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Four More Days Of Saturn In Libra

Four more days of Saturn in Libra – under 100 hours. Saturn crystallizes its lessons near the end of the transit through one sign. Like a course of intensive study, it all comes together at the end.  Its been just under three long years. Librans have been hammered by the Time God’s success, maturity and responsibility rays. But for the last year, in particular, the degrees of 22 to 29 Libra …

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Janis Joplin’s Moon square Neptune

The musician Janis Joplin was an iconic example of Moon square Neptune. They’re natural-born Transcendental Muses but can be given to toxic highs. We’ve talked before about the notorious talents, crazy sex life, and addictions of Mars-Neptune Men.    Squares from Neptune to Mars, in particular, can be problematic to the point that you’d want to check yourself if you saw it in a guy you were dating. (Mars = …

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Pluto Direct Already

Happy Pluto Direct. Notice how it brings everything up – ancient angst, megalomania, lust, fierce independence urges…everything. It’s like a psychological colonic lol. Maybe do your own thing for a few days – intensely – less focus on other peeps biz and more on your own. Summary of this weeks news: everything is at flashpoint, merde hitting the financial fan & some of the economic “policies” bring to mind what …

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Getting It On With Mars in Scorpio

Mars in Scorpio is superpowered. Here the action planet is focussed and fierce. Use it or be obsessive. It’s epic for giving up crap habits and effecting dramatic changes. Mars in the sign of the Scorpion psychs up evolutionary people and re-motivates the slackers. It’s exhausting but worth it.   Face it; some goals need stalking. They won’t respond to anything less than an obsessive fixation. Some people are born with …

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What Is Your Neptune Sign Meaning?

What is your Neptune sign meaning? None! Or rather, little. Neptune is more potent by house and aspect. It influences entire generations. Neptune in your chart operates more like a drug than a planet. It’s where you can be whacko out of it, under the influence of some delusion so powerful that you really can’t see beyond it, the classic poet in the gutter albeit looking at the stars syndrome. …

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Astro-Beauty: Could You Do A Mirror Fast?

Mirror Fasting is the Everything at the moment – the idea is that you regain a healthier sense of self by just not looking into mirrors for a month for more. It’s a fascinating idea, i though only vampires had to do that but it sort of resonates.  I love anarcha-hippy memes that feel like you can give something up and be more independent. My Aquarius Rising would love to …

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