How To Tell Someone’s Rising Sign

This is a repost from ages ago because (a) many people have asked about it and (b) it’s timely – we could all do with the lightness, no?!

It’s annoying when people say “what’s my sign?” in super-cocky style, especially when you’ve just met them.

As first meetings are when you’re most likely to clock their rising sign aka the person’s initial projection. The ascendant a.k.a the rising sign is how people transmit. It represents their image and stance towards the world.

So often, if you’re going off the way someone presents, you would pick up on their rising sign, rather than their Sun.

And the ‘betcha can’t guess what sign I am‘ crowd are rarely aware of their ascendant so even if you’re correct, they’ll add your ‘fail’ to some secret scorebook in their hubris laboratory aka brain.

Even so and strictly FYI, here are some quick cheats to deduce people’s rising signs. They may sound trite but they work a treat.

Aries Rising – head pokes forward, naturally pugnacious stance (like a boxer) talks fast and clipped, will issue proactive or unsolicited advice, can’t hide boredom or impatience.

Taurus Rising – juicy looking, like they make more collagen than ordinary people, beautiful ‘cow-eyes’, moves slowly, big-boned, often wear touchable sensual textures and can have an elegant stately gait.

Gemini Rising – vibes svelte at any size, likes jingly things, fidgets or thrums legs when sitting down, mobile eyes that dart around the room, can change topics super-abruptly, first to dance.

Cancer/Kataka Rising – Bony and/or muscular with prominent or sanpaku eyes, distinctive pectorals or boobage, often remains super quiet but when they do speak, it’s a high-quality statement.

Leo Rising – looks and acts just like a cat, may have flat face & big mane, a la an actual Lion. Sleek, feline, fashion or cinema enthusiast, dislikes inadvertent drops of water splashed on them, crazily photogenic.

Virgo Rising – quick, active movements, like a martial artist or dancer, naturally nimble, likes to impart useful info, chic with put-together aura and will be blatantly incredibly observant of the surroundings.

Libra Rising – vibe like Lord of the Rings elves, symmetrical features, layered + thoughtful scent aesthetic, easily spooked by discordant environments and will power-flirt as basic m.o.

Scorpio Rising – could plausibly pass as a Hollywood vampire or descendant of an Anne Rice witch dynasty,  seem as if they may have something over you, high-energy yet super-self-contained.

Sagittarius Rising – high-volume talker and a ready laugh, often has long legs, Bugs Bunny-ish vibe, usually en route someplace, prefers outdoors to indoors and near-zero tact.

Capricorn Rising – mournful countenance in repose but lights up for substantial content, cheekbones, looks younger than chronological age, does not splash money and will seek highest point in any situation.

Aquarius Rising – could easily be cast as an alien intelligence in human form, space hippie eyes, dislikes polo neck tops, tight clothing, fluorescent lighting, body clutter, small talk and most traditions.

Pisces Rising – goo-goo eyes, often remarkably good skin, air of bland innocence or stupidity, zones in and out during conversations, fiercely resents dress codes, highly mobile facial features and comedic delivery.


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The Lion & The Centaur

I just came back from a 3-day first date with a Sagittarius stellium guy (that part is quaranteed: we were on his sailboat) and I think his rising sign is Taurus. He always looks unbothered, walks leisurely and enjoys food, sex, lounging and massages. I complimented the soft material of his shirt and he answered “yes, I was looking for a linen shirt but found only 50 percent” lol that confirmed it!

I’m Sag rising and sure laughed out loud at “near-zero tact”!


Taurus Risings also have a lazy drawl. Like their voice catches up to their speech a micro-millisecond later. Is that the case with Mr Sailboat too? 🙂 He could also be Venus Rising, i.e. his Venus is near his Ascendent.


Another tell for ID-ing Taurus rising: their foreheads! They have very open foreheads & fairly flat brow lines. Their faces look like they are not bothered by anything ever…even when they are. No frown lines, no scowl (leave that to the scorps), just wide open like a peaceful meadow of clover…

Think Brendan Fraser, Kate Moss, MLK, Jeanne Moreau, Rita Hayworth, David Beckham, Paulo Coelho, Robert Pattison, Gigi Hadid… and their eyes are similarly well-spaced – without being ‘spaced out’. It does resemble the flat space between the eyes of a cow – or Picasso’s bicycle seat bull…

