Boss Moon


Mercury is Direct and after all that Aquarius action, some neural pathways have no doubt re-routed. Mercury in Aquarius with the Zap Zone to back it circumvents convention and blitzes limitations with innovation. What to do with an expansive, forward-pushing, [ Read more…]

Signature Zap


URANUS SQUARE PLUTO (the 6th exact hit of the Zap Zone) @12 ARIES/CAPRICORN L.A. – Sunday 21.14 NEW YORK – Monday 00.14 LONDON – Monday 05.14 DUBAI – Monday 09.14 HONG KONG – Monday 13.14 SYDNEY – Monday 16.14 The [ Read more…]

Synchronicity Is A Thing

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Hello Mystic, Hope you’re doing well in the crazy season, Xmas and otherwise (AKA two big outer elephants in the room 🙂 This stormy weather has got me thinking about electricity and synchronicity. I need to tell you about something [ Read more…]

Super Zap

They say Pluto transits always run on time and well, the Zap Zone kicked in again on the weekend; voila. This is awful. I know, i know…there was a grand jury, it’s complicated.  But still it seems so wrong. The [ Read more…]