Void Moon

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Resisting Esoteric Superiority Syndrome

Esoteric Superiority Syndrome is real. I only discovered it with this Full Moon, while happily perusing some occult and medical astrology content I normally never look at. One of them was Message of the Stars and another was talking about how the Hindu Ganesha’s rat represents Mercury. As many of you know, these sorts of reading benders spark the most realizations and connections. Magic is real, whether you call it …

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The New Multi Time Zone Moon Calendar

  The new Multi Time Zone Moon Calendar is here! It features everything you liked in the Scheduler but with three fabulous improvements. (1) You can set it to whatever time zone you like. Your time zone now, your time zone with daylight savings, your friend’s zone, whatever. (2) It has the Void Moons, Moon Signs, Retrogrades and more ahead until 2050. It goes until Pluto is in Pisces and Uranus in …

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Halfway Through A Void Moon In Sagittarius

“I need solitude. I need space. I need air. I need the empty fields round me; and my legs pounding along roads; and sleep; and animal existence.” —Virginia Woolf   Halfway through a Void Moon in Sagittarius, the soul begins to wander. It’s a strange blend of radically honest assessments, consciousness raising, and restless irritability. And then even when you sleep, it’s as if the dreams take you further abroad …

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When The Moon Is Void In Aquarius

Everything interests me, but nothing holds me. —Fernando Pessoa, The Book of Disquiet When the Moon is Void in Aquarius, genius insights about your life and times come easy, but you can’t decide whether or not to have a sandwich or a shower. We are just over half way through this thing now  – see your Daily Horoscopes for the time it ends in your Zone.   If you’re doing it …

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The Ultimate Mercury Retrograde Trip

The ultimate Mercury Retrograde trip? It is when this funky phase throws a surprising nostalgia hit at you, and it evokes stunning perspective. Mercury is, as you know, Retrograde and this can manifest as apparitions from your near or far past.  So my multi-Sagittarius Developer Tarik just blew my mind. In the middle of a Void Moon In Taurus and apropos of nothing he showed my snapshots of my site …

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The Vortex Moons

When the Void of Course Moon Is a Vortex, it is like a Void Moon on peptides. What the hell, you may be wondering, are the Vortex Moons? Well, the official term is Void Moons, and so they are named thus in the Moon Calendar. But I think of them as Vortex Moons. “Void” implies nothingness, a gap or a weird lunar black hole or something. Vortex is a whirlwind …

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