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Super Earthed

The astrology of Noomi Rapace is basically ALL Earth. Note the quote. She is a Capricorn with Moon-Chiron in Taurus and Node-Lilith-Jupiter-Mars-Saturn all in Virgo. She’s super-earthed.  Mars-Saturn conjunction people are, of course, epic anyway.  It’s just hyperbolic when you [ Read more…]

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Virgoing Out?

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The Moon, Mars and Saturn are in Virgo: Are You Virgoing Out? Do one or more of the following statements apply to you? * You are irritable and then also guilty for being irritable when so many other peeps have [ Read more…]

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Moon Wonk

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The more sparkling the prospects of the New Moon coming, the darker the Moon beforehand. It’s like how right before a King Tide, the water recedes way out,  leaving rank seaweed draped over glistening skeletons and pre-plundered treasure chests. So [ Read more…]