Corduroy jeans

Taurus-rising, and yep – have been told all my life about my large eyes, AND good posture/gait. Do comfy, natural fibres (i.e. non-synthetic!!) count as sensual..? Also, am always seen as the “dependable” one – but, somebody’s gotta be the grown-up in the room, and often (in past), this fell to me!! (Prefer to indulge my personal anarchy in private). Anyhoo, thanks for this wonderful list MM – you have the spooky ability to know!! X


I would count natural fibres as sensual, totally! That’s what my Taurus moon (and Virgo Venus) loves… it’s about letting your skin breathe – and about earthly pleasures…


Yes as a Gemini rising I love silver shoes best, so i can take flight quickly, my fidgets are constantly mimicked by loved ones, my Scorpio rising hubby mocks them all the time but he gets the I hate you without knowing you quite constantly and is very psychologically astute, he has resting ‘I bore holes into you’ face.

Corduroy jeans

🤣 that last sentence..😬

School of Fish

I can pick Aries rising due to confidence even when paired with Cancer or Pisces sun signs. I have to say, I least like it as a rising and moon sign after the many I have met, especially the males. Incredibly self centred.

School of Fish

Also Aries rising males (I dated 3), very jealous and need to be the head of the fam. I didn’t find them particularly emotionally intelligent.


They definitely need a lot of energy input. They’re like 1yr old pitbull puppies who will throw themselves against you if they have not had enough attention that hour . “To a hammer, everything looks like a nail”

Corduroy jeans

🤣😄 ooohhhh I genuinely feel for you, School of Fish. (And Sam!!!) Yes to all the above – I mean, I can only say this from the perspective of watching a parent. But wow. Perennial children. Children of all ages love them. Joy like the sun, warmth and shirt-off-their-back generosity to all – but selfish, too. And jealousy – which I attributed to Scorp sun (with my parent).
I guess I see Aries rising as the Martian energy prism-ed and then – laser-focussed, or at least, very amplified. Not astrologically informed enough myself on the theory ( hence why I listen to MM!!) but, as an aside, I am a solar Aries with huge stellium, and my Dad is WAY and I mean, WAY, more Martian than I. And I have Mars conjunct my MC? (BUT in artistic, mutable Pisces). Anyway, I get it!! Take good care of yourselves – and channel the energy they give – to you.😉🌞 x


“…even if you’re correct, they’ll add your ‘fail’ to some secret scorebook in their hubris laboratory aka brain.” Ha ha!!! Love it!


Studious more than mournful though was once asked ‘why so sad’, replied ‘it’s my eyebrows’. They are straight across not arched.


A vibe like Lord of the Rings elves LOL…. So guilty of all these Libra rising descriptors. Definitely ethereal with a scent that matches my season, outfit, mood. I never believed I power flirted but I am known for ending up in multiple situationships and ppl falling in love in a matter of days with me. Levels of messy.


I confess it’s all true about my Aqua (Up)Rising. As a custom built version of a human “clothes can be tight at times.”


Virgo rising is also always scrupulously polite, and officially Helpful, like even more than any other Virgo placement, even if the rest of their chart has a category in the DSM-5. From what I know, their Pisces dsc can incline them to people who err on the side of ‘a bit psycho’ and or chaotic (or just sweet / fluffy / a bit cosmic)


P.s. can’t not fall in love with Aries Rising. Every time! Their non political red-hot honesty and commando energy is my safe space. Le sigh.

Corduroy jeans

Hi dear Sam – just found out (3 days ago) that my Dad is an Aries rising (Scorp Sun, Virgoan Moon, Saturn, & Venus. Jupiter trines Rising from Sagg, near Mars!💥)
I never twigged, even with his years in military, lifelong golf obsession, and truly adventurous/pioneering spirit (said with no hint of irony). While he certainly was/is a “player” in many senses of the word, there is nobody else you’d want “in the trenches” with you – whether card game or courts/politics. 💐💖

Corduroy jeans

*Also – hard “yep” to the red-hot honesty and commando roll into everything – he just flew back home yesterday and my head is still reeling from his “go go go!!” attitude, razor-sharp mind (watched literally every legal/technical angle, from every news channel on YouTube, about Trump’s potential impending legal indictment, AND the tragic submersible disaster, all day, every day, last week) and THEN, searingly honest chats about past history..🤯😂

Corduroy jeans

Ps. Just to be clear – he/we are certainly NOT fans of Trump!! All eyes on Special Counsel Smith…


you can be a fan of whoever you want, CJ, I’m not one to judge! but it would be kinda wierd on this site, I’ll say that hahaha
aries scorp and 3x virgo does sound like a very military combination! especially with “to boldly go” Jupiter in “just jump already” sadge.

currently getting over a crush on a triple aries with a virgo moon. not military, but in a similar enough space. he was (is) equally infuriating but also hilarious. children love him. some days I couldn’t work out if I wanted to murder him or .. do other things. I think some Pluto must have been involved.

