The Elements In Astrology

Gwendolyn Christie with flowers

Astrology And Perfume Connections

Astrology and Perfume are connected in strange, subtle ways. Our astrological element inspires our favorite genre of scent, as seen in our first fragrance. Through the haze of teenage trends and the sort of scent choice dictated by peer pressure, there is a distinct signal. It’s elemental. Fire signs are drawn to Earthy green scents, to balance their energy out. Water signs often like the metallic, detached cool of a …

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Japanese Wave Painting

What Do Dreams About Waves Mean?

What do dreams about waves mean? Water in dreams is always your emotions. The state of the water in question is an excellent gauge to the inland ocean of your psyche. Turbulent water is troubled feelings. A placid rockpool lit by the sunset suggests a calmer temperament. When your dreams are giant waves sweeping in, your subconscious is signaling that beneath your business-as-usual demeanor or stoic insistence on everything being …

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When Star Sign Compatibility Meets Earthly Stupidity

Star Sign Compatibility is easy, but each sign is also prone to strange little glitches in their mating and dating strategy. That’s when the fun begins. We do some seriously stupid things for love (or lust), and certain signs are prone to particular styles of stupidity. Who has not looked back and freaked at the antics deployed to keep some low-frequency circus operating in your life? Or to impress a …

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