• kurahauawatea@gmail.comAnna Reeves
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    Honestly can not tell you how much your advice, suggestions etc have enhanced my ability to live my life. TOTALLY INVALUABLE and insanely accurate. I could write pages and pages of examples in regards to how accurately your ‘scopes (especially the Dailys) have reflected ACTUAL happenings in my life… but yes just mostly THANKS for all the tips on how to manage the movements of the planets and the phases of the moon…. 4 months into being a subscriber and I still eagerly await the Daily Mystic AND the Scopes EVERY DAY without fail………I could honestly write a novel on how accurate the scopes are, with 30 or 40 detailed examples. In fact, I have NEVER found them off. They resonate like a gong hitting a bell. But the most valuable thing is the guidance on how to manage the energies zinging around in the air. Yes it works for me BEYOND BELIEF. It has enhanced my ability to manage shiz and shake self-doubt 100-fold. xxxxxxxxx

  • helen@helenkapalos.com.auHelen Kapalos
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    MM has always been my proof that astrology can be decoded for empowerment and guidance. She’s been a true and steadfast guide since I first came across her weekly stars in the Oz magazine. She continues to be my daily Vitamin B hit… I always feel the words are written for me at exactly this time. The columns, blogs, weekly and monthly scopes are all heart and soul. Her genius wit, spooky accuracy and cleverly curated website is essential viewing.

  • bri@milagroroots.comBri Staussy
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    Subscribing to Mystic Medusa is one of *the best* biz decisions I have made this year. Clear, saucy, astrological interpretations, access to The Oracle and her fantastic scheduler, and her daily notes keep me running smoothly, creating my best work, and inspiring those around me. She is truly out of this world awesome!

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    My Oh My, MysticMedusa.  This particular Daily Mystic has hit sooooo many chords.  The ditching of crap habits, the transformational energy and the CATHARSIS. holy MOLY, mama mia!
    i n t e n s e.  And it makes such a difference to feel so validated by what you wrote in the daily. I just sit here and smile like wow she knows! and yea man its in the stars. Helps me take a deep breath and keep it movin’…up up and away!

    I really felt like that grumpy (drippy, sappy, sad, cling-on to the past) snake who has shed its skin and is coming out shined and with glitter… hissing her way to the future with tap shoes on my invisible feets.



  • lex_lindsay@yahoo.com.auLexicorn
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    Mystic Medusa is the single most insightful Astrologer working the web today. There is no topic too culturally complex, scientifically absurd or fashionably flippant to be safe from her cunning and comical cosmic analysis. With a prose style that weaves effortlessly between poetry and pop, Mystic Medusa’s Horoscopes issue astoundingly apt observations with an Archer’s accuracy, a Raconteur’s wit and the cheeky compassion of your closest confidante.

  • divaworks@bigpond.comscorped Up
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    Long time reader and first time testifying….Mystic Medusa has it NAILED when it comes to astroscapes. No weird / oblique style mutterings. Advice is direct and she has an uncanny knack of knowing exactly how to give day to day, real life directives for the shuffling of the planets. Ok, so you might be all “I don’t believe in this crap” but how can you argue with advice about being the best damn version of yourself while looking serene and not going off on whacky tangents.

  • mccgemma@gmail.comgemmathegemini
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    I have been reading Mystic’s horoscopes since way back in 1997 when I had to wait for them to published in the Weekend Australian Magazine. 13 years later I am still relying on her sage advice, insanely accurate insights and warnings to help navigate a complex modern life. I couldn’t live without Mystic’s daily, weekly and monthly scopes! Definitely worth it.

  • ajb@swaab.com.auAmber
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    Sitting on the bus, opening the iPad and reading mystics daily update is THE best way I can think to start my day – sets the mood, motivates and makes me laugh. The best and most economically sound thrill around!

  • zsazsapower@gmail.comU7
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    The Daily Horoscopes are like my morning coffee – can’t get through the day without it!