Wish Upon a Star

So I Googled DSM-5, lol. I think you have a lot of Pisces in your chart like me hey Sam?


It’s def a controversial publication that I understand may cause as much harm as good, if not more, in the way it pathologises certain things (and people as a result).
I have some Pisces but i don’t feel very piscean. My environments don’t really recognise that mode of existing


(at the moment. working on it)


DSM-5 is my comedic domain at times. Sam do you have a Cap Moon?

I’ve recently been wondering if our Moon placements fires the attraction or what drives our interest in others. Then again if it’s lesson worthy wounds, it’s going to be all “blame that on some plutonic forces.”


Yes to cap moon. I’m not sure that it drives my interest in others though. Although mystic once wrote that if one liked a cap moon and wanted to pull in a hurry, then wear a nice watch. I didn’t believe it but then quickly realised that I do appreciate a high end timepiece lmaoo


As a fellow Cap Moon person, I found this in your words. A reminder of Pi.

Does your timepiece run on Saturn or Kronos time? 😉

I don’t wear a watch. I’m fascinated by time and the human miscalculations. I’ve often thought our calendar is wrong too.


Also re plutonic forces. would it be boring without them..?


Welcome Aboard Plutonic Forces. Please ensure you have signed all relevant documentation.

*Pluto paperwork is notorious for Indemnity Clause.

Wish Upon a Star

Pisces Rising: zones in and out during conversations. Thank you. Someone tried to make me feel like this was a attention deficit disorder. Bland innocence or stupidity: LOL!

Expressive face: yes. Comedic delivery: is that why people laugh at my jokes?

Wish Upon a Star

And yes I have been told I have goo goo eyes and good skin.


Zoning in and out during conversations: it’s not your fault that the other person is boring or out of cosmic earshot. 💁💁💁

Wish Upon a Star

Thanks Sam.

gjvb khib

i’m a gemini sun and a leo rising and for this gemini is accurate for me and leo isn’t cuz i don’t think i look like a cat or i act like a cat


Apparently I’m juicy and making uber collagen. I am calm and relaxed on the outside with loads of hair (on my head) but inside I’m electrified (Uranus cjct Sun, Mars, Jupiter). It’s OK, I’m strange and it’s OK. Better than being normal…


I’m the alien


I am too!😭

Seeks Knowledge

Virgo rising 100% but I have a 5 planet libra stellium so I teeter on the cusp.


Sag rising but I have moon and Uranus conjunct asc. so tend more toward a blend of cancer/aquarius rising. Most people think I am “cool”, and/or that I smoke a lot of weed lol. Not loud at all. Also been called a free spirit and that I’m unaffected by peer pressure. Sag risings to me feel “free” from trappings or others’ opinions and philosophies. Untainted almost. In an innocently stubborn way. Which can make them seem either pretty chill or annoying.

My Leo sun bf has cap rising though and I thought he was the saddest most serious person when we first met and still tend to ask him if he’s alright when he’s merely thinking. Getting to know him he’s not like that at all. Just looks it.


As a libra rising, I can say that’s accurate. I’ve stolen many people, but only one was a spouse.


Sometimes my Libra content (MoonVenusUranus) overrides my Aquarian exterior.


Scorpio on point.


aq is on point


Im a Saggo rising but have3 planets on Capricorn in my first house. I feel like I channel Capricorn more.


How I love your writing (and reading the older blogs!) Not being all that astrological aware, I have learnt in the past couple of years that I am a Cap (Aqua cusp – that I already knew) with Pisces Rising (new revelation), so it’s interesting to see what is written and having a few ‘A-ha’ moments. Once upon a time I did have good skin – though since reaching my mid 40’s something has turned it on its ear. The air of bland innocence – that explains why I get the drug/bomb swabs at the domestic airports. My Mum had said something similar when I once made a comment about this. I know I do give off the not giving a shit vibe in a few areas not just relationships – or is that the Cap? Life is interesting nevertheless!


