The Elements In Astrology

“My Whole Family Are Air Signs”

          Like all the Elements (Fire, Earth, and Water are the others), Air Signs understand one another. They may not necessarily get along as such, but they recognize one another’s essence. Air Signs meeting is like cross-currents of wind; they breeze around one another. Or, okay, they sometimes whirl up into a tornado. Sure, you can drill down to fancy aspects between people and the strange …

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Debbie Harry in armour holding a sword

Understanding The Elements In Astrology

Mastering The Elements In Astrology The Elements in Astrology are a brilliant basic building block with which to construct your knowledge of astrology. Fire, Earth, Air, and Water – Which is your dominant astrological element? Which is your least assertive? The insights gleaned from this are invaluable. If you don’t have them already, you can check out your Element Mix via the graphs in my Astral DNA birth chart reports. …

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Protective Magic In A Workplace

Emergency Vibe Control At The Office

Protective Magic In A Workplace Hi Mystic,  Just yesterday, leadership in my office forced my team to move offices- quite suddenly. I suspect it was because my original office here was really very beautiful (great view). It gave off a happy vibe because me and my office mate were pretty happy people. Anyway, I was moved to the previous leader’s office and let me tell you…. I do NOT like …

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Lunar Eclipse Rituals That Work

Lunar Eclipse rituals are brilliant, even if you’re not remotely a ‘ritual’ type person. I’m not – because they all seem too churchy for me – but I always do something with the Lunar Eclipses. They’re magnified Full Moons that are always aligned with the Moon’s Nodes. That makes them one of the most potent portals of the year to wipe clean past patterns and flamboyantly declare your future reign. …

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Earth Signs

When Mars + Venus Are In Virgo, Earth Signs Are Easy

When Mars and Venus are in Virgo, Earth Signs are easy. Uncle Pluto is along as a chaperone so any flirtation has a chthonic, spooky edge; Hormones with karma. It is a profoundly regenerative scenario affecting all relationships but particularly the Earth Signs. Also, Venus in Virgo is fantastic for precision grooming, alterations to image and aesthetic reforms. In relationships or potential relationships, it’s an atmosphere of constant calculations, subtle …

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The New Fire Sync

A Saturn Uranus trine is always fantastic, but this one is part of a Grand Fire Trine; what trail are you going to be blazing? It’s fantastic that Uranus is finishing up its trip through Aries with a dazzling Grand Fire Sync to Saturn and the North Node in Leo. Saturn and Uranus were in trine late last year but not like this. It’s strongest in the next 72 hours …

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