The Uranian Chronicles

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Twitchy? I was going to call this post “mainlining Uranus,” but it sounded a bit off. So yes there is a Full Moon coming, and Venus is Retrograde, but this energy is pure, undiluted Uranus. If you are at all [ Read more…]

Hyper Bats

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So seriously w.t.f who is NOT feeling this Eclipse energy – Venus square Pluto, the Sun opposite Uranus, Mercury Retro – the hyperbolic BUZZ??? The Daily Mystic sent out for Monday has a bit more on how to channel such [ Read more…]

Tree Magick

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A waxing Moon in Pisces square Jupiter with the Sun Opposite Uranus and Mars on the Node is tres amphetamine.  Skittish? Multi-tasking to the point that it may be becoming a mania?  Go hug a tree.  Or swim/yoga/cleanse. Once re-grounded [ Read more…]

The woman behind the Waite Tarot deck

Aqua Shamanic Tarot Artist

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Pamela Colman Smith is the creative genius behind the Waite Tarot deck. Infuriatingly, this triple Aquarius witch-shaman was swindled. She was given a very little briefing for each illo and was just asked to create a Tarot deck “that would [ Read more…]