Your Astro-Signature

Your “astro-signature” is your Ascendent (aka Rising Sign) Sun Sign and Moon Sign.  This is totally arguable but they are the three most dominant points in your chart. And what’s fun is seeing how well they all get along.

For instance, you can see that having – say – Moon in Leo with Sagittarius Rising would be like a party. Moon in Leo would love the Sagg Risings ability to scare up a good time & Saggo Rising would love the take-anywhere nature of Moon in Leo.  Add in the Sun in Libra for some smooth elegance and voila…a harmonious astro-signature. No discordance.

A Taurus-Pisces-Virgo blend? Easy.

But what if you’re an Aries Sun hiding behind a sultry Scorpio Ascendent? More tricky.

So thinking about the potential relations between your Sun, Rising and Moon signs is an interesting way to think about your chart. Plus it’s easy as well. You can turn them into characters & imagine their dialogue.

I DID this once ages ago, with planets, at some sort of astro-gestalt thing. It was sort of interesting but ghastly.  People had to act out someone’s chart and you should have seen how horrid the person playing Saturn immediately let himself get. Venus just whined about her needs not being met and the character playing Mars got the shits and stalked off to smoke furiously outside.

I have Sun in Pisces, Libra Moon and Aquarius Rising so am fairly easy-breezy most of the time but with sudden eruptions of Piscean psycho-dramatic passions & emotions that really embarrass the terribly rational Moon & Rising…

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Um….what does it mean if the Sun is in Pisces, Moon and Rising both in Libra?


Wow this thread geeks me out. For me, its Gemini Sun in the Fifth; Saggi (Intercepted Cap) Ascending with a triple conjunction of Saturn, Uranus and Neptune; Taurean Moon conjunct Mercury.

Let me set the stage for you: (Tau moon/merc: hmmmm… what to do,what to do…? Gem Sun: well, everyone else went with the bar scene, lets do that)

ACT 1: At a Bar…again

Sag: Allright boys, lets do this!!

Sun: Anyone hot here tonight?

Saturn: If there was, they sure wouldnt be talking to you, dumb airhead…

Sag: Hahaha burn!!

Sat: Oh youre one to talk, you fat hairy slob

Sag: Ladies love the mane, bro! Come on, do some shots, live a little!

Sat: Someones gotta drive your drunk asses home! And ill be damned if im getting in the car with Uranus behind the wheel again! You remember what happened last time? (shudders)

Neptune: I could always drive, guys! I mean, if it comes to that…

ALL: hahhahaHAHAHAHHAhhhahahaHAHHA!!!

Sun: Sorry, no, but thanks for playing.

Neptune: Whatever… (Sulks off in the corner)

Sag: Come have a drink bud

ACT 2: ….Still at the bar, different room

Sun: This place is dead…

Venus in Aries: Hey guys!! Whats up???

Moon: Oh god wheres Sag? i suddenly need a drink…

Venus: GOOD CALL!!! I’d love one babe!! (Moon glares and goes off for the drinks)(to Sun) Soooooo how are you?? I havent seen you in forever!

Sun: Good, good…bored… Theres nobody here!! (scores of people walk by the sun, all paying their due deference to the king)

Venus: I KNOW!!! oooooh whos that??

Sun: Who? Shit its my ex…

Venus: Youve got good taste!

Sun: NO!!!!

Venus: (all innocent) What???

Sun: Dont even think about it!

Venus: Whats to think about??

Sun: Exactly.

Venus: Hey, where the hell are our drinks??

Sun: (Siezing the opportunity) Ill go find out, hold on

Venus: K!!! (sun goes out of sight, sidles up to the ex) Hi there…

Sun: (Coming back with drinks) WTF????


😀 I’m Aries Sun, Scorpio Moon, Libra Rising. So, I go out to a raver one night.

*sees cute guy dancing*

Aries side (’cause it of course has to be first): Dayum! He is cute!!

Libra side: Oooh! Look at his hair! I wanna touch it. <3 Touchy, touch, touch, touch!

Scorpio: You don't know him, stoopid. For all you know he could have a girlfriend.

Libra side: I agree. Could be gay, too. Gay guys are always so smoking.

Aries side: Man, ya'll shut the hell up. *moves up closer* Scorpio, wiggle your hips a little more. Make your eyes smolder. <3 Perfect. He's grooving this way! Libra, look coy and sensual. You polish the inner animal so well.

Libra side: Thanks. 😉 Heyyy, are we going to date this guy? He smells so nice! And I get sooo lonely. Scorpio won't let anyone get close…

Scorpio side: Once again. We don't know him. Oh, wait… You're right; for once. It has been a while since I've mind-fuq'd someone.

Aries side: 😀 Then it settled. I'll stun him with my bold and brass ways, Libra you'll charm him with that whole 'good-girl act', and Scorpio you'll probe his past, and rape his heart, until he is weak and emotionally vulnerable! Yay! Then he shall be putty in our hands!! Muhahaha!

Scorpio: ……As long as we bone him I'm in.