  • gayamitra@gmail.comGaya
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    Mystic is spot on in a way that helps me to laugh and keep perspective even when the situation is challenging. The daily emails are always a treat, their wit and candor a great start to the day. Thank you and many blessings, Gaya

  • icliett@yahoo.cominger
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    This site is always way toooooooooo cool, I find it a great way to vent —-intellectualy of course. And learn from others rantings as well.lol!!!
    If this site were to disappear I’d be bummed!!!
    The insights are uncanny and serve me very well, I appreciate the work.

  • sarahc.davies0@gmail.comraregem
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    Great advice and always relevant, down to the day and detail!

  • johblogs.au@gmail.comJoh Blogs
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    Mystic Medusa is more than an accurate astrologer, her writing is witty and thought provoking. A unique commentary of all that’s interesting and important with a cosmic, magic flavour. Her blogs and horoscopes frequently bring a chuckle or at least a grin. I wouldn’t miss it!

  • tanijakins@hotmail.comAAC Aries
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    Mystic Medusa is one of the funniest and most informative astrologers I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Generous, witty and so much fun. As an Aries I have a massive aversion to fluff and this is fluff-free astro at its best! Been following her work for around 7 years. And the ART! Oh wow, the art she posts is sublime! A site I visit every day, and a wonderful place for people to discuss life, to find support and a whole lotta love and perspective. AWESOME!

  • peta.savidge@gmail.comScorpySav
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    I LOVE Mystic! She’s a spot on, funny, word-smithy, interesting read every time. I get a total kick out of her daily emails and check in on my weekly & monthly scopes whenever I’m feeling off track. Love. Your. Work. Mystic :)

  • Nadine.eckert@hotmail.comMs N
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    Brilliant horoscopes – always relevant and have saved me squillions of time,
    money and emo than they cost me to subscribe. Ms N

  • lee.sears@gmx.comBluesky
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    Mystic Medusa is the savviest, most intelligent, most visually sophisticated, and funniest astrology site out there. I’ve found nothing to top it (and I’ve looked!). It’s a bit like a daily fashion/entertainment/news rag, just with an astrological slant. It’s brilliant!

  • annaeking@yahoo.com.auflamencofish
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    It is no exaggeration to say that my subscription to the Daily Mystic and daily horoscopes has changed my life. Receiving Mystic’s daily musings, advice, thoughts and encouragement appear in my inbox each weekday for the past four years has helped me to be a better person. Mystic manages to inform about the latest astro happenings in such an intriguing way whilst at the same time sending out key messages about taking the high road, treating others with respect, remaining cool, calm and confident, loving oneself, and generally radiating wisdom and poise. Holding one’s tongue, biding time for good things, speaking honestly when it is required, vibing serenity – even keeping fit and healthy are all so much easier when you have the Daily Mystic with you. I am a big believer in horoscopes but even if I wasn’t, I would still rely on Mystic to encourage me to be my better self. I also weave her advice into my conversations with others when I can, and they find it useful to. Thanks Mystic, you are wonderful!
  • maureenamcguire@yahoo.comMaureen
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    Mystic’s horoscopes are unique but accessible. I can’t believe how generous she is with her wisdom. Truly, there’s no other astrologer like her. Plus, she’s flippin’ funny! I can’t recommend her website enough – it’s brilliant.

  • dsinclair@exemail.com.auTaurean Alchemist
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    There’s no one else like Mystic Medusa. I think of her as my psychic sister (that I don’t have to lend my clothes to) who always has the best advice on everything. The Daily Mystic is my fave subscription. Without Mystic’s guidance I would surely have worn the wrong outfit, had that drastic hair cut, dated that dodgy guy (again) or ranted at that annoying colleague. Life just wouldn’t be the same

  • marikain@gmail.comSparks
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    I look forward to Mystics magical musings every day without fail! It’s my brain food for breakfast (and sometimes lunch and supper). Delicious!

  • dialexander@bigpond.com.auPegasus
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    I love waking up to the first email of the day, telling me i’m amazing.
    This is Life Coaching work, and it works for me (and my Psychotherapist too,
    she told me so :-)
    Di Alexander
    Body Totality (TM)

  • chambers.tanya.i@edumail.vic.gov.auTan
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    I spent years sneaking into newsagents on Saturday mornings to read Mystic’s comments in the back of The Australian Magazine because her column was the best and only thing I considered worth reading in that paper. Imagine my delight when I stumbled across her blog this year. It has exceeded my expectations by light years. Her words fire up my day. Forget stalking ex’s on Google I am guilty of spending all day checking in to see if she’s written some new sensational insight. Some could say I’m addicted…Best bang for my buck ever. She’s my Blue Devil Hoochie Juice!

