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When Pluto In Capricorn Is Your Financial Planner

Here is your Money Horoscope until 2024. I call it Pluto in Capricorn but David Bogan, a cool Scorpio, calls it Avoid Retirement & Stay Alive. You don’t need particularly strong psychic or astrological skills to get that the Pluto in Capricorn process that began in 2008 is just starting. Pluto in Capricorn is pricking the Neptune in Capricorn (80s/90s) debt bubble big time. The tension between the Pluto in …

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Taurus Mars Psychedelic Bull

Happy Bull Mars

A natal Taurus Mars is a blessing. And, when the Action Planet is in the sign of the Bull as it is now, being basic, sensual and truculent works. Happy Bull Mars, people! Now we have the Sun, Venus + Mars all in beautiful Taurus. Inhale the serenity. If it weren’t a massive storm outside, I would wander barefoot on the green grass. I still might. After all, Taurus or …

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Once again our hearts break with news of this latest terror. Obviously all such acts of atrocity are hideous where-ever they occur. But there is something particularly poignant about the thought of the hurt children who were there to watch their parents compete. Or the athletes maimed. Mostly I’m aware of the iconic status of the Boston Marathon via doing this post last year.  It such a vicious and low-minded …

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Being Taurus…At Sea

The View From Her Porthole. In which Triple Taurus takes to sea on a top-secret mission. Details have been redacted here. SOS!! I’ve just spent 2 months living and working on a small yacht in Antarctica under the most diabolical circumstances I’ve ever encountered in an already colourful lifetime. I’ve been living and working with 12 men (and only one other woman) on a 75 foot yacht in the middle …

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Philosophy For Pluto in Capricorn

Anti-Fragile, written by Plutonic Capricorn Nassim Nicholas Taleb, is the best primer for Pluto in Capricorn philosophy. It’s a very now book.  Anti-Fragile talks of a state beyond resilience. Of being not just able to withstand change but to brazenly thrive though it. As the Pluto in Capricorn economy is going to be bringing it with massive geopoltical shifts all the way through up until 2024, we need this. Here is …

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Being Gemini…In Berlin

You know Geminis are all about the non-stop Growth right now, yes?  It’s awesome to behold – here’s one example of an Ultra-Gemini, working her Jupiter through Gemini transit (till June) brilliantly. I’m Fiora and I’m a Gemini, singer and songwriter.  I studied classical voice but obsessively loved pop music, I also played violin and I write orchestral music. Fitting into one vocation even just in the world of music …

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