Libra & Aries: *sigh* Candles and incense and soft music! <3

Scorpio: Naw. Chains and paddles. His ass is nice, and I want a love slave. <3

Aries: I'm cool with that. Alright, ladies. Lets do it!



Aries Sun, Scorpio Moon, Libra Rising…

Aries: You know, I’m actually going to sit down, and get crackin’ on this essa–Oh look! Charm School’s on! I think I’ll just watch this for a few minutes instead, just to get the gist of it….

Libra: God, Aries, this essay’s due tomorrow! We’ve already put it off for far too long! But, I mean, I +do+ deserve a break. And Charm School’s only on once a week…But what if we fail? That’s be so embarrassing…

Scorpio: For crying out loud, will you two just shut up and get to work?


*That’d be


Where can i find out my accurate natal chart free online?

Wokjak Rookie

ok….. scorpio sun, scorpio moon
taurus rising.

means I never want to get out of bed. looking for those 250 thread count egyptian cotton sheets. eat, sleep, work in bed.

basically vampire with a comfy coffin :mrgreen:

the scorp bits don’t talk to anyone, and the taurus bit is too busy eating cake. so no internal dialogue, just lots of long, meaningful stares. and crumbs in the sheets.

Eternal*Voyageur @ Venusian*Glow

Loved this 😀

calypso scorp

Tati, I’m Scorp Sun, Toro Moon and Toro Asc, and yep, I am talking to you know from my bed…

ps. the best thing I ever bought was a breakfast tray so that I can laptop comfortably in bed 🙂


This is fun!
Aries Sun
Scorpio Moon
Gemini Rising
Mars sits at 0 Cap, which makes me feel very Martian much of the time….

Gem: Let’s talk!
Aries: About me!
Scorp: Leave me (the emotions) out of it.
Aries: I’m fab!
Gem: Did you finish anything today?
Aries: Pffft, finish?

Basically, I talk a lot and manifest that Gemini duality right along with my egocentrism…all mixed up with a very strong lock on my emotions. I’m an excellent liar (Gem) and if I don’t want you to know how I feel, you won’t (Scorp).


“How does the Scorp cope with Libra wanting to buy pretty pink things! No wonder Libra moon gets repressed. ”

@scorpalicious robot- It actually copes pretty well! I dress fairly Libran- quite neat and tidy, lots of florals, dresses, etc. Scorpio doesn’t complain so long as I buy lots of kinky nightwear to balance it out xD


Scorpio sun . Scorpio rising . Gemini moon

I came across a Scorpio star sign t-shirt that says “So many secrets” and thought to myself how I’d never ever wear it because I wouldn’t want everyone to know that I’m secretive!

I’m very comfortable in my slippers and robe being such a homebody and I could win a no-talking contest hands down. Meanwhile, my Gemini moon is supposed to add a creative flair to my personality…but apart from that, I’m not quite sure how this combo of signs is supposed to play out. Any insights are welcome 🙂


True Story: 18 hr. road trip with 4 kids

Daughter: Aquarius
Son 1: Gemini
Son 2: Pisces
Son 3: Gemini

After 2 hours of nonstop talking by Gem sons I come up with a plan to shut them up:

Me: I’ll give you each a dollar if you can stop talking for just 10 min.
Aqu daughter: Why don’t you just ask them to build a nuclear bomb!
Pisces: Stares out the window
Gem 1: How much? For each 10 minutes? When do we get the money?
Gem 2: You are just trying to get us to quit talking!
Me: Yep!
Aqu: You guys are too stupid to shut up.
2 min. later, Gem 1: How do you know when it’s 10 min.?
Aqu: You are so stupid!
Me: By the clock in the car. Now you have to start over.
2 min. later, Gem 2: Do you even have any money?
Me: Starting over again…
Pisces: Stares out the window
Me to Pisces: So how much money will your brothers make if they can SHUT UP for 18 hrs.?
Pisces: Stares out the window
3 min. later: Gem 2 to Gem 1: Can you make farting sounds with your mouth?
Aqu: You guys are so retarted! G-d mom, why did you even have to have them! You should have stopped with me! (Leo Rising)
Gem 1: Hey, I had 7 more minutes! Yeah, I can. Can you sound like the dog?
Gem 2: Yeah
Gem 1: No you can’t
Gem 2: Yes I can
Aqu: G-d I hate you guys. See mom, I told you so. They are so stupid.
Pisces: Stares out the window.


LOL, I’ve threatened that too. Even done it a few times!


That is hysterical!

If I had a dollar for every time someone told me to stop talking…. 😀

Salacious Sagg

How hilarious, just lurve it.