  • yogasoup@live.comquietspark
    Horoscope Testimonials

    With impeccable wit, smarts and insight Mystic makes my day.
    Around her other astrologers become mere blah merchants
    peddling their hackneyed yakkety yak.
    Mystic is the real deal, a genuine voice, that truly inspires.

  • kimtreasure@me.comKim
    Horoscope Testimonials

    Love it!! Astronomically accurate and hilarious at the same time … what more does one need??

  • thinkingabout-u@hotmail.comvenus a go-go
    Horoscope Testimonials

    n truth you may be able to live without Mystic Medusa’s horoscopes, house witchery advice and the warm astrological community that surrounds her site, but you would live a lesser life for it.
    I much prefer to bask in the seized glory.

  • elainelaw8@gmail.comLondoner
    Horoscope Testimonials

    THE news to read 1st thing in the morning. Accurate. Straight talking. Absolute. Totally Addictive. Love it!

  • dardis@iinet.net.auSU
    Horoscope Testimonials

    Mystic’s site and ‘Daily Mystic’ are fabulous – like AMEX; Don’t leave home without it!!! Saved my bacon so many times. Well done Mystic, Thank you!

  • penn_will@hotmail.comRusty Fairie
    Horoscope Testimonials

    Mystic is a truly blessed astrologer,writer & goddess….
    Her horscopes inspire and guide me through the day with grace
    & the wisdom of the galaxy….what a spectacular gift mm shares X

  • ladylauraluck@gmail.comLaura Luck
    Horoscope Testimonials

    ever since the very beginning when I spied Mystic Medusa in the Weekend Australian magazine I have been hooked!
    I based my entire graduation photography folio using her descriptions of the zodiac from the small series of books she published after laughing uncontrollably and feeling a little caught out by my own description. Like someone had seen through me but actually it was only my sun sign.
    Watching Mystic Medusa grow has been like watching a tiny seed flower, and I have only been to happy to help feed it grow all the way.
    Mystic is tres inspiring! And dead accurate! how many friends have I gotten into astrology just by referring them to the site when they call me bemoaning things, more than i can count on my fingers.

  • yogasoup@live.comQuiet Spark
    Horoscope Testimonials

    With impeccable wit, smarts and insight Mystic makes my day.
    Around her other astrologers become mere blah merchants
    peddling their hackneyed yakkety yak.
    Mystic is the real deal, a genuine voice, that truly inspires.

  • goodchina@aol.comFallen Angel
    Horoscope Testimonials

    Mystic Medusa is the essential astrologer. Witty, insightful, wonderfully irreverent at times but unerringly practical, Mystic Scopes & Astro Guides are an absolute survival tool. Intelligent and deep sans the doom and gloom, Mystic Medusa delivers an understanding of astro influences to help every reader remain engaged and in flow with the Universe.

    This isn’t pat textbook astro. Her articles have a distinct light and nimble touch that takes nothing away from the gravity of the truth, as the stars tell it. Mystic manages to bridge the “out there” to the “in here” by drawing on life, literature, pop art, culture and news as windows to astrological pondering.

    Always fantastically personal with her readers, Mystic always endeavors to relate, encourage and guide. Is it any wonder that we see her not just as an astrologer and author but also as a friend?

    Hardly a day goes by that I’m not on her site, and there’s no better testament to the relevance and quality of her work than the community of peeps from all walks of life who keep the astro conversations going. From certified astro fiends to the lay reader, Mystic is THE enlightened person’s astrologer.

  • thinkingabout_u@hotmail.comVenus A Go-Go
    Horoscope Testimonials

    In truth you may be able to live without Mystic Medusa’s horoscopes, house witchery advice and the warm astrological community that surrounds her site, but you would live a lesser life for it.
    I much prefer to bask in the seized glory.
    – Venus a-go-go.

