Zap Zone

Here We Go Again

Here we go again folks. There is a new Firebender vibe – Sun in Sagittarius, New Moon in Sagittarius, Venus in Sagittarius, Ceres in Sagittarius – this amps up the Uranus in Aries/Jupiter in Leo Fire scene. Jupiter RULES Saggo. Think, inspired, busy to the point of being a bit bats and fierce. So audacity & high end stamina to the max. Super snazzy. Time to pounce. It’s not just …

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Ask Mystic: How Does One Do Saturn In Capricorn?

Good morning Mystic! I hope you’re amazing. I’m always so dumbfounded by how accurate and spot on you are. Not to mention funny, droll, wise-cracking and well-informed. In fact, when it comes to what’s going on in the world, I check you first before I check Twitter’s what’s trending, the NY Times, HuffPo, etc. Is it because you’re a day ahead? Today’s a little messed up in the US, what …

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Weekly Horoscopes & Time Godly Weirdness

Voila the Weekly Horoscopes from November 15 are posted and you will notice the tone beginning to shift as we zoom toward a fresh vibe. YES the Zap Zone that we are all familiar with by now (it’s only been going on since 2012 or – arguably – when Pluto hit Capricorn and the Lehman Bros collapsed, high on their own supply of hubris and fuq knows what else. But …

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What Is Your Zap Zone Anthem?

Hello Mystic, I’m a reasonably new subscriber and I’d just like to say you’re friggin damn awesome, and I will continue subscribing for eons to come. Astrology is pretty new to me but has never been so much fun and relevant, and if the comments are anything to go by you’re doing a stellar job. I just wanted to share with you my theme song for the upcoming zap zone, …

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How To Re-Funk

Some of us have had a gutsful of Saturn, Xmas w.t.f.?, Pluto sitting at 11 degrees for apparently eternity, and stupid deep Eclipse insights. And how often do Full Moons bloody well come around? There probably ARE some people prancing around shadow boxing and whooping with glee in prep for the SIX MONTHS of the Zap Zone we’re heading into. We need to know what hooch they’re on. It’s not …

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You Out-Weird The Weirding

Yes it’s weird and getting weirder. The Weekly Horoscopes (from Saturday) are up now and don’t forget to scroll down on that page to read the Zap Zone Grand Finale Cheat Sheet. THAT we now have six months of non-stop Zap Zone beginning is the source of the ultra-weird rays emanating from, well, everywhere. What can we do weird right back?  Remember, we tried “normal” and it didn’t work so …

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