Sun Sagg
Scorp Rising
Gem Rising

Sun Sagg makes me a very happy bouncy sort of person, full of life tres positive. No fear, even Brigands stop to chat amiably with me.
The Scorp Rising fantasises of painful people in my life just dropping dead, so as to make my life simpler and trouble free. Also am sex mad and loves experimenting, would like to work through Karma Sutra and tick each page off etc.
Gem Rising makes me a chatter box, though as I get older the Scorp in me makes me watchful and stop and think before I talk. Candour always creates wonderful scenarios for me and 99.9% appreciate my honesty

On meeting jerk guy:

Sagg: I am sure you are actually a really nice guy though you are acting like a sleaze bag.
Scorp: Jerk! He probably is married too, too smooth, something is not quite right.
Gem:So tell me what made you this way? Were you dropped at birth or something?

Salacious Sagg

Oops that was Gem Moon


2Natured, that is fantastic. Thanks for sharing.
Moral of the story? Impossible to SHUT Geminis UP? 🙂


thanks HEAPS baristagem
very psychedelic dreamscapes atm
and, i never before have dreams with people in them, or if they are, kind of blurred Degas… so this is SUCH a pleasure now to have real people engaging in dreams for first time


I read that as “cocksuck” ….


Aries sun (and mercury), Aquarius moon, Kataka rising. Oh man, am I screwed up here. All right…

Aries: WOO! Let’s go! I have got SO MANY ideas and they are HUGE. Let’s DO THIS!
Kataka: Did… did Aries just move us to the other side of the planet while I wasn’t looking?! …I’ll just be hiding inside my shell now…
Aquarius: Kataka, quit pestering me with your silly emotions and clingy human attachments, me and Aries are busy trying to change the world here. …wait, where did Aries go? Aries! Could you stick to the same plan for five seconds?!
Aries: …you guys are no fun at all…

Upbeat Scorp

Sun Scorp/ Moon Leo/ Taurus rising.

I really struggle with the “Look at me, look at me, look at me” voice from the Leo and the extreme secrecy of the Scorp. An example of my secrecy: I have all my facebook friends divided up into groups so that most of them have varying (read:limited) access to parts of my profile. I laughed the other day when I realised I had named the groups ‘outer’, ‘restrict’ and ‘ultra-restrict’.

The taurus has really come into play since my late twenties (leo apparently was the boss during my early twenties and it was all party party party back then. Scorpio didn’t seem to mind, mind you.) I am all about good bed linen, art, good wine, and generally being surrounded by beautiful things.

I have loved reading everyone else’s response this this!


Never would have picked you for not feeling peace with that leo!

was expecting more along the lines of sex and flattery? 😛

Upbeat Scorp

No, that is what I wanted out of my relationships, remember?
OMG that sums up the scorp/leo combo pretty well.


I have all my facebook friends divided up into groups so that most of them have varying (read:limited) access to parts of my profile. I laughed the other day when I realised I had named the groups ‘outer’, ‘restrict’ and ‘ultra-restrict’.

I lol’d hard.


gem sun, pisces moon, leo/mars/saturn rising.

I’m in hawaii and having a tops time completely manifesting my astro signature
gem sun is very excited with all the witty and intelligent interacting with random people she’s doing and going to get to do, including police men from denver, dive boat dudes, defence department dudes from denver, which of course has included many jokes reliant on oblique references to american current affairs etc. And she’s not even got to the nerd fest yet!
Leo asc is loving the excess of mirrors in the hotel room and thus has been alternating between checking out how hot I look with beach hair, how much my grey streak has expanded over the last few months, and how damaging airports/travel is for your skin. Saturn helped to justify the purchase of some new shirts cause they are flattering colours (red for mars, blue for moon, purple for asc) and cheap on exchange rates and good quality and not avail in oz, and also offered to do a bit of work in all the airport downtime. mars is having a nanna nap.
Pisces moon has been revelling in the colour of the ocean, sun sets over the ocean, and spending a couple of hours underwater talking to the fish, as well as making up stories as to how to describe waikiki to folks at home and general fantasising. soon she’s going to want a drink.


That is fabulous shell. Sounds like the perfect antidote to this lengthy Mars retro + Dark Moon et al. Good for you!


I hear it means ‘I am sooo freakin jealous right now’ if you say it to someone who is Hawaii.

Aloha said by a person in Hawaii to another who is not means ‘it sucks to be you’

Sooo has your gemini sun pictured yourself living in Denver yet? 😆

Relax, enjoy Hawaii, go surfing!! 😀



Ha, no BG. I’ve been to denver. oh and typo, the police man was from detroit. don’t want to go there either.

Sending a bit of sunshine (although its not actually that sunny), and very blue ocean your way girls!


yes, will do – i couldn’t afford the consequences.

there was an earthquake on the big island today, (i’m going there sat, my poor dad will be having kittens), i hope it’s got the volcano going…


Aqua Rising, Cap Sun and Leo Moon.

Works really well. Cap Sun utilises the best of ech sign and works in the background more often than not. Cap comes to the fore with work and sceduling while Leo and Aqua hold reign of the wardrobe, social persona and general all round likability.

When they all work in exact proportion, this boy can be right charmer and people pleaser (especially with mums. the Aqua quirk factor, old fashioned cap values and Leo flair and fabulosity makes them feel gorgeous!)