  • statchel@bigpond.net.auScorched Earth
    Horoscope Testimonials

    Why do I get my astro fix from MM… well it’s simple, it’s because MM writes with a candid honesty, an accurate inate sensibility to all things astro and adds a humourous twist of intuitive insight that I find particulary easy to digest first thing in the morning over coffee and if anyone knew me that’s a space akin to sacred sanctuary for me.

    Wit and satire aside, I honestly dig MM’s insights and also enjoy the opportunity to comment and banter with other like minded souls online and …I’m usually bored with such things quite quickly but here I find myself captivated and inspired and continually popping back. I like that it’s interactive.

    Please note: No other astrologists were harmed during this testimonial. Nor were any other astrologists ditched, ignored or forgotten for all their efforts. This testimonial deals specifically with the intended content and does not seek to detract from any other works. Preferences stated to certain methods of astrology do not suggest fault with any other method.

    LOL. Luv ya MM!

  • fiora@me.comUrthgem
    Horoscope Testimonials

    When you discover Mystic the ONLY thing you will wish for is that you’d have discovered her earlier.

    Incredibly accurate, expansive and laugh-out-loud hilarious. Her genius delivery of wisdom infused adrenaline makes every day funnier, lighter and yet more meaningful. She is a daily reminder of the bigger picture, where I’m going and who I want to be. No matter what kind of shit is hitting the fan – reading mystic makes life so much better.

    … did I mention – unbelieevably ridiculously accurate? From the daily horoscopes to the personal readings, she’s more like a wizard than your average astrologer.

    Forewarned is fore-armed – Mystic medusa is the most glamourous and creative of wisdom-essentials in your arsenal of 21st century living.

  • jo1980au@yahoo.com.auToroMojo
    Horoscope Testimonials

    Mystic is so damn good she should come with an obligatory public health warning: her site is seriously addictive. Luckily, the only known side effects are: extreme enlightenment experiences, flashes of incredible inspiration and mad moments of hysterical mirth. Withdrawal is a killer though.

  • ustine.lacey@uqconnect.edu.auJustine
    Horoscope Testimonials

    The Daily Mystic is like receiving a blessing every single morning via email. Sometimes it will make you smile or giggle, sometimes it will make you pause for thought, and sometimes it will just help you make the choices that will make your life (and everyone else’s) that much better. I can’t wait to wake up each day! Thank you, Mystic Medusa.

  • hbbelle@gmail.comBelle De Pisces
    Horoscope Testimonials

    I can’t remember how long I’ve been following Mystic. My day starts with checking the daily scope then popping over to the website for my (Pisces) sign specific scope.
    I’ve been a subscriber for years and gift subscriptions to friends who were previous uninitiated but soon become die-hard fans.
    Her advice is real, witty and inspiring, she makes you feel like an awesome individual you can handle anything (as you often can after reading her wise words).
    Her website is a place to commune with like minded souls discussing and giving insight into everything life chucks at us – you feel your among friends and you are.
    If you’re not a subscriber already – what are you waiting for???

  • glor15@omninet.net.auSagorgeous
    Horoscope Testimonials

    Mystic Medusa is the ultimate astrologer,offering in depth ,insightful horoscopes, social commentary and priceless advice all gift wrapped up and delivered in a style that is both witty and uplifting.Mystic Medusa is the thinking persons astrologer and I wouldn’t be without her.

  • bill@ModSystemSB.comBill
    Horoscope Testimonials

    Medusa, a shining star composer of interpretation… a producer of images and language….astrology’s most committed iconoclast.

    Medusa is the quintessential 21st-century astrologer, a maverick poet and a trail blazer classical astrologer. Her huge body of work — embraces typical and new dimensions in astrology. She is a precise astrologer and an uninhibited and often profusely humorous.

    Her continuous compositions create dances with the stars. Her astrology continues to gain recognition… she has given up classical composition in favor of meaningful language we can understand.

    She is praised for her sweeping eclecticism and idiosyncratic balance of the message. From the beginning, she was an accomplished user of traditional information, creating graceful montages.

    Medusa is topical and perishable. But even as her targets change, her work through the years shows a consistent unwavering wit.

    She is precise execution, with the ability to improvise and to shift idioms.

