Zap Pep

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Fatigue, insomnia, Muggles going Ape, strange dreams, bitcherel and existentialist fuqery  – it’s intense right?  I put a little Zap Pep talk up on the Pay What You Want page. You can seriously pay $0 for it – having a [ Read more…]

Mainlining Mars

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This Mars thing – amplified by it being a few days out from an Eclipse, Saturn at a stand-still AND Uranus square Pluto – is one of those astro-passages that should be reclassified as a drug. Insomnia? Some people in [ Read more…]

Boss Moon

Mercury is Direct and after all that Aquarius action, some neural pathways have no doubt re-routed. Mercury in Aquarius with the Zap Zone to back it circumvents convention and blitzes limitations with innovation. What to do with an expansive, forward-pushing, [ Read more…]