Hmm, the dialogue;

Aqua: Hey, that person isn’t looking like they’re having fun.
Leo: we should totally dance next to her. we’d look awesome!
Aqua: well that’s not gonna make her feel better
Cap: Hey i like dancing! Aqua, go meet her
Leo: but she’s fat
Cap&Aqua: SHUT UP, do you wanna dance?
Leo *sulks*…yes
Aqua: Heyyy, good night? remember MC Hammer?
All: *dancing*
Leo: check this fine ass mmmhmmm
*girl grabs a squish, crowd of friends appears, new business contact made*
Leo: She hell loves this ass, but yeah.. DUH look at it!
Aqua: Oh look at all these people having fun! I made the world better just now, you know the energy here is….
Cap: So she earns more than me doing less and there’s an opening in her office…. I could be her boss in 3 months tops…
Aqua/Cap/Leo: This is an awesome night!


had a drink with leo last night who went silent when a girl walked past from his past.

explained weird situation but still worthy of acknowledgement from yonder

me- why didn’t you just say hello?
him- she’s fat now

scorpalicious robot

Hahahahahaha… hilarious. I had no idea Leos were like that! Would totally understand if that comment came from a Virgo or a Cap.


oh no- don’t ever doubt the leo body fat loathing. It rolled just like Nate’s internal moon dialog here.

scorpalicious robot

I have a body fat loathing too. I blame my Cap rising or maybe Mars in Virgo?

Libra twins

Libran sun loves beauty and equilibrium and mostly no conflict- unless it’s caused by me expressing the opposing argument and even then only if the other side actually listen and get it.
Gemini Ascendant and Moon tend to chatter, a lot, but not just out loud, the dialogue in my head is running constantly as the moon is in my 12th! I can change viewpoints at will and completely justify it to myself and anyone else willing to listen.
Saturn on my MC likes to plan long term and feels so guilty and down if Gemini Asc and Moon shoot my trap off and upset anyone (even if it’s all in my head). Stress about the most minor things, and the major ones.
Uranus on IC doesn’t mind change but that means Saturn stresses about the change in the long term plan.
Moon opposite Neptune dreams incessently and vividly, which Saturn of course stresses about and moon gets emotional (but hides it).
Sometimes I feel like my feet are concreted to the ground while my mind flutters and flies around at will.


sagg sun
pisces asc
taurus moon

sagg sun carries on in life without much of a care in the world. its friday, wanna drive 12 hours to a beach and just see where we end up, maybe come back sunday, maybe come back the following thursday? yep. no problem. taurus moon wants to pack every single thing i own ‘just in case’ i come across a situation where i may need it and pisces asc prevents narrowing down the choices and options because it cannot settle on one thing. sagg sun feels like they should have left hours ago, just itcign to get out of here!

sagg sun feels very strongly about important certain issues. when asked to elaborate, pisces asc forgets why sagg sun feels the way she does and gives a wonderful display of verbal diarrhea and ends up confusing herself so badly she forgets the point of her strong opinions. taurus moon wants to take her home and curl up on the lounge under a doona with a family sized block of cadbury chocolate (or at this time of year a carton of creme eggs) to placate her feelings.

vee jay

I have never seen Mystic mention her Sun sign before………….


Virgo Sun, Scorp Rising AND Scorp moon…

Scorp: Really hungover this morning and def not witty at all would not like to try and do a dialogue like everyone else cos I will appear stupid………..just wanna stalk ex’s facebook page. for the third time already

Virgo: I am so embarrased that I have just posted this comment. I will leave right now and try to not post for ages


Lol, some of these internat dialogues are so funny xD Mine goes something like;

Libra: Looooook how pretty our friend looks!
Leo: Is she trying to upstage me?
Scorp: Chill guys, we’ll wreak our vengeance later.
Leo: I am above such things. As if I need to /prove/ my awesomeness
Libra: Can we go shopping?

scorpalicious robot

😆 How does the Scorp cope with Libra wanting to buy pretty pink things! No wonder Libra moon gets repressed.

I agree about the secrets. Plus it’s hard to keep anything a secret with a loud mouth Sagg moon!! You have no idea how many times I’ve blurted stuff out and kicked myself later. It’s like tourette syndrome.

Scorp: “can’t believe you said that.. why did you say that?!!”


Leo rising, Scorpio sun, Libra moon.
Poor Libra moon gets repressed most of the time, and only gets to come out to buy copious amounts of pink things and pretty dresses once in a while.
I think very few people would guess I’m a scorp, though I do freak people out occaisonally by “looking at them too intensely” xD. A lot of descriptions of scorpios say we’re mysterious, keep secrets, etc. I think though, most of us are so good at keeping secrets, you wouldn’t notice we were hiding anything unless you knew us really well. Hence a lot of scorps that I know (including me, probably) come across as fairly open.

The leo side of me is definitely what the world tends to get; confident, in control, fond of being the best at everything. I’m appalling at talking about feelings or appearing weak to anyone except my boyfriend of nearly two years.


