Here We Go Again

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Here we go again folks. There is a new Firebender vibe – Sun in Sagittarius, New Moon in Sagittarius, Venus in Sagittarius, Ceres in Sagittarius – this amps up the Uranus in Aries/Jupiter in Leo Fire scene. Jupiter RULES Saggo. [ Read more…]

Surreal art by the Mexican artist Remedios Varo depicting apples and plates revolving in air around a table.

Uranus Direct Is The Everything


Uranus Direct is always a catalyst, jolting us out of neural grooves and stagnant life settings. It quickens excitement and inspiration, killing inertia. It triggers Mars, Pluto and the Zap Zone.  Uranus Direct is even arousing asteroid Theodora for fuq’s [ Read more…]

The Chrono Moon

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Okay i am back props after Uranus Is Direct but seriously HOW intense is this Dark Moon/Uranus about to be direct/Venus-Node vibe. MANY great cycles of ending & resonating today…It’s volatile but epic once you get that any disrupt holds [ Read more…]

Uranian HyperWarp

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So i realize i have been dealing with either a gerbera or pterodactyl – possibly a hybrid – click the link for clarity.  Hands up who wants a post bringing together all the common varieties of enemies to our Awesome [ Read more…]

The Burning Of Giordano Bruno

Never Forget Giordano Bruno


The Burning Of Giordano Bruno by Leonora Carrington Giordano Bruno was an Italian ex-monk  turned astrologer, magician, philosopher and cosmologist who lived 1548 to 1600, when he was imprisoned for seven years before being stripped naked and burned to death [ Read more…]