Zap Zone

Your Own Personal Zap Map

Hey i know we have discussed the Zap Zone before but not with the cool term Zap Map, as coined by the eggestentialist Gemini the other day. The changes that were but faint whiffs in the breeze in mid-2012 are now full-bore and about to pick up pace with this Full Zap Moon Eclipse next week and then Uranus Square Pluto in orb (a.k.a. in effect) from November through until …

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I’d Like To Thank The Zap Zone

In all the global financial fuqery and geopolitical crap that is the inevitable blow back of the Zap Zone – it can be easy to overlook the rad results some people are getting from the rare, intense and epochal square of heavy-hitter change Gods Uranus and Pluto. This email from a Ms Zap is a healthy reminder that good schizz can happen when you turn pro with the Zap Zone. …

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Zap Zone Preppers

We are all Zap Zone preppers now. Or we should be. I don’t mind “prepper” like we’re holed up in our secret compound, counting the canned chickpeas and awaiting the Zombie Apocalypse. Not at all. But it would be slightly astrologically lunatic to not note that the Zap Zone (Uranus square Pluto) is more or less exact from November right through until April. It’s like a grand finale of this …

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Funky Leo Mojo Rising

So i will elaborate on this in the next Daily Mystic email but the gathering momentum of Mars-Saturn in Scorpio is not just a matter of “get your stinger out” – although it has that element. And nor is it anything related to wishful thinking or intuitive powers, though WILL certainly comes into it. It’s definitive. Don’t imagine that things are not already developing. Also, the Daily Horoscopes for Tuesday …

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Your Next Neptune Transit Will Be Televised

Neptunian Life Coaching Services naturally has a list of house-keeping tips for Full Moons of this magnitude: everyone knows to stay sensible and quietly evolutionary with this sort of life-morphing astrology (all year) but remember magic is also more powerful with Moons like this. *  Burn a (non-toxic) candle for Vesta – the Goddess of Fire & Creative Ingenuity.  Along with Ceres and Mars, she flanks this North Node. Old …

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Return Of The Intrepid Aries

Do you people remember my beautiful intrepid Aries subscriber who woke up one Saturn Return morning the most out of shape and unhappy that she could ever remember being? And that she decided to spend her 30th birthday/the April Zap Zone/her Saturn Return climbing Mt Everest? It is all in this post here.  And voila – she did it.  That is her on the right, above. With a Capricorn friend. …

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