Beth that’s pretty good desc- “keep secrets so good you wouldn’t know you were keeping secrets….” I’m in on that one…..

dreaming cow

this is fun – missed this link….

taurus sun, taurus rising (sun, mercury conj ascendant) saggi moon

taurus sun/rising – “lets play in the garden, bake bread, oh yummy delicious golden fluffy bread…. (taurus is quietly singing a little homage to the joys of domestic bliss and bread, especially eating that delicious bread….)

Saggi – lets explore our soul on a vigorous walk……in ghana, or maybe Nepal or somewhere….

Tauru – but what about my nest, and my kitchen? i need my routine, my morning yoga, my vegie patch, my lazy afternoons! she whines, suddenly petulant now she is not getting her way!

Saggi – (trying through sheer joy and exuberance to win her over, wiggling all over like a big labrador) it would be fun, fun, fun! and you can still do yoga, or as i like to think of it, spiritual questing! How difficult is it to create a nest?

Tauru – (She is suddenly all sweetness and light) if we are traveling we aren’t working? right? and I can do lots of yoga, eat yummy food and chill out?………. lets go!


Somehow I see my signature like the Chariot, with Leo holding the reins and Aries Rising and Sagg Moon the unruly horses.

Leo Sun: It’s a brand new day! Let’s adventure kids.
Aries Rising: Look there’s loads to do, can you get that stride right Moon?
Sagg Moon: (kicks friskily) Woo hoo!! I had this amazing idea last night… What if…

15 mins later.

Leo: (Yawns) I’m exhausted. I think it’s time for some tea.
Aries Rising: Stop! Stop! I see the perfect place over there.
Sagg Moon: ..and so I told her, if you feel like that why didn’t you just say so, it would have saved heaps of time…


Virgo sun, Taurus moon, Leo rising. (Mars, Mercury and Venus in Leo as well.)

Taurus intensifies the Virgo and Leo qualities. I am extremely stubborn in my love of cleanliness and attention!

I am quite happy being helpful (Virgo), but can never be recognized and praised enough (Leo)…yes please, please throw a parade in my honor.


Man, I have Leo sun with Moon AND Rising in Sagg. Both fire signs.
I’m pretty laid back though (lazy). But I do love to buy stuff. I’m so bad about that, there’s always something that I want.


Heehee this is so fun! I have Leo Sun/Libra Rising/Virgo Moon. The poor Virgo moon keeps me organized even if she does get left out a lot. It can go grok with Saturn/Uranus/Neptune in Cappy about it later though.

Leo sun: *hairflip*
Libra: Omg your hair is gorgeous…Love the dye job
Virgo: Yeah…if you’d wash it already
Leo&Libra: *glares*
Libra: Oo, but that girl’s skirt is adorable!
Leo: *pouts* What about MY skirt?
Libra: Let’s ask where she got it
Leo: Yeah so IIIiii can pull it off
Virgo: You don’t have the $ for that, dears.
Leo: Of course I do! What do you think credit cards are for
Virgo: *facepalm*


This is so cool! Reading all these posts makes me feel like I’m not such a freak after all…. at least compared to ya’all! :o)


joooooin us 2 Natured jooooin us ~spooky come hither voice~

Those normies are so boring anyway (Saggy Moon)
Gem Asc nods in agreement
Cancer Sun Venus too busy with advanced spreadsheet budgets to bother arguing


Aqua Mars/Midheaven: define normal?

Sagg Moon/Cancer Sun Venus/Gem Asc: SHUDDDUP!


Cancer Sun, Gemini Asc, Sagg Moon (on romance) VERSION B

Cancer Sun Venus: He’s nice … oooh look he has a job, secure-ish, stable, not half bad to look at either
Sagg Moon: yawn
Gem Asc: he’s a flippin BOGAN
Sagg Moon: check out those ears …
Cancer Sun Venus: *SIGHS*
Gem Asc: betcha he’s got a small ……..
Sagg Moon: yeaaaaaaah check out those toes
Cancer Sun Venus: *sulks and pouts*


Aqua Mars and Midheaven: hey dudes … you don’t have to be like this. It’s all cool. Everything is the way it’s meant to be. It’s all ok … we’re all just pulsating to the rhythm of a greater cosmos that we just can’t understand at this point in the evolution of human consciousness…..

Cancer Sun Venus/Gem Asc/Sagg Moon: FUQ OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!


