Roy Batty Was Sun Conjunct Pluto


Blade Runner’s Roy Batty is a cult character, a rogue replicant mercenary with a poetic consciousness and appreciation for metaphysics. His storyline, while not central to the narrative, showed that the replicants had developed not just emotions but a soul. [ Read more…]

Greece Is The Word

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Alexis Tsipras is the new (radical left) Prime Minister of Greece – he’s Leo, so left he named one of his kids after Che Guevara and has “change Europe” as his mantra – not just Greece.  He’s also against the [ Read more…]

Now Building

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Even as Mars nearing Pluto prompts awesome regeneration and empire building notions, Venus is approaching Saturn: relationship reality check moments that may be amazingly cool and lucid OR…they could feel not so pleasant. And yes, this clarity is applying to [ Read more…]