supermodel as alien in cloak with ray gun

Aries Uranified

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Dear Aries/Aries Rising/Moon in Aries Peeps, So, how you doing with Uranus in Aries? Are you more like an Aquarius now? Do you look different? Come out? More nervous energy? Less tolerance for stale societal paradigms? Altered sleep/thought patterns? Neo [ Read more…]

bonsai next to a free tree - art

Bonsai Bitcherel

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Koren Shadmi how poignant is this picture? Soz in advance for whomever i offend saying this but i have always found bonsai sort of creepy and neurotic. It seems like deliberate stunting of the tree or plant growth to force [ Read more…]

Rapid Transit

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Lionel Bayol-Themines   I just realized that i have Uranus transitting my Psyche at the mo and that soon it is quincunxing my Midheaven.  See how despo i am for some Uranian action?  I can’t wait. I love my Uranus [ Read more…]