    Medusa is a distinctive literary talent, playing solos in irregular, conversational fits and starts.

    Mystic Medusa makes you feel like your best super-smart pal is talking to you.

    Its hip…insightful….articulate….stylish….cool….its what you want. And you can’t wait to get more.

    Its like Australian Rock and Roll…..Jet…INXS….Hoodoo Gurus…..Divinyls….Its unique, undergound, pop, funky, super cool astrology. \

    It makes you smile, cringe, laugh, salivate, and anticipate the future. How does she do it?

  • kate.richards@bigpond.comQuintile
    Horoscope Testimonials

    Aside from being a really good writer and world class blogger, Mystic Medusa is a very contemporary astrologer – her scopes, daily emails and blog posts are optimistic, informed, funny, life changing and spookily accurate! I have been a follower for over a decade and suffice to say have no hesitation in recommending her to both novice and buff astro fiends. Thank you Mystic for many, many helpful and timely words of wisdom!

  • tmanimanakis@rogers.comTommy
    Horoscope Testimonials

    One thing I often notice every morning is the simple fact when I look at my blackberry and scroll through all the emails the only I stop and read first is Mystics daily email. I cannot tell you how many times I have read it and experience a profound moment of amazement. It’s inspiring, fun, heartwarming and up lifting. In true Mystic fashion fuq’n awesome.


  • suburban_cat@hotmail.comAello
    Horoscope Testimonials

    An ephemeris, a thesaurus and a glossy mag meet in a bar… Cheers Mystic!

  • wallarchi@bigpond.comAnna Wallace
    Horoscope Testimonials

    In the morning I wake, sip tea and read the daily mystic.
    Often laugh.
    I am then set on the right path.
    Thank you mystic.

  • delilahmoran@gmail.comDelilah
    Horoscope Testimonials

    it’s beyond the limits of speech to describe how much i love mystic medusa’s site.

  • amyleespencer@gmail.comAmelie
    Horoscope Testimonials

    Mystic Medusa is a Star Goddess.

    ‘Let there be beauty and strength, power and compassion, honour and humility, mirth and reverence within you.’

    Mystic demonstrates all of these qualities, daily, weekly and sometimes all at once.

    Her writing is beautiful, honest, inspiring, insightful. She has the strength to provide advice while at the same time having compassion for everyone at every stage in their journey.

    Though we’ve never met, her love and support has been a shining light through some of my darkness days.

    On other days, she has made me laugh. I am humbled by her ability to weave so much magic into her world and so grateful that she choses to share it with us.

    Thank you Mystic.

    Blessed Be. x

  • trolleydolly@gmail.comTriple Air Gem
    Horoscope Testimonials

    I have followed and eagerly read Mystic since her Weekend Australian days and have been addicted since. All my sagacious astro comments to friends come from info gleaned here (thanks Mystic *wink*) and whenever I’ve desperately wanted to text an old flame whilst in the throes of “what if/maybe one more time/of course he’s into me” whirling thoughts, her gentle and timely reminders stop me from making a fool of myself (again.)
    I’ve subscribed for years because I love my daily wake up email giving me the insiders guide to the cosmos and plan ahead with the daily, weekly and monthly scopes – sooo helpful!
    Fun, on the money and insightful blog = Happy-astro-blog-buddy-for-life x

  • Adais
    Horoscope Testimonials

    I absolutely LOVE everything Mystic! I look forward to my dailies every morning. Not to mention all of the beau artwork and all the insight aside from the astrology. Easy and interesting housewitchery, tips on Tarot, always aware of the planetary transits, and constantly learning new and cool things. Each time I visit I feel more enriched. The site and everything about it is amazing!

  • melanie@melaniecamp.comMelanie Camp
    Horoscope Testimonials

    Dear Mystic,

    I’ve been meaning to write since March and thank you for an amazing consult! But I’m kind of glad I got delayed because it now not only gives me the chance to say thank you for that but also to thank you for everything in general!

    My “Phoenix” consult came at a really good time. I was feeling a little lost and I had a lot of self doubt. Everything you said gave me the blind faith I needed to push on through and if I hadn’t persisted I know I’d be stuck, still doubting. So THANK YOU!

