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Mercury – Maverick Magician And Messenger God

Mercury is a deity with a 1000 names and a backstory beyond belief.  The astrological Mercury represents currency – (a word that comes from “to flow“)  in time, mind, and money. Your natal Mercury reveals not only the way you talk or how you interpret information: It’s where your consciousness intersects with the worlds around you. Strong Mercury Vibe means you’re always current – fluent in synchronicity and light-speed translations.  …

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Ghislaine Maxwell’s (Second) Saturn Return

Ghislaine Maxwell has been arrested, after months of doing whatever one-percenter perps do when they’re on the lam. It all came about within hours of Saturn back in Capricorn. Say what you want about Saturn in Capricorn, he’s no slouch. Maxwell is a quadruple Capricorn (Sun, Mars, Mercury and Saturn with Venus in Saggo + her Moon in Leo. We don’t know her rising sign as there is no official …

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