buffer midweek instability or crappy conduct from so-called peers. Retain an open, approachable stance toward fresh options and opportunity.


A Pisces has something you want but will of course impose a quest, labyrinth or sphinx-like riddle before discussion. Fortunately, you’re on form for mind-gaming – Mercury harmonizes with your ruler Jupiter, generating impetus for evolutionary anything. Sudden diet and health regime swerves may seem inexplicable but would be ultra-remedial.


Mars in simpatico earthy Virgo is accelerating toward a definitive mid-August triumph. Blame this phenom for the cognitive turbulence and irritation with limited, petty appraisals. You’re speed-reading the zeitgeist ahead of a high-velocity reinvention between Aug 14 & 20. Should you slow down to plump someone’s ego or appease a zombie agenda?


Squares to Jupiter and then Uranus mean it seems like everyone but you is going totally over the top this week. The loudly conventional and/or pushy people make short-term gains and they can’t detect the nuances of your diffident, from-the-future persona. Detach and immerse in hyper-detailed bouts of biz-work genius extension for the real gains.


Pisceans are innately experimental. It’s a core component of your mutable charm and automatic ammunition for detractors seeking “flakiness indicators.” Whatever, it’s awe-inspiring when it comes off. Yet with Saturn in Pisces you don’t have the luxury of a learning curve: this week’s wild luck flows from doubling down on your primary genius.


Neptune in strange synergy with the Moon’s South Node in your house of love evokes romantic phantoms and residual affection. As un-Aries-like as this is, it lifts your consciousness and inspires desirable epiphanies. If it weren’t for the cracking pace and momentum of Mars in Virgo, you’d enjoy an odd, out-of-time dalliance or a spot of paranormality.


Lilith has been agitating Taurean home affairs all year and making a provocative square alignment with Uranus in Taurus since mid-July. Something is up and its becoming more potent as Venus joins the config. Batty love factors and domestic disruptions aside, this week’s instability is the set-up for an unassailable sanctuary/power-lair in 2024.


Sun-Jupiter squares can be excessive and one is in play till Aug 9. Yes you’re good at multi-everything but this isn’t the time to spin off into a vortex of unrealizable commitments or intricate hypotheticals. In fact, Mercury in Virgo until Oct 4 is your cue to impose a thrillingly tight regime. Conclude chez-Gemini discussions ahead of Merc Retro from Aug 24.


Whatever the conversation that begins this week, particularly if it’s between Aug 9 – 11, it’ll be long-running and wider in scope than you think at the start. Adjust expectations upward but allow for a weird hiatus in early September – just a standard Mercury Retro precaution. Venus-Lilith in your $$$ sector attracts eccentric, wild potential funding people.

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I’m here for the “wild potential funding people.” However I must apply my Aqua rising attitude aka fuqwit filter.


Leo is very on point 🎯 Mercury in Virgo is compelling a very laser focused output and a determination I’ve never seen before from myself….I love this vibe, however news from my home is tragic tales of freak pet accidents, fractured toxic relationships that are feeling the full force of Pluto Rx and ancient history being relived.


hope Mystic’s right abt the power lair for taureans come 2024.
i have to move-AGAIN
renting in the UK is extremely difficult right now….gotta think positive! 🏡


Quick clean wins are, I’m afraid, not written for Virgo dramas. ☺️

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