The (Super Helpful & Pragmatic) Turbulent Times Series

Here, in one place, are the Turbulent Times series of posts. A blend of pragmatic magic and astro-tips, they’re approximately 8000 words of useful intel to help with the unique challenges of CV-19 and associated economic/geopolitical fuqery. They’re Mega Mystic member-access only.

Part One: Threats, Opportunities, Health & Wealth 

Part Two: Magic – Pneuma, Prana, Geomancy, and The Serpent Gave Us Wormwood

Part Three: Mindset, Astro 1 and Astro 2 

Part Four: Ancestors & The Great Conjunction

Extra: My Financial Astrology Update 

Background: The Astrology Of The Global Financial Fuqery

Image: Fumiyaki Nagakiyo 

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