venus conjunct pluto

Venus conjunct Pluto yokes the Love Goddess in with the Change God, making for fierce people with an urge to merge.

Venus Squares

Venus Squares In Literature

Venus squares to the Outer Planets show up as a unique romantic sensibility, most easily seen in literature. Here are some examples. Each of these writers was born with the aspect in question. Venus Square Neptune “The Portuguese call it Saudade: a longing for something so indefinite as to be indefinable. Love affairs, miseries of life, the way things were, people already dead, those who left and the ocean that …

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Venus Retrograde relationships

Venus Retrograde Relationships – The Retro-Venus Factory

Venus Retrograde relationships – that is – the ones that begin under this strange little astro-passage – are alluring, weird and cryptic by definition. Will it last? You don’t know. Is it real? Depends what you mean by real. Is it alluring? Hell, yes. Venus Retrograde can bring soulmates together but it can also be a beautiful illusion. In the latter case, it’s merely a chimera, designed to catalyze your …

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Venus conjunct Pluto

Venus Conjunct Pluto Is Thrusting And Tectonic

Venus conjunct Pluto is thrusting and tectonic. Think: Raw emotions churning behind an immaculate and composed facade. Relationships at flashpoint. It’s happening in Capricorn, the sign of time, climbing, worldly magic and ambition. People are forming granite-solid attachments, above or below the radar. They’re re-engineering long-standing affiliations and friendships, demolishing or evacuating the flimsy structures. Venus in Capricorn is thrusting, Pluto in Capricorn is tectonic: no ordinary love or random …

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Venus trine Pluto

The Back Streets Of Pluto

Venus trine Pluto synastry amplifies whatever chemistry and spiritual connection exist between two people but it also arouses darker, more complex emotions. Even when it is just happening in the sky, it is an aphrodisiac. Love Goddess Venus trines Change God Pluto for the next 50 or so hours.  FYI a trine is a free-flowing aspect between two planets both (usually) in the same element. It deepens the rapport between …

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Mars Opposite Neptune Aspects

Mars opposite Neptune aspects can be problematic, but when they are applied to spiritual quests or creativity, the results are spectacular. This is what Frida Kahlo emerged with after she read Freud’s Moses & Monotheism.  She was Sun-Neptune in Cancer opposite Mars-Uranus in Capricorn and Leo Rising. Her Moon was exalted in Taurus and conjunct the Midheaven.  For extra volcanic intensity and depth awareness, she was also a Venus-Pluto person. …

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Romantic Weirding Elevation

So okay, the weather’s been strange for ages now, we can forget all about seasons as such. We have a climate. But haven’t relationships been strange lately?!  That Eclipse on the Cardinal Cross point of April AND now Venus in opposition to Uranus, square Pluto. It’s a potent preview of the Zap Zone Finale coming up. Some people are consciously uncoupling a la Gwyneth – some are uncoupling in a …

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