    I think I’m actually addicted to your blog and ‘scopes. It wouldn’t surprise me to hear you have people banging down your door the minute you go 4 hours without posting something! HA HA! Believe me, I’ve been tempted – withdrawals! :)
    Your Daily Mystic is my daily guide. For instance, I was going to make a creative/art, business call yesterday (my Monday) but because you had written that Jupiter square Neptune meant to “…wait (sit with it ’til Tuesday) before approaching anyone or acting on an artistic
    impulse.” I saved the call for today and it went really well! Heaps of times your advice has helped guide me or at least helped me understand what’s going on if I ignore it! Like the time I called someone during a particularly dark, Dark Moon.
    The person pretty much hung up without listening to anything I had to say and I thought, “Oh Dark Moon, Mystic said something about that.” It saved me from a lot of angst and worry!!!

    Interestingly enough though, I do find that the confidence your blog and guidance gives me actually helps me to better judge things for myself. I find I trust my gut a lot more than I ever have!
    I really feel I’ve learnt a lot about myself through all the DIY advice, reading your blog and other peoples comments. Plus, in general, everyone in the MM community is so kind, helpful and supportive.

    Anyway, I’m a total devotee and I’m so grateful to be a follower – HA HA! I bet you have something in your chart that indicates cult leader potential!

    Every day I read your Blog and think “Frickin Mystic Medusa! I frickin’ LOVE her! She’s a Genius!”  Yes, big, big, good-vibes head your way daily!

    Thank you so, so much!!!!

    Mel :)

  • J
    Horoscope Testimonials

    My subscription is akin to an Aladdin’s lamp. When rubbed, Invisible
    threads turn to gold and light the way. My lamp is cast in a galaxy of
    lapis lazuli – the personal touch, one of the many blessings showered
    by Mystic Medusa.

    Who wants to travel alone? On my journey, my feet never touch the
    ground, always raised in high hopes of a bright new day!

    Amazing cocktail of mystical insights.

    Thanks MM!!


  • sheila.beanshanghai@gmail.comSuddenly Leo
    Horoscope Testimonials

    Mystic is the savvy, advice-dispensing older sister I never had.  The fact that her horoscopes and oracle are completely accurate is just the icing on the cake- I’d read this blog anyway just for the laughs.  Tip: This website is better late at night with wine.

  • simonegarland888@gmail.comgoldenfleece
    Horoscope Testimonials

    Mystic is the BEST thing on the net …. EVER.

    Over the moon subscriber, going on second year.

  • Lucy the Leo
    Horoscope Testimonials

    The Daily Mystic is a morning must-read to prep for my day and stay ahead of the game. It goes above and beyond anything else on the web to distil astrological wisdom for personal and practical everyday advice.

  • peta.savidge@gmail.comScorpySav
    Horoscope Testimonials

    I LOVE Mystic! She’s a spot on, funny, word-smithy, interesting read every time. I get a total kick out of her daily emails and check in on my weekly & monthly scopes whenever I’m feeling off track. Love. Your. Work. Mystic :)

  • lenie005@yahoo.com.auGaie
    Horoscope Testimonials

    I  read my daily email from Mystic Medusa as soon as I get up each morning – her often hilarious insights kick start my day!

  • bigjimmy@ozemail.com.auSavannah
    Horoscope Testimonials

    Mystic’s horoscopes are highly entertaining, eerily timely, always exact & has stopped me from doing and/or saying something stupid.  Ive learnt (the hard way) when in doubt to consult them.  Illo’s are beautiful, always.

  • m.tinsley@westnet.com.auDomestic Triffid
    Horoscope Testimonials

    Many years ago, I was recommended to Mystic by the Senior Librarian at the Australian Tax Office branch I was working in. He thought that she was the most accurate astrologer he had ever come across, and he knew EVERYTHING, so of course I had to look her up…. And of course, she IS the most accurate astrologer out there, but that’s not the point;

    Actually, there are two points (talk about value for money !):

    1) Mystic doesn’t just read the stars and tell you what’s happening – she also tells you the best way to deal with it – sooooo helpful

    2) Mystic actually teaches astrology – FOR FREE – if you read her site. I never knew what transits or progressions or nodes or any of that arcane stuff was, until I started reading her site. If You’re interested in astrology itself, I couldn’t recommend her site more. There is literally DAYS worth of data here – and I read fast !