Haha – these are basically true, but we still might get it wrong by picking up on other signs in the chart – for example I’m a cancer with gemini moon and I do that flinging talk bombs thing just to change the subject, my friend is a taurus with an aquarius moon and she hate small talk (in fact she gets really angry with me when I do it). I’m virgo rising and I do like to impart useful information, perhaps a little too much, but so do the virgo suns I know. And then there’s the problem of picking up on planets in the first house, especially if it’s a packed 1st house – we see all the signs those planets rule too.


Actually, Leo Risings are said to be some of the most physically strongest signs and they usually have muscular upper bodies.


I agree! Leo Rising tends to look athletic and/or muscular.


lol Descriptions are funny though like most, I have to disagree. Libra rising here and I look nothing like an elf from LOTR. Most people compare me to a lion or a wolf… Probably because my venus/mars is in leo.


I figure I write a little more since I came on here to look for a pattern and see who wears red a lot. I wear a good amount of red and so does the girl I like though, I don’t think she’s a libra rising – I think she’s an aries since she’s mega bratty (though mega hot).

Most people would describe me as charming, mischievous, fun, and well dressed. I’m good with small talk and can talk a mile a minute about nothing.

I don’t think I’d run off with anyone’s girlfriend or wife knowingly – if they lied, that really isn’t my fault. I do have a code of conduct.


I am an Aquarius Rising and I love jewelery, ha! My daughter is named Jewel, even funnier. I’m Scorpio Sun and Virgo Moon, so maybe those signs influence me more. I do HATE small talk though. People always describe me when they first meet me as either cool, detached, hard to read, or very innocent…and I am definitely not innocent.


Scorpio Rising was completely on point…the most accurate of all. I get the “omg you remind me of a *insert creepy / sexy aristocratic factor here* ” thing all the time. Comes with the territory…and I rather like it. 😉

Scorpio Rising conjunct Pluto in Scorpio

Miss Scorpion

I do act like a cat. (I rub my face like one and sit like one too!) But, I mean, shouldn’t the attention be on me? It seems like a must.


Ain’t that the truth! Of course I love my scorpio risings. Sexy beasts. I’m a cap rising. Yes, under all that seriousness is actually another sexy beast that knows how to crack a whip!


“Capricorn Rising – mournful countenance in repose but lights up beautifully, cheekbones, seriously good strategic planner & likes one upmanship.”

I can see much of this. I often get queries as to the assumed negativity of my emotional state regardless of how I’m feeling. I’m often read as “sad,” or, “stern,” depending both on my state (restful is often read as sad, concentration or thoughtfulness is often read as stern) and the other person’s inclinations. That said, however, I’ve often been told as well that I have a beautiful smile. I’ve often been encouraged to smile more, but I prefer not to smile when it’s not genuine or unless it has some social purpose. Not that smiling is bad, it’s just that I don’t see the purpose in adjusting my expression to suit others. My face is fine as it is.

Not so much cheekbones as my face is round and plump which I honestly think could be moon in the first, honestly. Strategic planner usually out of necessity as I often find myself in positions (regardless of whether I want to be there or not) where a lack of strategic planning would be problematic and lead to unnecessary chaos which would cause unwanted stress.

One upping people not so much. I’m sure people might perceive that, but that’s not what it is. I simply strive to excel because I see no reason not to. When others do better than I do, I do strive to improve myself not to one-up them, but because I assume I must be lacking or failing in some area and am therefore on the verge of being an enormous disappointment to others.

Something to note that has also been a repeated theme which I would think ties in with the concept of Cap (and Saturn and Time) would be the way my face seems to be aging. When I was younger, I was always read as being much older than I was. Now that I’m entering the 30+ stage of life, I’m being read as being much younger than I am. I’ve had many acquaintances comment to me that I really haven’t changed in a decade.

One other addition/point I would like to make. I’m often read as a “know-it-all.” Again, I see this as a misinterpretation. It’s more simply that I know that I know what I know, and I know quite certainly. So, though I most certainly don’t know everything (much to my dismay, yet as an appreciated homage to the accepted limitations of my humanity) what I DO know, I know very well.


Libra with Cap Rising….You wouldn’t believe how many people ask me what’s wrong on a daily basis and I’m like “nothing! I’m trying to relax, what’s wrong with you!?” so I guess my face is quite “repose” at rest. though I do identify with Libran urge to bolt in abrasive situations….might explain my problems with keeping a job…


Ha! My mom is a Cap Rising, and all her life people have been asking her, “What’s wrong? Are you okay?” And she’s always had to say, “This is just my face!” 🙂 But when she does smile, it’s like light beaming!

