Snakes Day, Dionysus and Saint Patrick


The Saint Patrick snakes were druids, witches, midwives, and pagans. He was particularly adept at the persecution of these innocents and rewarded appropriately. It’s Saint Patrick’s day again – apparently the most popular “drinking festival” in the world. This is [ Read more…]

The Golden Feathered Dinosaurs


Feathered dinosaurs? I’m not surprised. But scientists are apparently “blown away” by the discovery of a 99 million years old “golden feathered dinosaur tail.” So many cultures feature “feathered serpent Gods and Goddesses.” For example, Quetzalcoatl of the Aztecs & Mayans [ Read more…]

Vatican at sunset

Veni, Vidi, Vaticanus

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The site where the Vatican stands today was an ancient temple worshipping Cybele, the mother goddess. And Vaticanus is a Pagan God. The Vatican has come to stand for Christianity, Popes, and power, along with corruption, greed, and ignorance, depending [ Read more…]

Rihanna GQ Medusa cover

The Wise Blood

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Goddess bless Rihanna and her constant referencing of iconic feminine symbology, like everywhere.   The name Medusa means ‘sovereign female wisdom’ btw. That turning to stone scenario? Patriarchal propaganda. Barbara Walker in The Woman’s Encylopedia Of Myths and Secrets says the [ Read more…]