    I have subscribed to Mega Mystic for years now – wouldn’t be without it – and have also subscribed all my friends as well – and I highly recommend you do the same :)

  • rockettlaunch@gmail.comÜber Virgo
    Horoscope Testimonials

    Mystic’s horoscopes are the best on the planet. Sexy, UP!, more fun than a Gemini in a  naked Twister competiton and more reliable than caffeine, I don’t do a thing without reading them first. Truly!

  • tess@misstess.comTess Aquarium
    Horoscope Testimonials

    I’ve always been vaguely conscious and amused by astrology, but when I discovered Mystic’s blog and daily horoscope it turned into a full blown interest. I started doing my own research but still rely on her insights. Through her wit, wisdom and genius I’ve learned so much, avoided bad situations and kept my cool when times are tough. Not only that her advice has guided me through high times and kept my focused. I never though I would pay for a daily horoscope but now I can’t imagine life without!

    Thank you so much Mystic!

  • marikain@gmail.comSparks
    Horoscope Testimonials

    I look forward to Mystics magical musings every day without fail! It’s my brain food for breakfast (and sometimes lunch and supper). Delicious!

  • morganruth@mac.comRuth
    Horoscope Testimonials

    I’m a complete cynic re scopes…but… usually never fail to check my MM daily / weekly, at least in retrospect.  It’s indisputable that MM can pin what’s happening in my day / week… I try really hard not to consult MM in advance of my day / week, on the other hand I can look back on a day / week and be totally astonished by MM’s prescient, told-you-so nah-nahs.

  • ahjames@bigpond.net.auAndy
    Horoscope Testimonials

    Mystic Medusa – your daily posts are what get’s me out of bed and is my daily tonic for the day – thank you:)

  • nicholashose@hotmail.comLeo Thesb
    Horoscope Testimonials

    I can’t get out of bed without reading Mystic Medusa! Unlike other horoscope sites Mystic Medusa writes for a contemporary audience, her musings are backed by real knowledge of the zodiac and is written for busy people with career’s, university, boyfriends girlfriends and pets. Her advice is accurate, poignant and funny.

  • plm_reid@yahoo.com.auPostModScorp
    Horoscope Testimonials

    Dear Mystic

    For years my weekend would start with a coffee and the Weekly Mystics in the Australian, then once I discovered your site, now my day starts with a cup of tea, and the daily email. I cackle, mull, dissect and discuss your emails with my nearest and dearest, many of whom I have gotten hooked on the daily treat you send out.

  • Baristagem
    Horoscope Testimonials

    Mystic’s horoscopes has a way of lighting up a part of your brain that you didn’t know existed. Mystic’s writing is phenomenal – it feels as though she is sitting right next to you – she gives you the kind of advice… actually the kind of advice that not even your best friend could give you… It is unbiased, always positive, totally genuine and when she has to – she tells you straight with no bullshit.

  • wildwomancrazycrone@gmail.comLibraquarius
    Horoscope Testimonials

    Mystic Medusa makes astrology delightful, accessible and entertaining in ways I never thought were possible. Her insights are inspired and I look forward every day to her wise guidance on galactic goings-on. I have ordered various consultations from Mystic covering a number of areas and they are awe-inspiring and deadly accurate. She’s the go-to astrologer, as far as I’m concerned, and I have the utmost respect for her commitment, dedication and, frankly, absolutely brilliant service. You know you can turn to her website, her daily horoscopes which turn up in my inboxes regularly and without fail, and to persistent quality work. She is a walking, talking, graceful contributor to the acceptance of astrology as a respected approach to living life with panache and verve.

  • Jen
    Horoscope Testimonials

    Mystic Medusa – since the day I discovered her I haven’t been a day without.

  • the_evilone@hotmail.comAquaphobe
    Horoscope Testimonials

    Its a a giggle, a headspin, a cuddle and shining astro alert in one…it comes before my morning coffee and serves as a much better pick me up!

    Always clever, insightful and apt – accompanied by inspiring images that as a combination get the synapses firing.