She also has joint issues like WHOA, that’s probably a Cap thing, too..

Tropic of Scorp

“This is just my face!”



This explains my Grandmother. Always looks worried even when she’s happy. Very serious countenance, great cheekbones… Always well presented. Aha…


Scorpio rising. Nailed it.



I’m ramzilla sun, gemini rising, and I cannot conceal boredom, which I resolve by flinging talk bombs.

Aphrodite Rising

I’m Libra Rising, also Libra Sun and yes, in my younger, wilder days I might well have run off with someone’s husband. Actually, pause for reflection, I DID! My husband was married when I met him but his marriage was in strife and I was the catalyst. I do have a photo of us side by side two years before we got together, neither of us taking any notice of the other because we were then in committed relationships. But 2 years down the track, I was on my own and was making plans to split over a longer-term basis until he met me and moved in the same day. I can also say in all due modesty that, until I met my husband, I did spend most of my ‘twenties horizontal with a fair few lovers but, looking back, more from a Libran sense of need for partnership and not really respecting myself too much. I do not like crude, vulgar behaviour nor bad taste nor ugliness in the sense of putrid stuff. People can be ugly but still amazingly beautiful from the light within. And I LOVE jewellery, the more bling the better. Got a corkboard up on our bedroom filled with jewellery pinned on. Husband is Aries Rising – impatient, intolerant, doesn’t suffer fools gladly, always on the go and running around like a flea in a fit. With Moon in Aquarius, I’m not interested in small talk, parties bore me witless with their inanities, really need my space, don’t fence me in.


Virgo sun/Scorpio rising… I can’t tell you how many times I used to hear this from friends after they got to know me: “when I first met you, I thought you were such a bitch (hated me/ were judging me/ etc.).” They would be apologizing and we would laugh about it (“I don’t even know why I thought that!”) but it made me kind of paranoid for a while (esp. in school). I think it really made me become more self-aware, though… Scorpio rising is amazing “armor” for an introvert 😉 but when you’re not paying attention, you’re still projecting something that other people pick up on… and you should at least know when what you’re projecting is “death rays.” 🙂


Love scorp rising. If I could be another rising sign, apart from Gemini, that would be it.

One of my serious ex boyfriends was scorp rising, aqua sun. He seemed super detached and other worldly but had the deepest thoughts. Not particularly affectionate or chatty but when he spoke it was worthwhile.


Totally agree MsPink. Scorpio Rising & Libra sun – i have always felt that people judge or misunderstand me – or are suspicious/wary of me, or intimidated, when they first meet me – despite my Libran charms..! A number of people have later said that they were “impressed” by me when they first met me, which is nice to know… but also surprising as i never find myself particularly impressive..! 🤷🏻‍♀️ Also i do terribly in job interviews. Like people seem scared to hire me… i don’t know… Just destined to work for myself i guess..!


PISCES RISING – fluctuates alarmingly between hyper-gush/you-are-my-soulmate and genuinely not giving a shit.

hahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahaha. MM – made my day.

Why am I like this? It’s true I really do fluctuate between both and I can’t help it.

It must drive people mad…………


Wish Upon a Star

Its all Good……… from a fellow Pisces Rising.


Saggo rising – spot on, Mystic. Known for having a *cough* distinctive bum and long legs attached to it. Always off somewhere adventuring physically or just mentally, back from some hike up a frozen waterfall or off to bellydance class, no actually I’m writing a book of poetry or constructing a memory palace using the Ancient Greek method of loci. My ears always perk up at any mention of camping. Or concert-going or boozing or car-tripping. Long hair always flying everywhere.

Esp. with Mars on the Ascendant, I can summon superhuman strength when needed, but then leave myself completely, utterly exhausted.


What do you mean ‘mars on your ascendant?”


I mean Mars conjunct Ascendant (planets conj. Asc are sometimes referred to as being “on” it) 🙂

Wish Upon a Star

You sound like fun.


i’m an aries rising and i do tend to talk really fast. i also can’t hide my boredom or impatience even the littlest bit; actually, i have NO poker face whatsoever. whatever i’m feeling is right there on my face. at all times.


OMG that is one of my mother’s ‘qualities’. Anything she thinks is all over her face…and she’s hypercritical – you cant take her anywhere!! I have suspected for a while that she has Aries ascendant and that is just one more tick in favour of that theory.


