Uranus in Taurus

Uranus in Taurus predictions

Renegade Bare Nails Uranus Chic

Uranus in Taurus Predictions I have plenty of thoughts on Uranus in Taurus. But one of my Uranus in Taurus predictions is that people are going to be backing out of the beauty-industrial complex at warp-speed, the chemicals, insecurity sells and all. I recently got brilliant results from a cream called Magnificent Skin Lover. Its ingredients were black seed oil and hemp I think. It was literally edible. Recently, mid-pedicure, …

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An Identity Crisis = Opportunity

A Uranus transit is an Identity Crisis = Opportunity moment. Think a la forced growth and sudden, sharp realizations or liberation surges. But when Uranus is in transition, it’s like we’re all having a Uranus transit, even if it is not directly influencing any point in our charts. Nearly everyone is having an identity crisis of some sort or another at the moment. It always happens when Uranus is in …

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Uranus In Taurus Ready

I think some of us are getting Uranus in Taurus ready.  It started with a severe Haute Hippie urge to just be done with super-costly skincare with hormone disruptors and synthetics. I thought that was just the Harvey effect. But now i think it’s deeper than that. Uranus into Taurus is going to be the era we rediscover the power of pragmatic magic, consulting wise women and cunning men (cunning …

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Abstract Tarot card style art of African Queen holding cup and snake

Regulus In Virgo And The Age Of Queens

Uranus in Taurus and Regulus in Virgo could usher in the Age of Queens.  Leaving aside the impact and influence of Uranus in your own personal astral energies, the broad swathe of Uranus in Aries since 2010/2011 has coincided with a swaggering new Age of Kings; the tech titans, rocket ship blasting inventor-billionaires, digital pioneers, Brotopia, a growing array of masculinist advocates online and of course, President Caligula. The Fixed …

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Can Uranus “Make” You Single?

Uranus can’t “make you single,” but it’s more prominent in the birth charts of people who are single and loving it. It’s an outer planetary liberator. In Ten Astrological Varieties Of Infidelity, someone quipped in the comments that the purest form of a Uranus relationship was masturbation. It was in the context of Pluto relationships being soul arousing existential pair bonding and Neptune relationships being, well, often imaginary. Or, highly …

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Let Go And Let Gaia

There is no Gaia in astrology because she is the Earth itself. Or, herself. Many of you will have grokked the multiple mentions of the new Earth emphasis or Earth era in the Horoscopes of late. It’s not just the current hefty line up in Capricorn nor even Saturn into Capricorn. It’s that plus Regulus into Virgo (Age of Kings gives way to Age of Queens) and Uranus impending in …

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