The Houses In Astrology

A Saturn Return Success Story

Saturn Return success stories are always preceded by a prolonged phase of obsessive work, self-doubt, rejection, and fluctuating finances. You could vary the ratios and throw in a toothache or sore neck but that’s the sum of it. But with persistence, the results can be unbelievable. Oxygene, Jean-Michel Jarre’s super-influential electronic album, emerged from his Saturn Return in 1976. He made it in a makeshift kitchen studio, with salvaged second-hand …

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Introducing The 5th House People

Fifth House people are the least understood ‘crowded house’ segment* in Astrology. Is it the glitter? Their allegiance to Art over all else? That they power-infuse more pure vibe into a single ten-minute flirtatious conversation than most people manage in a decade-long relationship? They’re sometimes called narcissists but it’s inaccurate. Narcissus was besotted with his reflection to the point that he drowned gazing at his own beauty. He ignored poor …

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The Ninth House People

Ninth House people are never contented, as such. It would be cruel to try and coax them into a state they’d see as more akin to complacency. Restlessness and perpetual yearning are unavoidable side-effects of mind expansion. And that’s their Zen. It’s probably also their neuroplasticity. For people with different temperaments, 9th Housers are hard to handle. It’s not just the automatic expansion of every subject or their epic-length exploratory …

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woman with planets and galaxies swirling about her

What Is Your Astral Signature?

You can’t forge your astral signature, and why would you even try? It is your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign, seen as a whole. Of course, there are many other factors in a natal birth chart.  But the astral signature alone gives a galaxy of insight. See the Sun as the self you’re trying to actualize; you feel a broad affinity toward people with the same Sun Sign. You are …

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Vanadium’s Mars In 4th House Problem

Vanadium Lightyear sometimes wondered if her at-home restlessness was a Mars in 4th house problem. She’d been raised by a Qi Vampire, leaving her with excellent self-reliance skills. But the residual ‘something’s wrong’ guilt persisted. Weirdly, her new cleaner Onyx – sent by Neptunian Life Coaching Services – was helping. She’d lost that constant feeling of having forgotten something urgent. But she was also wondering if Onyx was from another …

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Astrology Eighth House

It’s Metaphysical – The Eighth House In Astrology

The Eighth House in astrology is classically the domain of Sex, Death, the Occult and Other People’s Money. People with prominent eighth houses in their birth chart have experience in these areas that would scramble the synapses of non-Eighth Housers. They’re Slytherin. They’re armchair metaphysicians. They are psychic through smell. They’re brilliant in a crisis. In an emergency room environment, the Eighth House person will be a towering force of …

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