Sun opposite Uranus

Extra-Galactic Rays Coming From A Black Hole In Aquarius

I Interested in the Solar Minimum and Astrology? You are in the right place because I’m obsessed. I’ve stayed up late researching and live-chatting with space meteorologists. You wouldn’t know it by the current social structure but Astronomy came out of Astrology. Someone had to track all the stars and planets while ancient astrologers wafted around writing sonnets to Sirius and trying to talk down antsy Emperors. So it’s been …

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The Uranian Chronicles

Twitchy? I was going to call this post “mainlining Uranus,” but it sounded a bit off. So yes there is a Full Moon coming, and Venus is Retrograde, but this energy is pure, undiluted Uranus. If you are at all Uranian or sensitive to Uranian energies, it is like being a Toon.  You’re zipping around, downloading genius concepts straight from Source Vibe but it’s clumsy and erratic. It’s smashed glasses, …

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Hyper Bats

So seriously w.t.f who is NOT feeling this Eclipse energy – Venus square Pluto, the Sun opposite Uranus, Mercury Retro – the hyperbolic BUZZ??? The Daily Mystic sent out for Monday has a bit more on how to channel such intensity graciously but the urge to merge/stay secure is basically at war with the desire to individuate/do whatever the hell you want. But you’re ideally not making major decisions – …

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Tree Magick

A waxing Moon in Pisces square Jupiter with the Sun Opposite Uranus and Mars on the Node is tres amphetamine.  Skittish? Multi-tasking to the point that it may be becoming a mania?  Go hug a tree.  Or swim/yoga/cleanse. Once re-grounded you can get back to the fiendish scheming hyperactivity only it won’t be so manic. Also, i know it’s hard, but remember one of the key mantras of this Feral …

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Marina Abramovic bottlefeeding tiger cub

The Sagittarius Woman Personality, Amped

Performance Artist Marina Abramovic is an extreme but brilliant example of the Sagittarius woman personality. “…Two days before her BULLETT photo shoot, on a national holiday in Spain, Marina Abramovi? writes an email from her suite at the Tryp Madrid Ambassador Hotel requesting the following items: “1 oversize white men’s button-up shirt, 1 simple large glass of water, 1 white candle, and 1 very sexy man in a tuxedo (whom …

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The woman behind the Waite Tarot deck

Aqua Shamanic Tarot Artist

Pamela Colman Smith is the creative genius behind the Waite Tarot deck. Infuriatingly, this triple Aquarius witch-shaman was swindled. She was given a very little briefing for each illo and was just asked to create a Tarot deck “that would appeal to the world of art.” It became iconic but until recently, her role was not recognized her honored. Update: Pam Grossman in Waking The Witch has a fantastic and …

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