You Out-Weird The Weirding

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Yes it’s weird and getting weirder. The Weekly Horoscopes (from Saturday) are up now and don’t forget to scroll down on that page to read the Zap Zone Grand Finale Cheat Sheet. THAT we now have six months of non-stop [ Read more…]

Funky Leo Mojo Rising


So i will elaborate on this in the next Daily Mystic email but the gathering momentum of Mars-Saturn in Scorpio is not just a matter of “get your stinger out” – although it has that element. And nor is it [ Read more…]

Ferguson W.T.F.?


Wow this was obviously already a sickening situation, so sad and scary, SUCH a major political flashpoint. But when I read about the media choppers being barred from air-space and journalists forbidden from recording this story, that was the w.t.f. [ Read more…]