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Your Natal Venus Retrograde Is An Asset

Natal Venus Retrograde Is A Super Venus Don't believe the negative hype about natal Venus Retrograde. It does not have anything to do with money problems, 'bad love karma', or relationship difficulties.  The logic that says it does is not legit. Yet some of the standard takes on it make this placement seem more like a mood disorder or niche diagnosis. They're only missing the "how to tell people you've …

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Check Out My Cool Reading Recommendations

Epic news. Mercury is out of shadow and I’ve posted my recommendations for a heap of books & practitioners on the Mega Mystic Members page! It is also where you can see the Turbulent Times series all in one place – that is, all the most pertinent posts on the pandemic and economic astrology. Additionally, the MMM page features the Daily Mystic email archive, the Astro-Alerts (that I am still …

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How Good Are Your Quincunxes?

What do Quincunxes mean in astrology? They sound strange – like a hipster cactus or Scrabble ploy – and they are! But they’re also your secret key to self-composure, to unlocking secret assets within. It would help if you decrypted them before you can figure out how they run. Firstly, a Quincunx is an aspect between the Sun, Moon, planets, or other points in your birth chart. Aspects are angles, …

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Speedy Astrological Shorthand

Need to get the gist of a planet, aspect, or transit fast? These are are the swiftest astrological explanations possible. And even if you know your natal birth chart like it’s your neighborhood, these can be a fresh take! The Sun illuminates. The Moon reflects. Mercury conjures. Venus beguiles. Mars conquers. Jupiter expands. Saturn measures or contains. The Outer Planets lend an alt-dimensional, extra-sensory magical edge to any of these …

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Introducing The 5th House People

Fifth House people are the least understood ‘crowded house’ segment* in Astrology. Is it the glitter? Their allegiance to Art over all else? That they power-infuse more pure vibe into a single ten-minute flirtatious conversation than most people manage in a decade-long relationship? They’re sometimes called narcissists but it’s inaccurate. Narcissus was besotted with his reflection to the point that he drowned gazing at his own beauty. He ignored poor …

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The Ninth House People

Ninth House people are never contented, as such. It would be cruel to try and coax them into a state they’d see as more akin to complacency. Restlessness and perpetual yearning are unavoidable side-effects of mind expansion. And that’s their Zen. It’s probably also their neuroplasticity. For people with different temperaments, 9th Housers are hard to handle. It’s not just the automatic expansion of every subject or their epic-length exploratory …

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