I actually was gonna put in a version C but thought p’haps was taking it a wee bit too far. lol


ha, yes i’ve come up with multiple version too. but cause I attention seeking rambled so much in the first one, I too feel as if I’ve used up my chance at multiplicity. Perhaps we can create an alternate reality post where all the other versions of our statements go?


my Aqua Mars/Midheaven nods enthusiastically to anything involving alternate reality. 😉


oh wow we have same rising/moon combo and water sun. no wonder I dig your brain 🙂


Cancer Sun, Gemini Asc, Sagg Moon (on romance)

Sagg Moon: he’s HAAAAAAAAWT … let’s like … do something with him!!!!
Gem Asc: yes let’s like … TALK (glares @ Saggy moon) and see if he has a BRAIN or at least can keep up with all our multiple interests … hobbies … leisure pursuits
Gem Asc: shuddup you… you …. you LUDDITE!!!
Sagg Moon: yeaaaaaaah stop being so B O R I N GGGGGGGGGGGGG
Cancer Sun Venus: *sulks and pouts*


Aqua Mars and Midheaven: hey dudes … you don’t have to be like this. It’s all cool. Everything is the way it’s meant to be. It’s all ok … we’re all just pulsating to the rhythm of a greater cosmos that we just can’t understand at this point in the evolution of human consciousness…..

Cancer Sun Venus/Gem Asc/Sagg Moon: FUQ OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!


Fish sun, Kataka rising, Bull moon.

Fish – flow, love everyone, beam the best selves back at favorites (along with a little programming, but not to offend)

Kataka – damn that fish got me preggers again!! PUSH oh how precious. I’ll be devotely nursing for the next few years. What?!?!? not again???

Taurus moon – comfy safe home for the wonderfuls, lovely fabrics, comfort foods to fill their bellies.

I said before, I loved having Uranus in my sign these last 6+ years.
The 4 sons all grown, established, doing the offspring duties.
Broke out of the marriage of my youth at 46, been partying like the 16 yr old I never was.

Good thing about that Taurus moon, it always makes sure that the Sun fish has a safe haven to swim and escape to,,, and running water.

The cursed Saturn square my natal Sun has for all it’s ‘the world is against me” self speak, has kept me from becoming totaling lost in drink and keep me holding down a corporate job.

Best aspects about my combo,,, sex.
Want to feel adored?
Rest your head in breasts?
Tell me all your secrets, get a little freaky?

LOL, Pluto 28 degrees in Leo, the end of my generation and can’t get pregger any more!!!

My Mom is March, but no way to find out the time, never met another angel on earth like her.

Happy Mars direct to all.


Mom is March 20, some that is Aries, this year in fact.
But I know she’s no Aries.
She gives you gifts you like, not ones she thinks you need.


Aries Sun, Libra Moon, Cap Rising. (Uranus and Neptune conjunct Ascendant, Saturn in 1st)

Say, I walk into a bar and see a good looking guy.

Libra Moon: Hmm. I love his jacket. I bet he’s got really lovely manners too….

Neptune: Ooooh, he’s so beautiful. I think I’m in love. We are going to definately get married, have babies and….

Cap Rising: SHUT UP. I think he saw us looking!!!!! Look absorbed in whatever you are doing.

*stares into drink*

Saturn: Oh God, oh god, oh god, oh god, this is the most awkward thing that’s ever happened. I want to die. I am going to be alone forever, and I like it that way.

Neptune: ….and do nothing but live on a diet of mentos and coffee, and eventually live in an attic, wearing a white wedding dress, staring at the ceiling all day. Alone…. alooone….

Aries Sun: Why don’t we just smile at him?

Saturn/Cap Rising: NO!

Aries: Whatever. You guys never let me have any fun. *wanders off*

Saturn: This is far too scary.

Cap Rising: Agreed. I cant keep up this facade for much longer, we have to go…

Neptune: Aloooooooone…….

*shuffles out of bar*

Libra Moon: Guys, can we at least talk to somebody soon, at least once in the next month or two? I’m lonely….


wow… I would have imagined this combination as strutting right over with the hot Aries bod sort of draped in some revealing yet sporty outfit, whilst donning a dimpled Libran moon “oh I’m soooo shy” grin whilst sussing out if the guys shoes are appropriately expensive enough for you to bother with even talking to him let alone producing progeny…..


I love that you ground your aqua with your virgo. *kudos*

I have been having such a hard time with libra/gemini’s vibing aqua lately…… I must remind myself “ground, ground, ground” My feet are on the ground. My pisces moon feels everything around and I’m feeling very vulnerable at the mo.
It’s like having a lightning bolt take all your clothes off, and then have a bath in your brain standing next to these people.
I am trying to get an adequate visualization of a lightning rod, but the saturn thing is making my mind too concrete.
Ooo, maybe I’ll google them…..


aqua sun, virgo rising, moon in taurus.

um. i think my virgo rising actually helps me to manifest my aqua notions, i have an ielectric impulse and i can realise it physically with practical skills. no idea how the bull moon fits in there but i do instinctively like having the moon there. i used to not like my virgo rising until i read mystics blog and got so into her enthusiasm for virgo neatnes and attendance. im so into it now. who else has a taurus moon, i must rescan the above and glean.


My sun is in Cap, ascendant in Sagg, and moon in Leo. Basically the example, minus the beautiful Libra… replace it with my efficient Cap ways.
It’s funny… My Libra mom always complains that I’m too eccentric a dresser… maybe the Sagg doesn’t give a f—?
on that same note, my Cap trumps all and if I’m not being efficient, ambitious, and if anyone in my life isn’t doing crap for me it’s BYE-BYE.


