Saturn Uranus aspects

Saturn, Uranus, Society And You

Pluto-fatigued? Me too. But don’t worry, the next big astro-deal is different – Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus. It runs all 2021 but some of you will have felt the spooky little buzz this year, from April to until late June. The Saturn-Uranus interplay is everything.  Even if your natal birth chart has zero alignments between the two, society runs off their dynamic. There is always a set …

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Time Witch – Saturn Time Versus Uranus Time

Saturn opposite Uranus makes you highly aware of Saturn Time versus Uranus Time aka Newton Time versus Einstein Time. Yes, it’s physics! Many of you will be aware of the difference between the so-called Newtonian Time and Einstein Time. Watch this quick clip for an excellent explanation or just take my Mercury-in-Aries parsed version.  Both men were obviously genius physicists, separated by centuries. Isaac Newton was a Saturnine Capricorn and …

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Astrology and Artists

The Astrology Of Artists

Neptune is the planet most associated with creatives, but the astrology of artists features a lot of natal Saturn aspects, usually hooked up with Neptune. The Sixties art history classic Born Under Saturn explores how Renaissance artists cultivated the concept of themselves as alienated and melancholy, to distinguish themselves from ‘mere’ craftsmen, who identified with Mercury. Yes, that’s right, in the olden days, everyone knew their planets, or at least …

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