Uranus square Pluto

Weekly Horoscopes From January 2

I just posted the first of the January Weekly Horoscopes. The advice for Sagittarius is pertinent to all the Mutables – Saggo, Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces. But I did not want to repeat myself in the Horoscopes: They think you’ve gone nuts – you think they are congealing. The Mutable factor is super high at the moment. Uranus and Pluto remain in orb of their square to one another, finally separating …

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Insomnia Explained…Magically.

So, as we have been noting, the current astro-fuqery seems to be manifesting as (amongst other things) insomnia. I can totally attest to that. It’s a peculiar form of hell to flop into bed, exhausted and then be lying awake, too wired to sleep. Yet it’s everywhere at the moment. Ever since Mars began stimulating the Zap Zone that is Uranus square Pluto. So, in an act of genius synchronicity, …

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Zap Pep

Fatigue, insomnia, Muggles going Ape, strange dreams, bitcherel and existentialist fuqery  – it’s intense right?  I put a little Zap Pep talk up on the Pay What You Want page. You can seriously pay $0 for it – having a pay option is the only way i can make it instant download. But…obviously, if you are feeling in the flow, you can add a small amount of $…. Hopefully it’s …

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Zapping On The Dark Moon

I just posted the Daily Horoscopes for Saturday/Sunday and they go into more detail but this is a Dark Moon pre-Eclipse with a bitched up Zap Zone edge of volatility. Plus Saturn Retro for an extra dimension of status-money-age-anything anxiety. If you think it’s making US bats, imagine where the Muggles are at?! Qi Vampires are going to be stalking the streets/scrolling down their contact lists for someone to get …

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Mainlining Mars

This Mars thing – amplified by it being a few days out from an Eclipse, Saturn at a stand-still AND Uranus square Pluto – is one of those astro-passages that should be reclassified as a drug. Insomnia? Some people in the comments mentioned this and its like god yes. I mean like being in dire need of a decent night’s sleep, ready to throttle the yapping chihuahua next door, praying …

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Boss Moon

Mercury is Direct and after all that Aquarius action, some neural pathways have no doubt re-routed. Mercury in Aquarius with the Zap Zone to back it circumvents convention and blitzes limitations with innovation. What to do with an expansive, forward-pushing, radically candid Moon like this one in Sagittarius when it is a Dark Moon? AKA on the Wane. Low-ebb and all. It IS a contradiction. The proximity to Saturn makes …

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