The Elements In Astrology

Katie Perry standing next to a red barn with hens around her.

Katy Perry Is A Super-Multiple Conjunct Scorpio

If you look at the Katy Perry birth chart, it’s like a cluster of Scorpio. She’s got Pluto, the Sun, Ascendant, Mercury, Saturn and the Moon there. Now that is a stellium. It also means that she has a massive presence of cosmic energy in the Via Combusta. AKA she’s got witch credentials.  So why is Ms. Six Planets in Scorpio depicted as sulking in a barnyard in couch fabric …

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Kim Novak with book of spells and red magic smoke. Vintage witch movie.

Fire, Earth And The Astrology Elements

The Astrology elements are super-ancient, linking into the medieval temperaments, the traditional Chinese elements, and old Babylonian beliefs. Once upon a time, they were not intellectual concepts or even a way of categorizing the signs/people. The elements were magical forces. That is, Fire, Earth, Air, and Water were powers. In this way of thinking, each has its own attributes, directions, and allegiances. For Feng Shui and any form of House …

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Martha Gellhorn – She Scorped

Martha Gellhorn Astrology Notes: She was a Scorpio with her Sun trine Neptune and square Chiron. You can see it at play in her life: she was a visionary who could have been a poet or celebrated wit. But Cosmic Detective Chiron sparked her sleuth skills.  An incisive and gutsy journalist, she was one of the first people to break the news of what was going on at places like …

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Noomi Rapace I want to be flawless

Super Earthed

Astrology has four elements: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. Want an example of an Earth dominant birth chart? Check out actor Noomi Rapace. “I want to be flawless. I have a very strong will so when I decide to do something, I do it,”  says the woman whose birth chart is essentially all in the Earth element. A Capricorn, she has the Moon and Chiron in Taurus. She also has …

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Elementally Water – The Astrology Of Frida Kahlo

The Astrology Of Frida Kahlo is that she was elementally SO Water. She had the Sun, Jupiter, Neptune, and the North Node all in Cancer, in the Soul Sector. Now that’s a Stellium. Her early life seclusion was enforced via illness, but the solitude compelled her to develop an inner life, that later informed her art. The Sun Conjunct Neptune is particularly potent by being placed in the 12th House …

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The Zodiac Elements Are The Basics Of Magic

The Zodiac Elements underly everything. They are the basic building blocks. In fact, the elements are the core matter of Magic, of all substance. If you look at one of my Astral DNA birth reports, you will see the elements displayed in two different ways. Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. These are the Elements in Astrology and pop up everywhere. You can see them in Tarot, where the Wands are …

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