Uranus Square Nodes

*Speedy Solutions To Astro-Fuqery

We could write a book about Pluto transits or the current Uranus square Nodes wierdness.  But hands up who is not flat-out just doing this s**t? Nobody? I thought so. So here are my speedy solutions to Astro-Fuqery. Note these are suggestions and my opinion, not prescriptions. # Pluto Fuqery – Jupiter in Scorpio until November 8 is an amplifier of all things Pluto. So your natal Pluto and any …

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Madame Xanadu weird Halloween

When Your Halloween Is Genuinely Weird

Some Halloweens have no particularly magical significance. They pass by in a blur of sugar, costumes, and pumpkins. And if it is haunting you’re after, try the Moon-Pluto Lunar Portal every month. Like most Pagan festivals, it is seasonal and agricultural in tone. Halloween was held traditionally in the Northern Hemisphere as an acknowledgment of the coming dark in a climate where Winter could wipe you out. It honored the …

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