Zap Zone

Boss Moon

Mercury is Direct and after all that Aquarius action, some neural pathways have no doubt re-routed. Mercury in Aquarius with the Zap Zone to back it circumvents convention and blitzes limitations with innovation. What to do with an expansive, forward-pushing, radically candid Moon like this one in Sagittarius when it is a Dark Moon? AKA on the Wane. Low-ebb and all. It IS a contradiction. The proximity to Saturn makes …

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People You Meet With Uranus On The South Node

Since just before Xmas, the Nodes have been squared by Pluto and Uranus has been ON the South Node. Super-karmic, ultra weird and fateful encounters/deep life revamping are taking place as you read this. Maybe behind the scenes. Mercury IS still Retrograde. See your Scopes for more, obviously AND grok this excellent communique re just one such WOW encounter, sent to me by subscriber Sea Goatess. Dear Mystic & Fellow …

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Mercury Retro Checkpoint

So is the Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius (with Uranus – the ruler of Aquarius – on the past life vortex that is the South Node) surreal and weird enough for you people yet? Uranus/this phase of Mercury deals in cryptic omens, synchronicity and just plain out strange echoes of the past. It’s nervy too – especially for people with strong Aquarius/Mercury energy in their astro.  Like our psyches are half …

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Your Own Private Christmas Club

Mercury in synch with Pluto and Uranus IS a super intense Xmas Day, translating the Zap Zone of Uranus-square-Pluto in case we’re not getting whatever it is we are meant to be getting yet. Thank fuq for the Moon in Aquarius. Objective, lucid, detached & HIGH on psuedo-intellectual-astro-bitch pheromones. The news is more what-the-fuqery but we will prevail. The January scopes will be up in a few days but in …

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Zap Zone Number 6 Exact On Time

It’s kind of weirdly scary when the Zap Zone (Uranus square Pluto) runs so perfectly on time. i am referring to the sad-scary weird schizz still unfolding at the Lindt cafe in Sydney, as I type.  I don’t have anything profound to say on this – my initial reaction was “oh fuq.” My friend Not-The-Typical-Virgo is in lock down at the public arts building she works in, says military everywhere.  …

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December 2014 Monthly Horoscopes Are Posted

The December Monthly Horoscopes Are Posted & WHAT an intense month. A shift, for sure. I was also thinking how it would mean we get to/need to re-frame things and voila – Tilda with frames.  Go here to read the Horoscopes!   Image: Tim Walker – W Magazine  – December 2014.

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