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Circe on her throne with astrology symbols

The Genius Of Magic

So Saturn squaring my Moon in the 9th house has turned the upcoming Sorceress Astro-Report into a labyrinthine vortex of research. I’m not satisfied with the usual definitions of anything. A few years ago I might have been content with info from Wikipedia, Crystalinks, my Women’s Encylopedia of Myths & Secrets, and what I remembered from a lifetime of reading myth/magic. Now? I have made notes from books like Astral …

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Love In The Time Of Coronavirus

Covid-19 Astrology? I blame all this on Saturn, I really do. And okay, Pluto. I knew that whatever kicked up in Dec/Jan would be disruptive as fuq and propel us into the future. I exhausted the word ‘catharsis’ and made sweeping suggestions about canceling globalism, flying, and factory farming. They irritated some people but I have Mercury in Aries so all my suggestions can sweep. But I was secretly hoping …

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Your Saturn Square Transit Is On Steroids

Having a Saturn square transit?  It is currently on steroids. Or, you know, whatever the current It-performance-drug of dubious provenance is. Whether your transit is Saturn square Mercury (me!) or Saturn square anything, it’s bringing unprecedented speed and strength gains to the arena. Saturn squares bite the hardest, but any Saturn transit is ultra-powered right now. No sooner do you pull ahead of one scenario, the next hits. A Saturn …

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Future Virgo And Your True Voice

The Future Virgo Mp3 is here, just in time for, well, the last 17 hours of Virgo. It would have been earlier, but I am under E.N.T.’s orders to rest my voice. So, i got my Leo newsreader friend to narrate it and really, I think he’s better than me at it. He’s fast and yet super-enunciated. And, yes, I know that Future Leo has not happened yet but it …

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