It’s kind of like my desire to delete my Facebook… my Capricorn sun is saying “Are you kidding me? You waste hours on that thing. And for what? Trivial wall posts and menial conversations with people you don’t care about?”
My Leo moon says “No, don’t delete it. Post more pretty pictures of yourself. AND let the ex see you with that awesome boyfriend of yours! Piss him off by showing how great you’re doing.”
And my Sagg asc. is saying “Keep the Facebook so you can show all those people you don’t care about how far you’re traveling and what sort of awesome things you get to do in your social life.”

Like I said, Cap trumps all. I promise it will take a while, but eventually I’ll delete my Facebook for sure.


I’ don’t know hoew to do this, I’m going to need help….

Aries Sun says whoo hooo lets go start something. Pisces moon says well, lets make it a party, not a battle like last time….Aries says okay, as long as its for me. Cappo rising says let me plan it, then we can start some time next week…

My castle is a well built impenetrable fortress, with a king who always wants a feast or a party, but can’t get anyone brave enough to try and get in -my daughter is mooning about cause she’d rather be in a cave in india…..


Aqua asc., Leo Sun, Kataka moon

“Let’s do it this way. I can guarantee you a trip you won’t forget (and you might learn something on the way) – let me be your captain. Ohh, and I’ll bring cookies too – for everyone”.


How about this….
Aries and Gem have a blast and twist on table tops and sing…
Cappy moon spends most of the time in the corner watching things don’t get broke- but also paid for the party and gets a kick out of watching friends have a good time….every once in a while on a bawdy song , Aries reaches down and pulls Cappy in for some rude and earthy lyrics…..

lib rising ramzilla

Aries sun, Lib rising, Scorp moon. Yep te fuck, I’m always confused. Aries bluster & lone ranger, Lib equivocation & needs luv. My ruthless scorpy side v hidden (tee hee, says charming sneaky Lib asc, which Aries sun loves for helping him win!). Lib asc always shocked & disgusted when I am bolshie or psycho. Anyways, I reckon I might be a good lawyer when my damn Mars in fucking pisces GETS AROUND TO IT!!!


Pisces Sun
Taurus Ascendant
Sagg moon.

Taurus is the neutral place that balances my piscean introversion and my saggitarian wild goose chases.
People find it difficult to put me in a box because i hate being pinned down and I despise being characterised as one particular thing.
The dreamer, the homebody, the traveller

Aqua Baby

Aqua Sun, Moon, Mercury & Jupiter with Cap Rising to fool people into thinking I’m vaguely normal. Maybe?

Venus & Mars in Aries fires it up and lots of aspects to Pluto = v. complicated!!


Pisces Sun
Libra Rising
Scorpio Moon
Venus in Aries (just to spice things up)
Grand Trine in water

You don’t need to tell me what you’re thinking. I can feel it. It’s like, “Whoa, what’s going on here?!” Libra helps me mask my emotional reaction to people. When I get bad vibes, the Scorp moon comes out and rattles it’s tail. I can get suspicious, protective, and dark.

When I get the intelligent/sexy/hot vibes, oh G-d, the slut Venus in Aries — Scorp moon wants to break out. It’s hard to control. I have the good angel/bad angel on my shoulders. Thankfully, the Libra comes out and usually wins!


Sun Aqua, Moon Kataka & Asc Kataka.

A space age, crochet lovin’ freedom fighter of cats lol!!!


Taurus rise and Kataka sun, yes would you like a boiled egg? (weird thing I have with eggs, I ask everyone who comes to my house, like its a biscuit)

Nights home, days home, reading home, drinking home, exercising home, partying home, studying at home etc..Then after two years of staying inside my Saggi moon stumbles in drunk and evicts me from the house.


saggi moon stumbles in drunk and evicts you from the house!

great line. totally get that


Oh another fellow saggi moon Ms.!!! yes my darlin saggi gets me into trouble sometimes. and lots of fun too of course!!….hahahha and for you?
I have a few friends who have the scorp sun and sagg moon and vice versa…How does it play out for you? Its like light and day….Does your sagg kick your scorp in the butt sometimes “Just lighten up a bit, no?”


Meant to say “night and day”, not “light and day” jajaj

scorpalicious robot

i’m Scorp with Sagg moon. Boy does the moon get me into trouble and fun! Agree. hehe. Yes it is a bit like night and day. Scorp wants to stay home and avoid the crowds, Sagg wants to party. I always get dragged kicking and screaming to a party but once I’m there, I’m usually the last to leave and end up dancing on tables etc. Not so much these days but definitely in my party days.

Rain, hail or shine, I have to leave the house at least once a day or I go stir crazy. Very restless. Always have to be on the move.

Scorp intensity coupled with Cap rising seriousness is my usual demeanor but the constant poking from the teenage cheery Sagg moon makes me crack a smile every now and then. 🙂


sorry massive slow poster lately!

how does mine play out?

