And The Weird Turn To Astro

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia guy going crazy in situation room to illustrate June 2019 Horoscopes

We need a Situation Room. The June 2019 Horoscopes are going to be strange but fun.  Yes, they are for Mega Mystic members only. How else would I keep this site ad-free? If you are not a member, think about it. They get a 50% discount off the astrology reports and astro-rants plus inspirational but applicable astro advice and perspective in the Horoscopes. See the awesome (thank you!) reviews here.

So, June. And in fact, now. Hunter S Thompson’s most memorable quote was “when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.” *He was right about that, if not the wisdom of blending horse tranquilizers with tequila. But these days the weird also turn to astrology. Because without magical thinking the terrain is too dystopian.

It’s Not So Much A Pluto Transit As Pluto Moving Into A Granny Flat Out The Back

“Well children,” I found myself explaining to some kids today, “a cold war is better than a hot war. Much better.” The Trade War situation aligns with the Saturn-Pluto 2020 Capricorn Convergence. Listen to my rant for more on geopolitical fuqery, but if you’re following it, I anticipate a definitive flashpoint in July (eclipse season), distinct socio-economic fuqery in October and resolution/climax in January.

Anyway, then I got furious (again) at various factions of government, signed a “let’s do some more research on 5G before beaming it into everyone’s house” petition and checked my transits. Pluto Central. Not so much a transit as the Change God moving into a granny flat out the back.

Aquarius, Uranian and Uranus-Ruled People Are Electrically Sensitive

Theory: that Aquarius, Uranian, and Uranus Ruled people are super-sensitive to electricity and radio-frequency from wi-fi. Ever since Uranus into Taurus, I’ve gone full tin hat.

The June 2019 Horoscopes are going to cover everything. The relentless grind of the Capricorn Convergence versus the constant buzz of restless Jupiter square Neptune.

But back to now? It’s a Moon in Aquarius and Mars is square Chiron. Think half-genius and so detached it’s like an out-of-body experience VERSUS the muck-raking and Cosmic Detection work of Mars-Chiron.

If you’re in a foul mood, plotting revolution in one browser tab while ordering naff food in another, you have Mars-Chiron to thank. It’s like the astral equivalent of being a cop on a stakeout watching the potential perp, but you can’t move in and do anything, yet.

And then, this would be the twist if it were a dystopian D-List Aquarius Moon rom-com/sci-fi, you realize that the person you’ve got under surveillance is you.

Does any of this resonate? Thoughts?

* Hunter S Thompson astro-note: Mercury in Leo trine Moon in Sagittarius trine Saturn in Aries – a Grand Fire Trine.

Image: It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

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I finally got out of the city for a few days to a place with no cell reception…wow. I need to do that more often. I feel a mixture of tinfoil and fuck it there’s nothing I can do I won’t be paranoid. If all else fails you just gotta go full Bruce Lipton “biology of belief”. There’s a hole where stressful time commitments have recently ended after I achieved what I set out to do. There are two sides of me…the stress junkie adrenaline accomplishment seeking side and the side that could stay in nature and not talk to… Read more »


Gotta tell ya, as an Aqua (and with this Saturn/Pluto conj. just degrees off my Moon/Uran conj. in 1H Libra) I’m NOT really that excited about revisiting the dark ages of 1981 – 1983 but these old dynamics have, indeed, reared their ugly heads. People bullying you and third grade triangle fights in the fortysomething set? HILARIOUS To me it actually just feels like the Zap Zone never stopped. What is the remedy for this? It literally is to withdraw and have no friends. To quote a commercial from the time period: Calgon take me away! (this, btw is why… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

Sometimes you have to be your own best friend.

I hope you find solace in that friendship.

Best wishes to you.


Ugh, sorry to hear you’re dealing with that, SheRat! I’m Aqua sun too, and Crab rising, so I’m getting the NN/SN action too. I’ve been being bullied, gaslit, and frozen out by my temporary housemates of the past two months, so anachronistic and unexpected at my stage of life. But, and apologies to most younger people, these gals are in their mid-twenties. I just needed a place for a couple months and I thought this would be ok temporarily, but nooooo…….. I just keep to myself and avoid them. I don’t take them seriously, but it’s still really uncomfortable being… Read more »


I’ve taken on Henry Rollins as my existential life coach, he has what I need to hear right now. He spoke in a similar vein to HST’s ‘weird go pro’ on a podcast I listed to last night. Basically the thought was, we’re not in a Gordian knot, there’s a way out and your actions & words matter more than ever because it’s all on the line. It’s a challenge, and yeah I have a hard ass t-square so I’m always in the ring. That situation room is ON.




Would a packed 11th house make one Aquarian flavored?


