Now Building

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Even as Mars nearing Pluto prompts awesome regeneration and empire building notions, Venus is approaching Saturn: relationship reality check moments that may be amazingly cool and lucid OR…they could feel not so pleasant. And yes, this clarity is applying to [ Read more…]

Style Her More Scorp


You know, there is an economic theory that whole designer/luxury goods market will die with the aging of the Pluto in Leo generation – a.k.a. the baby boomers, that is was them in their biggest “aspirational” years driving all that. [ Read more…]

Lilith, Uranus and You

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Black Moon Lilith square Uranus can be a bitch but so can you… And hey the Daily Horoscopes for lucky Friday the 13th are now posted, with all the info on where to bitch it up and where to go [ Read more…]