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The Quantum Solstice

Solstices, Winter or Summer, are always spooked up. I’ve said this before but as a reminder, they’re cosmobiologically intense. Even though 21st Century people are not as attuned to seasons, it’s impossible to not feel something at the Solstice. Gravity and the Schumann Resonance frequency are more intense. It sets off all manner of mammalian hormone circuitry and conflicting commands: Breed, no – Eat, Hibernate, Take your Turf back, Wait …

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The Full Moon Firebird

    A Full Moon conjunct your Venus can be strange magic. That went quadruply for the Full Moon in Taurus a few days ago as it was also Mercury Retro. It was omen central for so many of us, as this tale attests. Hey Mystic! I’m going to write about a wild thing that happened. My relationship with a young Libra man is likely ending. We’ve been together for …

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Jesus Was Not A Capricorn But Santa Is A Sagittarius

Santa Claus is the best-known member of the Sagittarius sign. Jesus was not a Capricorn. Pisces makes more sense. Just think of the symbology; loaves, fishes, redemption and turning water to wine. He was often barefoot or in sandals. He had a broad acquaintance and enjoyed a cryptic romance. Think also Father issues and martyrdom. The olden day Christians just changed his birthday to bump off the far more popular …

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Women In Ancient Rome And Virginia Raggi

Men have ruled Rome for almost 3000 years. Women in Ancient Rome were a lot of things: worshipped, revered, subjugated and raped, but they were never in charge. The patriarchal paradigms of governance, law, and thinking that came out of Ancient Roman civilization and that much of the world abides by, have been continually perverted as history repeats itself in a cycle of the rule, war, and ruin, and at …

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Vesta In Astrology Is The Flame Of Creativity

  Vesta in Astrology, distinct from the mythological Goddess, is raw creativity and devotion to craft. Her influence is strong in people who are “married” to their work. Vesta is the flame of inspiration and the unique spiritual sustenance that comes from devotion to art, a task or creation. From now until Feb 10, Vesta is conjunct Uranus in Aries. Vesta on Uranus specializes in fantastic bursts of quantum inspiration. …

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Vesta Versus Juno-Lilith

Vesta astrology is not usually a key player. But there is an exciting interplay between Vesta, Juno, and Lilith until  October 8. Juno (the so-called marriage or commitment asteroid) is in tandem with Bitch Goddess Lilith. The Node, Sun and Mercury Retro are also in orb of this hook-up. Juno pushes for partnership and the identity of “wife” or “partner.” Lilith is free-spirited to the max, prizing independence beyond all …

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