I’m from New Orleans and a Scorpio Rising… hope this is a coincidence 😉


This makes me sound like a pisces ..I’m not. The only pisces I’ve got in my chart is a North node ..but this description fits to a tee, though I usually fein interest awhile when I’m bored.
I’m a sag sun sign(and moon) with a scorp rising(thought I’ve always questioned this because of my birth time – 3.44 – which puts me technically two hours before sunrise where I was born – aka a sag rising – do I have this right? but online charts always have me as scorp rising) <<can anyone confirm or correct this??
..I like to think of myself as mysterious, a deep dark scorpio ..but I really do just come across as the bold laughing Sag. …with a bit of mournful countenance for good measure.


I’m Scorpio Sun/Moon with a Sagittarius rising. I totally agree with this. I am very easily amused with an obnoxious laugh to go with it.


OMG, the guy I’m fauning over atm is a Libra rising and the joke is that he is an elf because he has the sharp facial structure of them and even has the big pointy ears lol

fallen angel

Elfs are EFFING Hot! They’re on my To-Do List if I ever wander off to Middle Earth.. lucky you.

The guy I’ve been liking is a Capricorn, he’s got the “mournful countenance” down but the smile makes up for it. However, he also vibes very father-like. In a hot saturnine sort of way haha..


Love this! I am Pisces rising and totally fit the profile, although am beginning to wonder about the Aqua thing…. Leo rising are the easiest to pick I think – they have this “I am your king/queen” thing going down, the last one I met also had the most incredible mane of hair I’ve ever seen. Met a couple of Virgo risings who reminded me of energiser batteries. Sis is Sag rising and never stops talking… or travelling.


OMG! I’ve just got out of a relationship with Pieces rising – clearly! Relationship was on/off/on/off. He loved me hopelessly then he loved me but wasn’t sure he could see us together forever then he loved me & started planning moving in & babies & THEN he decided he didn’t like me but still loved me. No wonder I have a headache….


‘Pieces rising’ …sounds like your gunna spew.

fallen angel

Once upon a time, in a lifetime long, long ago, I’d no idea wot my Rising Sign was. Myst of course, just KNEW. I found my birth time et voila, Virgo Riser.. all that, describes me to a T. The quick nimble movements i.e. there wasn’t a shelf/tree/out of reach something I wouldn’t climb, and in the office, I’m the next stop if google doesn’t give up the goods.

Eerily accurate.


‘Intelligence is an aphrodisiac’ 🙂


oh mystic, even if you were being flip, i can tell you mine works for me

“cap rising – mournful countenance in repose but lights up beautifully, cheekbones, seriously good strategic planner & likes one upmanship.”

i’ve got the mournful countenance down, even if i’m just sitting there thinking about lunch, but have also been told my smile lights up the room. i’ve got the cheekbones too.
my best childhood friend used to call me a know-it-all. i guess that could be my one upmanship showing.
however i think my mars in scorpio hides my strategic planning from people. on the surface i think i look quite disorganized.

i think the aries- and pisces- rising work for my 2 younger sisters. i can see it. funny!

i love when you post things like this! it’s fun to see if it works or not with the people you know


oh mystic, even if you were being flip, i can tell you mine works for me

“cap rising – mournful countenance in repose but lights up beautifully, cheekbones, seriously good strategic planner & likes one upmanship.”

i’ve got the mournful countenance down, even if i’m just sitting there thinking about lunch, but have also been told my smile lights up the room. i’ve got the cheekbones too.
my best childhood friend used to call me a know-it-all. i guess that could be my one upmanship showing.
however i think my mars in scorpio hides my strategic planning from people. on the surface i think i look quite disorganized.

Tropic of Scorp

Cap rising is SPOT ON!!! for me.

” mournful countenance in repose” made me crack up. True!!

Agree with Anonymous above about the “subtle pan-like/elfin facial characteristics”

I get called “pixie” a lot and that I have an impish grin 🙂

I find it hard to pick rising signs though. I always pick up on either Moon, Venus or Mars, even Mercury but have never picked the ascendent.


I look the epitome of gemini rising in many ways.


Word to jewellery as body clutter! The libra in me wants to enjoy wearing jewellery, but it just gets in the way or doesn’t go with the outfit or whatever. Only a watch gets past this embargo – maybe that has something to do with Saturn as ancient ruler of Aqua? It is digital though! 😉

@Mystic: By ‘walk-in’ did you mean ‘bats’?

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