Pluto, You And The Weekly Horoscopes

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Jupiter-Uranus liberates and inspires – Pluto turning Direct invites us (note the tactful euphemism) to gaze into our own personal psychological abyss and be real…SO real. It’s a super-strong Zap Zone Vibe, really the last of that Uranus-Pluto energy SO [ Read more…]

After Zaps

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You remember the Zap Zone right? Well, Uranus and Pluto are now out of that alignment but many of us are going to feel like the heady Z.Z. buzz is with us all over again these next ten days. WHY? [ Read more…]

Zap Zone Accessorizing

 Dear Mystic My multiple Sagittarius (Sun and Moon; Virgo ascendant) friend pointed out the Zap Zone appropriateness of a tote I have been carting around for the last week containing all manner of urgent/essential must distribute/re-home/reconfigure items, along with a [ Read more…]