Living On The Edge Of Chaos

Some small announcements: If you could not view the Daily Mystic for Wednesday (not Tuesday), you can read it here. Please also email your computer/device type and your email client (eg: Outlook, Gmail etc). Tuesday’s one glitched – for [ Read more…]

Science Fiction Art Philip K Dick novels

Your October Zodiac Zap Up


For a more nuanced and directive October Zodiac Zap Up, see your Monthly Horoscopes. But broadly, welcome to the weirding. There have not been this many discordant and provocative aspects in months. But before you shake your fist at the [ Read more…]

Reporter Julie K Brown talking to survivor of Epstein child abuse

Saturn, Pluto And Jeffrey Epstein


The Jeffrey Epstein astrology is fascinating. Having dealt with a low-rent version to him, I get vicarious redemption just watching this unfold. The victims are getting their day in court, and the communal reinforcement they deserve. It’s such a robust [ Read more…]

Uranus In Taurus Prepping


Want some Uranus in Taurus advice? Prepare! Uranus in Taurus prepping is not complex. But it is difficult. Since Uranus first took up residence in Taurus last May, I have posted a few broad takes on this fresh-era energy, done [ Read more…]