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Pisces Today is tuning into pure Neptune Frequency, zero static or disruptions to transmission. Chiron in Pisces since 2011 until recently activated super-powers that Pisceans did not know they had. Sure, most of that activation was via their natural powers failing [ Read more…]

Neptune Goggles

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Neptune Goggles are, of course, invisible.  So nobody but yourself knows that you are wearing them. More weirdly, you may not even know that you have them on. You could have been born with them, by dint of having a [ Read more…]

Completely Infatuated By Paradox

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…and I remain completely infatuated with paradox. — Anna Akhmatova There is totally a poetic side to the haunting of Time God Saturn by Shamanic Neptune over the last year.  And just now, as it is finally ebbing away, a [ Read more…]

Ghosts Versus Demons

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Ghosts* Versus Demons – honestly, what is the difference? Multiple astrological factors make September a month of clearing so it IS worth considering. Ghosts tend to hang around in your psyche, like chthonic echoes or the ethereal residue of previous [ Read more…]