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Operating Styles Of The Astrological Modalities

All of the signs of the Zodiac can be divided into Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable signs. AKA the Modalities. It refers to a mode of operating and is surprisingly apt. How Cardinal Signs Operate And What Sabotages Them Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn are the Cardinal signs, but you can call them “Boss.”  Their core competency is taking charge. If there is an initiative, they’ll seize it. They are utterly …

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Mars in Taurus People Know What’s Up

Mars in Taurus people know what's up. They're tactile sensualists with fantastic gut instincts. They trust their appetites and deploy their superior relaxation skills to a great extent. It can sometimes lead to misunderstandings. Other Mars Sign: So, Mars in Taurus, what are you doing this Saturday night? Mars in Taurus: Nothing. Other Mars Sign: Great! So you do want to go to the movies/come to my friend's drinks? Mars …

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The Sun Square Pluto & Julian Assange

How raw is the Sun square Pluto? Go ahead and zap yourself into coherence. Or, as I suggested to Leo, see below, turn assassin on your treacherous elements. So, the Horoscopes are up – thank you so much for your patience and grace with the delay. I feel blessed. And, more inclined to follow my naturopath’s advice rather than try to wing it. Also, Julian Assange. I don’t know enough …

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Horoscopes Versus Transits – Explained

What is a horoscope? Is it the same as a transit? “Mystic, why does my Year Ahead Report say Pluto is in my Seventh House, but my Horoscope says it’s in the 2nd?” The Horoscopes Versus Transits question comes up semi-frequently, usually from people confused about an apparent contradiction between the two. And it is bewildering. Astrology has different dimensions to it. There is the general cosmic ‘weather’ as played …

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The Mercury Retrograde Time Out Of Mind Warp

Mercury Retrograde March 2019 is a doozie. Now here is a cosmic puzzle for you. Just as Uranus in Taurus demands next-level sanctuary and simplicity, the weirdest Mercury Retrograde since 2013 is bringing it with barely controlled chaos. It’s a Memory Trickster: profound thought processes and sudden-onset ‘can’t remember the PIN you’ve had for years.’ Other manifestations: Straight-forward transactions riddled with irrational hostility. Distancing from the people you’d usually share …

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The Deeper Dimensions Of Mercury Retrograde

Every Mercury Retrograde has its deeper dimensions. But they are particularly apparent during one like this; Mercury Retrograde in Pisces, for the longest time since 2013. Yes, it is a time when appliances are more likely to go kaput, and you probably shouldn’t scrawl your signature on anything binding. But the break-downs, scheduling mishaps and mixed messaging are just the surface manifestation of the magical flux. Mercury is a deity …

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