Signature Zap


URANUS SQUARE PLUTO (the 6th exact hit of the Zap Zone) @12 ARIES/CAPRICORN L.A. – Sunday 21.14 NEW YORK – Monday 00.14 LONDON – Monday 05.14 DUBAI – Monday 09.14 HONG KONG – Monday 13.14 SYDNEY – Monday 16.14 The [ Read more…]

Synchronicity Is A Thing

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Hello Mystic, Hope you’re doing well in the crazy season, Xmas and otherwise (AKA two big outer elephants in the room 🙂 This stormy weather has got me thinking about electricity and synchronicity. I need to tell you about something [ Read more…]

Super Zap

They say Pluto transits always run on time and well, the Zap Zone kicked in again on the weekend; voila. This is awful. I know, i know…there was a grand jury, it’s complicated.  But still it seems so wrong. The [ Read more…]

You Out-Weird The Weirding

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Yes it’s weird and getting weirder. The Weekly Horoscopes (from Saturday) are up now and don’t forget to scroll down on that page to read the Zap Zone Grand Finale Cheat Sheet. THAT we now have six months of non-stop [ Read more…]