Yes to the tin hat, Dr Charlie Teo and questioning wifi radiation and now turning it off everynight and also more mindful that 1/2 hr is too much radiation and why do i sit my ph on my liver to read? SH!t & yes to the weird turning to astrology. I teach art in a high school and the conversations I overhear and am often included in crack me up, “Oh I am so Virgo right now.” Ummm no you’re not, you’re a mess” replied someone in the know. I even have a little psychic offering quick self drawn card… Read more »


oh mystic. the day uranus entered taurus my brain exploded and i had major migraines. it’s because i was sleeping beside SIXTEEN SMART METERS in my living room for 70 days straight… (in the couch). now i’m so allergic to wifi and electric i have had to rid myself of my box spring mattress, study verything about emf sensitivity and am basically disabled now. i sleep in a room in the middle as far away from electric in the walls, grounding baths with epsom salts, kaolin flakes. my lymph nodes are swollen, my heart palpitates if i get too much… Read more »

Neptunian goat

I hear you , I’m the same right now .. we have electromagnetic hypersensitivity.. I also discovered we have 8 smart meters outside the room I’m sleeping plus my boyfriend has growinglights in the next room …and 5g router. I have felt anxiety, stress, poor immune system , I get tire very easily and energetically I feel like a radiated person specially around my throat .. I’m thinking seriously to move out . My well-being is first no matter what . I was reading having cactus inside the house helps plus other indoor plants … it’s hard for people like… Read more »


Cactus may help, but it won’t “remove” or clear such strong energetic interference. It may indeed suffer from it while removing only some pollutions. Grow rooms are Go (Away) Rooms for humans! Esp witchy so called “sensitives” who are really in tune with Gaia. Your throat is connected with your worth, and if money is coming from the Grow Room, you think you are in a bind! Remember, money is worth, and worth is the energy you have to keep it all together for sustainable incomings, without sick days and low energy going to work and keeping your days productive… Read more »


I’m in a dire financial situation and about to list my apartment on airbnb to make some money! The past few months have been scraping for work, but not quite enough to cover expenses. At least I’m not panicking about it… but I’m at my wits end. So now I have to ask friends the favour of letting me stay there, if I get tenants. I can always retreat to my parents if I’m not working, but that is 3 hours away so not practicable if I am working (unless I’m working remotely). GAH. At my age this is just… Read more »


Saw your user name and wanted to chime in as a fellow Gemini who feels you. Saturn is transiting my 2nd house and the 8th house of my solar chart (I’m a Gemini sun) and the eclipses are happening along the same axis. Hopefully it gets better for you! The worst for me was 2017 when Saturn was in my 2nd house directly opposing my natal sun, and now as Saturn is in the final 9 months or so of this transit (and Jupiter has entered my 2nd house) things have gotten much easier. I bet 2020 will be a… Read more »


Thanks D. Saturn and Pluto are in my 9th and Saturn will be on my MC later… appropriate as I am changing my career (studying) and setting myself up for the next 10 or so years of work. I feel positive about that, and despite the financial struggles I don’t feel as anxious about that as I did a couple of years ago. I think it’s because I’m taking action and have a plan. ‘When Saturn transits the 9th house you’ll need to assess everything you’ve learned so far and make any changes that feel necessary. Whatever you believe, you… Read more »


I’ve been having a lot of ‘I’m the problem. The problem is me!’ moments lately so the idea of a mars-chiron stakeout on the perp (myself) def resonates, lol. Also work work work work in service of some major goals and money down the road. Detached genius, sort of – I’ve been on call the past week and will spend the next on site with hundreds of coworkers. Also, I’m aqua rising and my mom has uranus on her ascendent and I can vouch for uranian electrosensitivity. There was a period in my childhood when my mother must have been… Read more »


Def having those “I’m the problem” moments here too! Been loving Billie eilish’s “bad guy”

Neptunian goat

I have mercury sag conjuct Uranus and yes electricity affects me a lot , I recently move to a place with WiFi with 5 g in the router and I cant stand it anymore it makes me anxious and irritable , it mess with my nervious system .. led lights too. I’m very worry about the installment of 5 g towers, it’s really a serious thing , I would have to live out of the cities for my well being .. I can imagine what would do to babies , if birds are already dying . Same as with whales… Read more »


I have withdrawn from the news feed as the Dystopia is too real to deal with. Astrology and fantasy (books, movies, netflix, music, dreams, art) are my coping mechanisms/escape pods at this point. Jupiter is on my Asc and squaring Neptune, which is opposing my Merc/Mars, and I CARE NOT if I am on a Neptunian bender at this point. I’m staying out of LZ crap situations at least. [shrugs]


Added to this multi tab sadness is that when I tried to order the crap food there was no money ni my account to buy it. So I entered into something I find myself doing in these moments… fantasy food ordering. Purposefully filling out big orders I would never get in real life only to not order them because I know I cant. Luckily pay day is just round the corner but yeh. acccuuraateee.. specially as I know my splurging has caused this.. hence.. watching over myself with detective disdain.


Wow. Online fantasy feast ordering. That is so Uranus in Taurus, no?! I picture you doing this in something jewel toned and velveteen.


Yes and yes ☄️ that’s been My mood Please tell me that today will be

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