I feel strangely at peace with my scorp saggi combo as I have other planets in scorp sagg too. I am a lot saggier than most scorpios. my moon is chilling out a bit and getting a different kind of kick nowdays. Loved partying. a lot. I made my work partying /shows so it was easy to give the moon some exercise 😉

my need to be alone has nothing to do with social gatherings or do’s

as long as its creatively occupied I don’t get into too much trouble…


hmmmm… NFI ha ha ha

unpredictable pisces

the word that jumps out at me there is INDEPENDENCE

Aqua Baby

And stubbornness!!

scorpalicious robot

oh yes. All fixed signs!


“i’m Scorp with Sagg moon. Boy does the moon get me into trouble and fun! Agree. hehe. Yes it is a bit like night and day. Scorp wants to stay home and avoid the crowds, Sagg wants to party. I always get dragged kicking and screaming to a party but once I’m there, I’m usually the last to leave and end up dancing on tables etc. Not so much these days but definitely in my party days”

That’s hilarious, so the same hate the idea of a party but once there can’t tear me away! Scorp sun, Sag moon but with Aries rising.

scorpalicious robot

wow, another Scorp/Sagg.

what’s really funny is if the party/function is work related. People really get a shock seeing the Sagg come out. 🙂

You’d be a little bit louder than me with the Aries rising?


ha ha… wow ouch!
yes your probably right,
weirdly enough im an expert on physical flexibility, yoga pilates etc ha ha, so im only a stubborn fixed biatche on the personal level LOL
ha ha, still laughing
def independent!


this is turning into a club?


Sun in Pisces, Moon in Aries, Leo Rising

I am a bit all over the place usually, and the persona people see is not who I actually am, or who I feel I am. I always cringe when people think I am this huge party and people person, when I feel incredibly shy and like introverted activities. I tend to cry a lot and get really addicted to people, but when I am over them, omg I am so over them.


I kind of relate to this SPAMLR… I am not sure if I am Pisces Rising or Aries Rising. I go with the Aries as the more likely and am Leo with Moon in Sagg.
I am alternately breezy and cringey and people confuse me for a complete party person or an introvert and I always end up confusing someone! I get really self-conscious, I also can be a real bridge burner…


oh definitely relate to the bridge burning. have done some pretty awful things to prevent me from crossing back over some particular bridges…


i have no self control otherwise


I’m Pisces Sun, Aries Rising and Leo moon.

Pretty similar…


dialog between aspects of self!
yeah I am not the most integrated though I do have a hint of a sun moon conjunct. my chart actually looks like a tiny piece of pie.

gemini rising- walk fast talk fast move fast, I have my sun sitting on my mercury conjunct with uranus so its mega mercury with all the virgo and gemini.

scorpio sun- not many people pick me as a scorp first up but there is well and truly a scorp in here. infact I am almost textbook apart from the jealously thing thank god. all my sagg couldn’t be bothered. 5th house with a tight merc uranus spin.

Sagg moon. bounce bounce graze fuq off I need space adventure home in a suitcase more bouncing. 6th house shared but not aspected to my hardcore venus/neptune conjunction sagg.

then some virgo and a strongly aspected eros.

vampy sharp and loud


Sun aries, asc gemini, moon gemini, venus taurus

Yep, fire and air signature..I have a powerful imagination and the will to put that imagination into action. Love complex problems that please my dueling banjo mind. Copious quantities of scattered information can be connected to form grand theories of what every one else should be doing… there should be a special government grant established to support these bizarre theories so that life will better for all, and a damn sight easier for me. My venus in taurus keeps me constantly in a state of sensuality and general horniness. Harems are common themes of my fantasy life.


Are you some kicK ass solicitor davidl?

I would so not what to have a fight with you!! 😉


no, I get up really early and bake muffins for the local schoolchildren. Just helping mums out by adding a nutritious and delicious snack to their lunch boxes. 🙂 Ive finished my run by 8:45 have a lie down (occassionaly a bex) and play on mystic etc for the rest of the day. Sometimes I write database software.


Hahahhah, good for you!
I’m sure you could talk your way out of anything, am i right?
A fighter for the underdog..


go the underdog, down with the fat cats ! glad you liked my muffin story x


P.S also have post modern attitude to spelling..evolution of language is that the sag bit that can’t be bothered using spell checker..certainly ain’t the Virgo bit that’s for sure although and not the aqua but as that would demand creation if a whole new language.


I too am a red lipstick Virgo- my favorite and really only shade!


Wow lexicon, you were pretty spot I did read English at Oxford, doesn’t get more bookish librarian than that and have atrocious book collection and as a result stop myself from sprouting poetry gobbets and other useless facts all the time. I’d like to think I an a bit off the wall, and while I am not as beautiful as Ingrid Bergman I am working that virgo chilly blond straight hair red lipped thing. Yes also right that I have a sharp wit and quick tongue that sometimes offends rapidly. Lexicon you are pyshic! Thanks so much!

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