The (Surprising) Astrology Of The Coronavirus

Everything seems so hyperreal at the moment; I should just troll you by writing 1000 words on the progressed Part of Fortune or whether we should count black holes in natal astrological readings. But here is my take on the Astrology of the coronavirus. The short version: it’s a Uranus in Taurus scenario and Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus starts in 2021. Scientists, more specifically, epidemiologists and disease control experts, …

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The Uranian Seven Year Zap Cycles

To understand Uranus astrology, realize that the God of the Future operates in seven-year cycles. They are not so much a seven-year itch as a zap. Tired and wired but super-inspired? It’s normal at the end of a Uranian era. Uranus cycles are seven years long, but they’re not an itch – they’re a zap. Regardless of your natal chart and the houses, Uranus through the signs still packs some …

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uranus in aries artwork

Astro-Retrospective – Understand Your Past Eight Year Era Of Uranian Hi-Jinx

The time between now and March 6/7 is an unprecedented opportunity to understand and learn from the Uranus in Aries era. Get that straight in your mind for radical realizations and extra self-assurance as you move forward. With this in mind, I have just re-engineered the Flashback Consult. Before, it offered a retrospective look at any one year in your past. Now it’s EIGHT years of past astrology. So if …

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Uranus In Taurus Prepping

Want some Uranus in Taurus advice? Prepare! Uranus in Taurus prepping is not complex. But it is difficult. Since Uranus first took up residence in Taurus last May, I have posted a few broad takes on this fresh-era energy, done a Schumann Resonance under-scored Mp3 and woven the Uranus in Taurus Zeitgeist through the Horoscopes. Then Uranus Retrograding back into Aries put us into an interregnum zone until March. No …

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Are You As Super-Uranian As Freddie Mercury?

Are you as Super-Uranian as the proto-radical, super-Zeitgeist compliant performer Freddie Mercury?  It’s unlikely. As these extracts from his Astral DNA (my new fast turnaround birth chart reading) attest, Mr. Mercury was fabulously Uranian. Mars trine Uranus Mars-Trine-Uranus people find it particularly easy to channel the Uranian ingenuity into their everyday life. They’re always in reinvention mode. Steven Covey, author of the cult-in-its day ” The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People,” …

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Do You Have Phantom Deficit Syndrome?

Cognitive Dissonance is an unavoidable side-effect of Outer Planets changing sign. Take now, for example. It’s the biggest epochal shift since 2008/2009 (Pluto into Capricorn) and 2011/2012 (Uranus into Aries and Neptune into Pisces).  It is becoming apparent to even the most cantankerous Muggle that certain elements of the old paradigm are not coming back. The new era of Uranus in Taurus will properly foundation over 2019, from now. We’re …

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