Venus trine Pluto

The Back Streets Of Pluto


Venus trine Pluto synastry amplifies whatever chemistry and spiritual connection exist between two people but it also arouses darker, more complex emotions. Even when it is just happening in the sky, it is an aphrodisiac. Love Goddess Venus trines Change [ Read more…]

Mars Opposite Neptune Aspects

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Mars opposite Neptune aspects can be problematic, but when they are applied to spiritual quests or creativity, the results are spectacular. This is what Frida Kahlo emerged with after she read Freud’s Moses & Monotheism.  She was Sun-Neptune in Cancer [ Read more…]

Romantic Weirding Elevation

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So okay, the weather’s been strange for ages now, we can forget all about seasons as such. We have a climate. But haven’t relationships been strange lately?!  That Eclipse on the Cardinal Cross point of April AND now Venus in [ Read more…]