Uranus Square The North Node

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Uranus-Square-North-Node people get bumped back on track should they stray from their preordained pattern of individuated non-conformity. They’re agitators and iconoclasts who operate off a different frequency to most. Dr. Suess, the children’s book writer, is a classic example:   [ Read more…]

The Uranian Chronicles

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Twitchy? I was going to call this post “mainlining Uranus,” but it sounded a bit off. So yes there is a Full Moon coming, and Venus is Retrograde, but this energy is pure, undiluted Uranus. If you are at all [ Read more…]

Uranus in Taurus Plant Therapy


Uranus in Taurus Plant Therapy IS a thing.  Magically thinking-wise, every plant is a deity in and of itself. Every plant also has affiliations. Or, more appropriately, correspondences. Medieval medical astrology was based on this concept, with Nicholas Culpeper being [ Read more…]