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A Saturn Return Success Story

Saturn Return success stories are always preceded by a prolonged phase of obsessive work, self-doubt, rejection, and fluctuating finances. You could vary the ratios and throw in a toothache or sore neck but that’s the sum of it. But with persistence, the results can be unbelievable. Oxygene, Jean-Michel Jarre’s super-influential electronic album, emerged from his Saturn Return in 1976. He made it in a makeshift kitchen studio, with salvaged second-hand …

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Karma Secrets Of The Tabloid Geishas

Nobody can accuse the Saturn/Pluto conjunction of slacking off. Of course, it’s in Capricorn, so exceeding expectations is part of the deal. I have done dozens of posts on this thing, and this recent take is the most somber. I would leave it there but people are apparently interested in the Duke and Duchess of Sussex – more specifically, is this a Saturn and Pluto linked event? Yes, in that …

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It’s International Virgo Month!

Welcome to International Virgo Month! I’m releasing a special Virgo Gift Bundle in a few days so, if you’re gifting an exacting Virgo, stand by. And, in the meantime, these are my fave posts from the Virgo category: Is Astraea The Star Maiden The Real Ruler Of Virgo?  The Number One Virgo Personality Trait Golden Era Hollywood Actor + Swedish Icon Ingrid Bergman Was Ultra Virgo The Tao Of Virgo, …

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The Virgo Conspiracy

Dear God, they’re back. Saturn in Capricorn for Virgo is good! That plus Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn is a New Earth Era that augments the Virgo Vibe. Virgos all across Gaia are crawling out from their Saturn in Sagittarius shelters and resuming transmission. Yes, Saturn is still in Sagittarius and thus inhibiting the Virgo Conspiracy to an extent. But Saturn into Capricorn on the Solstice followed by …

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Aries and Virgo

How Do I Make Peace With Virgo Energy?

Can Aries and Virgo find common ground? Mystic advises an Aries having difficulties with Virgo Vibe after a disastrous run of Lower Virgos. Dear Mystic, I have an Aries Sun, Cancer Rising, Venus in Pisces and the Moon in Aquarius. The only Earth in my chart is Mercury in Taurus. Unsurprisingly, sometimes the only way to ground myself is by writing, which I often do. I have a problem with …

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The Virgo Whisperer

Do you know how some people continuously gloat and go over their accomplishments? Sun Sign Virgos are the opposite. They harp on what hasn’t happened, undone tasks and their failings. If you think their carrying on to you is intense, you will freak at the inside of their head. Virgos guilt themselves to get off to sleep at night. The Virgo Whisperer is a position that a sycophant with basic …

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