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mars people

How To Understand The Mars People

To understand Mars Astrology, you only have to meet the Mars People. Who are the Mars People? They are the people born with Mars in Aries, Capricorn or Scorpio. Or, the 1st House, 8th House or 10th House. Alternatively, their natal Mars is any sign/house but strengthened by a tight conjunction to Pluto, Uranus or Saturn. Mars Astrology In (Accelerated) Motion They Are Nuance Phobic and oblivious to tone, operatingRead More…

Mercury Retrograde 2019

The Weirdest Mercury Retrograde Since 2013

You know it’s going to be a particularly weird Mercury Retrograde 2019 when things start turning screw the moment Mercury gets into the Shadow Zone. Both my Skype and text messaging windows are suddenly serving compulsory emoticons; I have to enter an emoticon before I can type a single letter. I got a payment of $44 into my bank account that has no explanation, other than the word “master” andRead More…

Mars in Taurus

The Uranian Front-Runner: Mars In Taurus Takes Stock

Mars in Taurus is the front runner to Uranus in Taurus, here from March 6/7. If you’re astute, you can read the upcoming Uranus in Taurus themes between the lines of the news stories. Of course, the conversation is about boundaries and borders. It’s Taurus. Turf is important. You can’t have a planetary shift as significant as this one without geopolitical restructuring to some degree. As in the post aboutRead More…

mercury in pisces

The Surreality Show – Nine And A Half Weeks Of Mercury In Pisces

On Sunday, we began nine and a half weeks of Mercury in Pisces. The Messenger God will not have been in this liminal zone for so long since early 2013. The long-running Mercury in Pisces show will feature on-off-on aspects to Shamanic Neptune (the ruler of Pisces) and the destiny illuminating North Node in Cancer. It’s going to be a surreal backdrop to the more overt themes in play over this phase,Read More…

Astrology Eighth House

It’s Metaphysical – The Eighth House In Astrology

The Eighth House in astrology is classically the domain of Sex, Death, the Occult and Other People’s Money. People with prominent eighth houses in their birth chart have experience in these areas that would scramble the synapses of non-Eighth Housers. They’re Slytherin. They’re armchair metaphysicians. They are psychic through smell. They’re brilliant in a crisis. In an emergency room environment, the Eighth House person will be a towering force ofRead More…

mercury retrograde in pisces

A Field Guide To The Next Mercury Retrograde In Pisces

What can we expect from Mercury Retrograde in Pisces over March? The possibilities include… Love Zombie Relapses due to an object of phantom desire returning or weirdly reanimating in your digital realm. Cinematic Karmic Aversion Syndrome. Time Slips – Deja Vu and Past Life Nostalgia. Addiction Awareness Polarity – compassion for your previous self inspires spontaneous relinquishment of a health-damaging substance or even food. Alternatively, people power up into hyperbolicRead More…

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